Bing A

Profissão: Retired Business Executive and Entrepreneur

Experiência de ensino: Two years experience as an online ESL Tutor to Japanese students

Interesses: Travel, Music, Singing (Karaoke) , Reading books, fiction and non fiction; watching movies (especially Sci-Fi); martial arts; business books and materials

Educação: BSBA Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
BA Comparative Literature
JD Juris Doctor (unfinished)

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá), espanhol (Conversação), francês (Básico), tagalog (Nativo), japonês (Básico)

Amelia A.

Profissão: LICENSED TEACHER, IELTS / OET CONSULTANT, AUTHOR (Math and Science) Only teaches students who are serious, obedient and are ambitious only (",)

Experiência de ensino: I am an International, Well Rounded Coach! I target a student's weaknesses and improve them. So, if you are serious, obedient and willing to be trained specifically based on your needs, then this class is perfect for you (",)
I teach by RESERVATION ONLY (first come, first serve basis, 4 to 5 hours only per day).
August 2016 IELTS ACADEMIC RESULTS: L/9 R/9 W/9 S/9
Your coach who takes the IELTS examination yearly to give you the fresh tips and questions!
Though I am a full blooded Filipina (that I am very proud of (",), I grew up visiting Carson, California frequently during my childhood years. It was my second home at that time. Thus, I consider myself a Native English Speaker. I am well-traveled (Thanks to my mom ^^). I learned English as my first language. In fact, I was chosen to be the demonstration teacher in Hanyang University in Seoul because of my exceptional English, teaching strategies and classroom management skills. However, my teaching experience was never restricted in teaching Asians. I have been a good coach for Arabians, Indians, Brazilians, Spanish, Italians and a lot more.
In fact, you can often see me in different IELTS blogs where my students give feedback about my classes. From this, I get to earn a lot of opportunities to meet many people across the globe.
Since 2005, I have been teaching IELTS and I was able to establish fundamental strategies to make IELTS Speaking and Writing easier for students. I slice every single criterion and inculcate the proper way of handling themselves, even under pressure. I value time and I want us to work through a lot of content during our classes. I make sure my students' thoughts create their answers, so that they can easily remember them. I just suggest or brainstorm with them to gather more information from their own experiences.
I can also teach OET, ESL, TOEFL, TOEIC and writing students.
*LATEST ACHIEVEMENT 11/2017 Speaking 5.0 to 7.0 in 10 days
* achievement 8/2/2017 Speaking 5.0 to 7.0 and Writing 4.5 to 6.5 4 weeks, 1 hour per day, 5 days a week
*latest achievement 5/12/17 from 6.0 to 7.5 in just 15 days (60 minutes per session)*
5.0 to 7.5 in 2 weeks (120 minutes in 14 days).
4.5 to 6.0 in a month (60 minutes, 7 days a week)
5.5 to 7.0 in a month (60 minutes, 7 days a week)
6.0 to 7.0 in 2 weeks (60 minutes, 7 days a week)
Nursing A (speaking and writing), 60 minutes, 7 days a week ( 1 1/2 months)
Medicine B (speaking and writing) 60 minutes, 7 days a week ( 4 months)
Nursing B (speaking and writing, 60 minutes, 5 days a week (1 month)

Of course, your success will depend on how much hard work, perseverance and patience you have to rejuvenate yourself in a better IELTS/OET study practice. If not, then this success will not be possible for you.

Interesses: I am a well rounded person. I love EVERYTHING ABOUT CHILDREN, reading, outdoor activities, baking, handicrafts, cooking and music. I actually do enjoy many things about Science (Chemistry and Astronomy are my favorites!). I love to sing and compose songs during my free time.

I worked for GE Money, AT&T and GlaxoSmithkline. I am not only interested in teaching but also in customer service.

Educação: IELTS 9.0 Certified (Academic Module based on my August 2016 Exam)
IELTS 8.5 Certified ( General Module based on my December 2015 Exam)
In fact, I take both modules every year. This is to enhance my knowledge about the examination. I want to be fully equipped and updated with any questions and possible scenarios in the IELTS examination. This way, I can easily coach my students about it.
Licensed Teacher (Preschool, Elementary and Special Education)
Author of Math and Science books (Preschool and Elementary)
I graduated from the University of Santo Tomas: Bachelor of Education major in Early Childhood.
I also have a certificate in Basic Sign Language.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Brittany KH

Profissão: Web Developer, World Traveler

Experiência de ensino: Language exchange in Japan; high school educator in the USA; private math & physics tutor; teaching assistant for 1st & 3rd grade classroom

Interesses: Travel, Code, Dance, Art, Technology, Fitness, Cuisine

Educação: I received a B.A. at the University of Pennsylvania. Currently I'm a student in an online coding bootcamp.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Linda Wa

Profissão: Business Consultant w/ emphasis in Asian Studies

Experiência de ensino: Vice President of Community Services, session at a High School in Japan (Gunma), private tutor with international students

