Profissão: Online ESL Teacher at

Experiência de ensino: I´ve taught English for almost 10 years to speakers of other languages from all school levels to clear professionals, so I know how to help you learn English the fun way! I´ve also taught online for about a year now, so I am TEFL certified as well.

Interesses: After having been brought up in the state of Georgia, US of A for over 22 years and then having moved to another country, I know first hand just how intimidating it can be to learn a new language. I´m here to show you that it can be done in a fun way and provide you with all the support to help you achieve your English learning goals.

Educação: I graduated with a Teacher Training diploma from the M.A.C Institute here in Guadalajara, Mexico, and I am also TESOL certified.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá), espanhol (Conversação)

Andy Guerraa

Profissão: Business owner, International English School Director and Teacher

Experiência de ensino: 12 years of teaching experience in personalizing English courses for offshore, ESL, business, long distance and on-site students.

Interesses: I am the type of person that loves helping others achieve their goals! Success is something that we acquire with time and patience, but it's really nice to have somebody to give you a hand along the way. The reason I came to own a language school is exactly this. I absolutely love seeing the smiles on my students' faces when they notice they are making great improvement. I must say that this has been one my biggest interests (and goals) in life... along with cooking, driving & playing my sax.

Educação: B.A. in Arts & Letters.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Karen Hayley

Profissão: I am an ex Flight Attendant with over 30 years experience in aviation. Government Civil Servant

Experiência de ensino: English tutor in my community.
I have 4 adult children and 2 grandchildren and have been actively involved in their education.

I help students prepare for their CABIN CREW interview, guiding them with role playing situations based on my previous personal experience as a flight attendant and airline customer service executive.

Interesses: I am a retired flight attendant with 30 years experience in aviation with customer service skills. I have 4 adult children and my interests are reading, writing short stories and spending time with my family. I am well travelled and consider myself lucky to have visited some great places including the Middle East. I enjoy music, art and the theatre. I spend at least 7 days a week tutoring on Cambly - please come and find me!

Educação: West London College where I studied Art and English. I have an English diploma for language and literature.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: Reino Unido)

Kari UCan

Profissão: Canadian English: University,College, Immigration/Settlement, Cultural, Tourism, ...

Experiência de ensino: IELTS. Canadian Immigration / Settlement . Business/Career (Interview,Resume,Cover Letter). EAP (University,College,K-12). Cultural Immersion. Travel/Tourism .

*For my IELTS course, you will need to use a laptop for all skills.

Interesses: Writing, Arts & Media, DIY Projects, Culture & Heritage, Science & Technology, Nature & Science. Earth & Environment . International Business. Time & History, ...

Educação: Canadian University, International College/CEGEP, Technical/Trade College

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Erica MI

Profissão: Entrepreneur

Experiência de ensino: My teaching experience is primarily in training adult groups at corporate seminars and assisting newly hired employees with initial training.

Interesses: I have 15 years corporate management experience and have conducted thousands of interviews in my career. I am a native English speaker who can help you with your conversational and business English. I am happy to help you prepare for an interview, practice general conversation, or talk about anything you would like to practice.

Educação: I am a certified TEFL instructor and I will always be a life-long student of business.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Franck L

Profissão: Freelance artist / programmer - Languages: English, Português, Français, Español, Italiano - Interview Preparation

Experiência de ensino: Teaching assistant School of Visual Arts
Private language tutoring

Interesses: Visual arts, computer programming and web design, cuisine, investing, film and TV, world events

Educação: visual arts
computer programming

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá), francês (Nativo), português (Fluente), espanhol (Conversação), italiano (Básico)

Margaret m

Profissão: Dental Professional and English Instructor

Experiência de ensino: I have taught small groups of students in informal settings.

Interesses: I love to read and watch period dramas. I'm also a music fanatic!

Educação: I have a degree in dental therapy.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo)

Jeni T

Profissão: Writer/ English Instructor/ Sales Agent

Experiência de ensino: English as a Second Language Teacher - levels: from beginners to advanced
Tutor - English, Math, Reading, Essay Writing, Spanish, Management. Creative Writing
Director of International Business
Sales/ Marketing Manager

Interesses: Languages - English, Spanish, French, German
Writing - fiction, non-fiction
Business - Management, Marketing

Educação: TESOL Certificate (Teaching of English as a Second Language)
BA - International Business and Foreign Languages,,
MA English Literature / MBA Marketing
MA Creative Writing / MA Spanish

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá), espanhol (Conversação), francês (Conversação), alemão (Básico)

Mr Chris J

Profissão: Marketing Consultant and company owner

Experiência de ensino: No formal teacher training but more than 25 years of training both individuals and large groups of business people around the globe.

Interesses: Photography, Outdoor Pursuits, Travel, History, Archaeology and learning about new cultures.

Educação: I studied Business Studies at Clarendon College in Nottingham, England and later moved on to study Psychology, Sociology and Art History at West Bridgford College, also in Nottingham.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: Reino Unido)

Al B Mello

Profissão: English tutor with a Chinese online tutoring school named Acadsoc.

Experiência de ensino: Well as I mentioned above, I've been teaching ESL since 1998, though most of it was volunteer work at my church where I also did simultaneous translation (Portuguese to English and vice versa). But from Aug 2014 to Aug 2019 I worked at CCAA internationally known as CCLS, and there I taught mostly advanced levels and also a TOEFL prep course where we also applied the TOEFL exam

Interesses: I'm a Brazilian native, I moved to the US when I was only 8 and I lived there till I was 30, so believe me, I know what it's like to struggle with learning a new language. And that's probably why I like to teach English so much.