Interesses: Music, Sports, Art History, Cooking, Movies, Comedy, and Writing

Educação: Pennsylvania State University (Undergraduate) and Johns Hopkins University (Graduate)

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Naomi Jo

Profissão: English Teacher

Experiência de ensino: English Conversation Group Leader for International Graduate Students
Reading Teacher in the US - Grade 6
Literacy Teacher in Guyana (Grade1-6)
English Language Teacher in South Korea (Grade 1-9)

Interesses: travel, culture, language, education, food, International Development

Educação: University of South Florida, Double Major: International Studies and History, Minor: Spanish

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá), espanhol (Conversação), coreano (Básico)

Randy NC

Profissão: ESL and English Teacher

Experiência de ensino: I have taught Japanese businessmen. From salesmen to company presidents, they were engaged in English conversation that boosted their confidence to use what they had learned. I have taught college exchange students. From Japan and Korea, they were provided with English lessons that we practiced through conversation on field trips. I have taught Hispanic adults seeking citizenship, focusing on the basics. And I taught English in public schools, covering grammar, literature and writing.

Interesses: My interests include studying different cultures, watching movies, discussing politics, religion and social issues. I have also written a book on how the different religions of the world have much in common.

Educação: I received my master's in linguistics, bachelor's in English, and an ESL Certificate at California State University at Long Beach.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Kate Ashcraft

Profissão: ESL Tutor and Freelance Blogger

Experiência de ensino: I have been teaching different fluency levels of English for a privately owned tutoring school in China for two years. I am also the ESL Teaching Coordinator for my day time job. I am able to teach American-English and British-English. Many of my students like that I am clear and have no major accent when speaking.

Interesses: Gaming, reading, art, writing, pets, kids, food, and so much more! I have many interests.

Educação: 150 Hour Master TESOL Certification through TEFL Global Learning UK.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo)

Ladon B

Profissão: Business Owner & International Basketball Player

Experiência de ensino: English Tutor in Japan, Basketball English Coaching, General English, Conversational English, POP English, Business English, IT English, IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL

Interesses: Sports, Music, EDM, Hip Hop, R&B, House Music, Travel, Pilot, Taiwan, Japan, China, Vacation, Wine, Friends

Educação: National University, TEFL Certified

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo)

BJ Quay

Profissão: Engineer, Tour guide, Stand-up comedian, Human

Experiência de ensino: I was a peer educator during my time in college. That involved assisting my fellow students in multiple subjects.

I have done software training.

I was a forklift operator instructor.

I have trained new employees on vehicle operation and preparing them to pass testing for advanced licensing credentials.

Training manufacturing personnel on new processes and improvement of existing processes.

Interesses: Photography
I love animals - my wife and I have 4 dogs
Being outdoors
Exploring historical sites

Educação: Bachelors of Science Degree from University of Wisconsin Stout
Industrial Technology - Manufacturing Management

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Kenneth O

Profissão: English Professor, Accountant

Experiência de ensino: English professor
Petersons Global Services, Bogotá (9/2012-present)
• I teach conversational and business English to executives on a virtual platform.

English teacher
Open English Jr., Miami (9/2017-present)
• I teach English to students between the ages of 7-14 on a virtual platform

Interesses: I like to discuss current events. I also enjoy watching and participating in a variety of sports. And lastly, I´m somewhat addicted to chess.


M.P.S. Real Estate Finance, December 2009
Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
Concentration in Real Estate Finance

B.S. Accounting
The Smeal College of Business
Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania
Major in Accounting

TEFL-150 hours

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Ally Kat

Profissão: ESL Teacher & Trainer, Doctoral Student

Experiência de ensino: I have experience teaching English as a Second Language both Online and Offline. My students have been as young as 3 years old and up to 55 years old. I have had positive feedback from students, parents of students and previous trainers with a 100% feedback rating.

Interesses: I enjoy travelling frequently and have visited Europe, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, The Bahamas, and many of the States of America. I am an animal lover. My other interests include skydiving, river rafting, reading and trying creative projects and crafts that challenge me. I am passionate about learning new information and skills every week and enjoy talking about almost any topic. One of my favorite hobbies is laughing.

Educação: I hold advanced degrees in Business Administration, English as a Second Language
& Applied Science English Literature. Additionally, I hold minor degrees in Marketing and Forensic Audit Accounting. Additionally, I hold TEFL, SHRM & CNA Certificates.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo)

Handel Forde

Profissão: Online ESL Teacher

Experiência de ensino: I've been tutoring here at Cambly for two and a half years and I love it! I worked as a volunteer at a library Computer Lab, in Northern California, where I assisted first-time computer users during instructional lectures as well as on a one-to-one basis. I also helped library patrons who had issues with their Kindle and Nook tablets. Helping beginners is fun and quite an adrenaline rush!

Interesses: Romance Languages, Ancient Rome, Computers, Jazz, 80's music, Grunge music, Classic Rock, College Football (American Football), the Bay Area, Public Transit Advocacy, Volunteering.