Educação: I'm currently working on my TESOL

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá), português (Nativo)

Colin Hancock

Profissão: Entrepreneur

Experiência de ensino: I have countless hours of conversation with members of the public.

Interesses: Travel and get to know about different cultures.

Educação: Languages High School
120 Hours TESOL Certificate

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: Reino Unido)

Kevin IR

Profissão: I make medieval illuminated manuscripts on calfskin vellum, using 24k goldleaf and powdered semi=precious for the colours.

Experiência de ensino: ESL teaching over a three year period in Cebu, Philippines to Korean, Japanese, Arabic and Russian students. Sport and Play Counselor/Supervisor for the City of Orillia- my hometown. Coached and referred hockey to kids for 5 years and soccer for 7 years. I have travelled extensively throughout the US and Canada for 20+ years.

Interesses: I love singing- it's a great way to relax and rejuvenate. I love the beach. I'm very spiritual. My hobby is alternative health. I have travelled to Europe and the UK mostly to visit relatives. My father was Irish and my mother German. My father had his own driving school and my grandfather was a professor at a University in Germany. I'm intellectual, but practical.

Educação: Undergrad studies at University of Waterloo majoring in French. I won the first year Spanish award. I am fluent in German and French.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá), francês (Conversação), alemão (Conversação), espanhol (Básico)

Arnold Nevarez

Profissão: Office Manager

Experiência de ensino: ESL for two years

Interesses: I am interested in everything!!!

Educação: University of New Mexico/ Business Administration

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Liam Alexander

Profissão: English Teacher, Musician

Experiência de ensino: Over the years I have successfully prepared students for B2, C1 and C2 levels as well as IELTS and TOEFL exams.

Interesses: English Literature, Plato, ante-Nicene Christianity/Gnosticism, Daoism, Zen, music

Educação: MA English Literature "Gnostic Perspective of William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience" 2011

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: Reino Unido)

Mary Cors

Profissão: United States New York City School Teacher Previous , Education, Certified Teacher, ESOL Certified

Experiência de ensino: 15 years as a classroom teacher
6 years as an online blended instructor
9 years online teaching, tutoring, and coaching.

Interesses: Educator with Experienced in Blended Learning Classroom for all Students. Reading Speciality. Skilled Instructor of Speaking, Reading, Writing, English. Patience, Kindness, Rigor. Positive Energy.
I enjoy listening to Music, Cooking, Shopping, Current Events, Cars, Fashion, Board Games, Card Games, I enjoy studying Cultures & Religion.

Educação: Highly Qualified and Educated
MS Ed. Literacy USA
BS English & Elementary Education
AAS Hotel Restaurant Management & Hospitality
ESL k-12 endorsement
ESOL Certificate
These are held in the State of Florida and are active

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

kenneth th

Profissão: Importer

Experiência de ensino: I am a native English speaker and have been a tutor on Cambly for about a year. I enjoy different cultures and enjoy working with people to help them achieve their goals

Interesses: People, art, personal stories, experiences new cultures, food

Educação: I have a degree in Fine Arts and love the visual and performing arts!

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Elaine Small

Profissão: Author, Song Writer, Musician, Writer, Internet Researcher

Experiência de ensino: I am a trained Sabbath School Teacher. I have taught students at church for many years. As a Sabbath School Teacher, I teach lessons that are found in the bible. I have to review the lesson before teaching the class. I have trained employees for many years. I taught children at the secondary school as a substitute.

Interesses: Music, writing, reading, crocheting, knitting, playing the keyboard, guitar, organ, accordion and other musical instruments. Singing gospel songs, going on missionary trips, prison volunteer, feeding the homeless, visiting nursing homes. Vegan cooking, being creative in the kitchen, fitness, health, Christian religion, other cultures.

Educação: SUNY at Brockport. Studied Criminal Justice and Theatre.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo)

Jonathan CK

Profissão: English Teacher

Experiência de ensino: Maple Bear, Mokdong, South Korea, Kindergarten immersion
Eurognosi, Kallithea, Greece, Cambridge exam preparation
Baltimore Academy, Madrid, Spain, Cambridge exam preparation and conversational classes

Interesses: My interests are: language, history, art, ceramics, agriculture, plants, nature, hiking, kayaking, travel and food.
Some of my best experiences in my life include a 15 day hike in Nepal summiting 5,000 meters, scuba diving in Thailand and living in different countries.

Educação: University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, B.A. Art History 2007
Trinity College, Sevilla, Spain
Euro TEFL Course Trinity Certification (120 Hours): September 2007

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Сара Нюман

Profissão: online English teacher

Experiência de ensino: i am currently working for another company online, have also helped out in schools where my children used to go. I have a 120 hour TEFL certificate.

Interesses: gardening, painting, cats, music, movies, Bulgaria. outside.

Educação: I completed school in the UK, then went on to get an NVQ level 3 in childcare.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: Reino Unido)

JJ Simon

Profissão: Retired

Experiência de ensino: I have over 35 years of classroom teaching and school administrator (principal and Chancellor).

Interesses: I'm a retired teacher and school administrator of over 35 years. I enjoy meeting people, traveling, cooking, reading and helping however I can to better people's lives.

Educação: I have a M.Div in Theology and a Bachelor's Degree in English. I am also certified as: TEFL Teacher, TEFL online teacher, IELTS preparation; TOEIC preparation and Teaching Business English.

I'd like to continue sharing my knowledge and experience online with adult students.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá), francês (Básico)