Educação: I have a BA in History and Classical Civilizations from the University of California at Berkeley

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo), francês (Básico), espanhol (Básico), suaíli (Básico)

Shaila O

Profissão: English As A Second Language Teacher

Experiência de ensino: I have been teaching English as a second language for over 10 years here in Mexico city, Mexico. I have taught business English and normal every day English. If you are studying for the TOEFL or IELTS test I can help. I know how to incorporate phrasal verbs and idioms into the conversation to get my students to learn how to speak English like a native speaker.

Interesses: A wide variety of interests. As an experienced ESL teacher I know how to converse with most anyone.

Educação: University de las Americas - Cholula, Puebla

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá), espanhol (Fluente)

Mary G

Profissão: English teacher for university students and students learning to speak English

Experiência de ensino: I have taught school for more than twenty years both in Alaska, USA and in Ontario, Canada. I have also had my own tutoring business. I tutored children and adults in English. I taught students to read, write and speak English. I have helped many foreign students with their English. I have also helped students prepare for job interviews and write essays. I know how hard it is to learn a foreign language so I admire my students for doing this. I love teaching!

Interesses: I love to be outdoors, hiking, biking, swimming or sailing. I live near a lake in Canada so I get to go sailing a lot. I am also interested in psychology, history, geography and other cultures. I love talking to people and I love teaching. In fact, I love working for Cambly and talking to students from all over the world. For me, tutoring on Cambly is fun and very interesting.

Educação: I have a B.A. in English from University of Alaska, USA. I also have my Ontario, Canada teaching certificate and I am registered with the College of Teachers in Ontario, Canada. I am a Reading Specialist and a Speech Specialist. I have taken many post-graduate courses in education, reading and speech.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Alex Co

Profissão: Videographer & Editor

Experiência de ensino: I have a TEFL qualification however I have not used it in a classroom setting for any prolonged period of time. I have taught Monks in Laos for a week in a monastery and Indian children in the Himalayas again for a week. My main experience comes from my travels and conversing with different people. I understand how to communicate with a range of different levels of English and adjust myself accordingly to their needs.

Interesses: Travel
Video Editing

Educação: University of York
BA Hons Philosophy

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: Reino Unido)

Z Jamati

Profissão: English Language Teacher

• Ages: 10-12, 15-17, Adults – Business English for Corporate Clients (Renault Motors), Women’s only classes, IELTS preparation.
• Taught Arabic speakers and created and administered all exams.
• Responsible for company marketing and proof reading publications.

• Ages 16+
• Created lesson plans in accordance with the national curriculum.
• I developed extensive adaptability skills by adjusting to living and teaching abroad in accordance with Pakistan’s domestic teaching standards and cultural practices.

• Ages: Infants, adolescents and adults
• Created original lesson plans for use by all staff
• In my supervisory role I introduced and coordinated new teaching initiatives and chaired department meetings.

Interesses: Travelling, reading, learning Arabic, cooking.

• 120 contact hours
• 6 hours of assessed teaching practice
• 6 hours of teaching observation
• All classroom based
Degree classification: First Class (1:1)

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: Reino Unido)

La Londa S

Profissão: Domestic Engineer

Experiência de ensino: I usually teach in a classroom setting. I have taught on and off for about 12 years.

Interesses: Baking, Skin care, Medical Terminology

Educação: Monroe Community College, A.S./Certificate in Human Services
Shear Ego International School of Hair Design, NY State Licensed Esthetician
Pima Community College, Medical Office Specialist
International TEFL Academy, TQUK Level 5 English as a Foreign Language (QCF)

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)


Profissão: High school english language teacher from AUSTRALIA

Experiência de ensino: volunteer teaching for twelve months iam now currently teaching english full time at a school in my province for the last 10 months i also do some private tutoring for kids at my village

Interesses: watching movies music videos travelling cooking camping out door activites fishing

Educação: My education through primary to secondary was in Australia i then commenced a four year course in engineering i recently completed my tesol/tefol certificate

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: Austrália / Nova Zelândia)

Tim G

Profissão: Customer Service/ Sales/ Tutoring (I have a North American accent)

Experiência de ensino: I have been to many seminars and self help programs. Also many training seminars for sales. I owned and ran businesses in the United States so I had to train my employees for various jobs. I can also help you with job interviews, if you need that.
I was also sales manager for 2 different company's.
I helped with home schooling for my 3 children when they were young.

Interesses: I LOVE to Cook and Working out I am into Fitness,(I owned my own Gym for about 10 years) I like business, Media, Movies, TV, Music, News & Religion is a very important part of my life. Also I am interested in art, books/literature.

Educação: Martian County High School in Stuart Fl

Idiomas falados: inglês (Fluente)

John I

Profissão: Programmer

Experiência de ensino: 5 years teaching experience. TESOL 120 hours certified. Classroom English as well as one on one.

Interesses: Programming, computers, music, gaming, traveling, sports, finance. Максим

Educação: High School

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)