Teacher Jeff

Profession: Director - Food & Beverage - Abu Dhabi
Hospitality and Tourism, Management, Entrepreneurship, Training and Development
Warner Bros, World Abu Dhabi. Pre Opening and Operations 300 plus departmental staff.

Disney Trainer.
Hospitality and Tourism, Training and Development, Management
Disney Company - Walt Disney World Co, Florida

English Teacher
English Language Instruction
English teacher & trainer 18 years

Food and Beverage Aramco / Nesma
Hospitality and Tourism
Oil & Gas, Saudi Arabia.

Interests: I am English with a neutral accent, so I am easy to understand! I love to travel, my 2 favourite cities are New York & Hong Kong and I also love to cook!

I am well travelled in my professional career and I have worked for some amazing companies and on some amazing projects in my life, so together with my English TELF certification I can help you get the most out of the platform!

Education: Business Management
Hospitality and Tourism
Hotel management

Food Safety
Hospitality and Tourism
HACCP Level 3

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK), Polish (Conversational), Welsh (Conversational)


Profession: Travel Video Host

Teaching Experience: 7 years of teaching ESL in China and Italy. I spent a year as the International Director of Communications for the Council for Irish Chinese Co-operation. I have 15 years of public speaking experience as an actor, magician and activity host on cruise ships.

Interests: My biggest passions are traveling and entertaining, which is why I host an educational travel program. I love making videos about culture, food, animals and traditions in the 46 countries I've visited.

Education: I hold a BA, TESOL certification and a diploma in multimedia design.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Erick Estrada

Profession: ESL Teacher

Teaching Experience: Teacher/ Pre School Teacher
Developed and implemented lesson plans (math, science, arts, social studies)
Utilized cooperative learning techniques and provided individual instruction to meet the needs of students with diverse learning skills
Supervision and behavior modification of preschool age children
Performed and evaluated skills inventory testing
Held parent and teacher conferences
Curriculum developments
Creating a positive classroom atmosphere

Interests: I am a licensed barber, business owner, and father of 3 kids ages 10, 6, and 4. I enjoy learning just as much as I enjoy teaching and I'm always up for a challenge! I'm into cars, crypto, traveling, food and all types of other random activities.

Education: TESOL certified.
Native English speaker
Fluent in Spanish
College level education
Pre-service child care training
Licenced Barber

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), Spanish (Native)


Profession: ESL teacher - Vietnam.
I am currently teaching primary students and high school students both privately and in public schools.
I cover all four skills, but the main focus is on speaking, listening and pronunciation.

IELTS teacher.
English Language Instruction, Education
I teach IELTS to private one on one students in Vietnam.
I cover all four skills but focus mainly on sentence structure, grammar and pronunciation for parts one and two of the IELTS examination.

Online English Tutor
Education, English Language Instruction
Online grammar and speaking.

Teaching Experience: I have six years ESL experience in both Thailand and Vietnam.
I have taught children from age three right up to adults. I also have experience teaching IELTS and have a good success rate with my students.

I am currently a phonics focused teacher in Hanoi,Vietnam.

Interests: My interests include the gym, a healthy lifestyle, worldly travel, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and hiking.
I also have an interest in baking and had my own cake business in the UK where I supplied local businesses, weddings, birthdays and cakes for all other occasions.I also taught cake decorating classes.

Another interest of mine is teaching ESL phonics to both children and adults

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)


Interests: I love watching films, eating out and gardening. I also have an interest in architecture and have traveled to a several countries for leisure and education.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)

Tomas L

Profession: Architect- ESL teacher

Teaching Experience: I have been teaching English for the past 5 years and I have a certification in teaching English as a second langauge from TESOL. I like to make my students feel comfortable because learning a new language can be very overwhelming and I enjoy the rewards of helping students to become more CONFIDENT in speaking English.

Interests: sports, art, culture, ancient history, etc,

Education: Arizona State University, Architecture

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Thomas Y.

Profession: Business English Consultant
Taught business English to students in top global companies both American and Japanese.
Taught Japanese and provided business translations between English and Japanese (email, PowerPoint, business presentations).

Quantitative Analyst
Finance and Banking
Structuring, execute equity, convertible, and equity derivative financings and solutions; IPOs, SPACs, direct listenings, Private Placement, etc

IT Consultant
Develop and implement solutions for clients (billing, CRM, Financing, and banking, ERP systems, etc)

Teaching Experience: I have over 8 years of cognate experience working with students of different races, backgrounds, and abilities. I worked as an IT Consultant in a global company which allowed me to travel around the world to experience different cultures, languages, and lifestyles. This has better sharpened me as a teacher helping me to deliver quality classes that have transformed the lives of hundreds of kids around the world.
One of my passions is to teach both adults and children to improve their English.

Interests: Tennis, Mixed Martial Arts, Movies, Traveling, Forex, Investments, Stock Trading, Cryptocurrency, and Business. I also enjoy meeting new people and teaching has become a passionate hobby for me.

Education: Bachelor of IT
University of Notre Dame (USA)

Bachelor of Business and Communication
Finance and Banking
University of Notre Dame (USA)

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), Japanese (Native), Spanish (Basic)

Kris H

Teaching Experience: 28 years teaching high school ESL at the International School Bangkok (ISB) in Thailand and 3 years teaching ESL at Shepherd U. (a Korean nursing college) and the University of the West (a Buddhist university), both in Southern California

Interests: Swimming is my daily exercise and I love to read. I'm a big fan of Asian films, especially Korean dramas and movies. I've lived in Thailand for more than 30 years and moved here because of my interest in Asian culture and religion.

Education: EFL/ESL teacher
English Language Instruction
BA in English and MA in Applied Linguistics

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), Thai (Basic)

Douglas Preston

Profession: English Teacher

Teaching Experience: Since 1999, working with all levels, mostly adolescents to adults, doing General and Business English, as well as proficiency exam preparation

Interests: Travelling, cooking and working out

Education: BA degree in English Literature from the University of South Africa
Celta Teaching certificate (A pass)

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)

Paul Tilsley

Teaching Experience: Was taught how to speak English clearly for three years by the BBC, so that I could present programmes on radio, and have taught how to improve English speaking.

Interests: I've worked in over 80 countries, and am passionate about hearing about other cultures and life experiences.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)

IELTS David Thailand

Profession: English Tutor
English Language Instruction
I have worked as an English teacher since 2005, teaching students of all ages and levels. Eleven years were spent teaching in a real classroom environment and I have spent the last five years teaching online with students from all over the world.

Teaching Experience: I have been teaching English since 2005 and I have taught children and adults at all different levels from beginner to advanced level. I have also taught students from many different backgrounds from students through to business professionals.

Interests: I have an interest in magic, films (Especially Marvel and DC films), running and going to the gym. I also love learning about different cultures and people's views and opinions about the world we live in today. My favorite quote is 'We never stop learning' and I have and continue to learn from the wonderful students I have the privilege of meeting online everyday.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)

Teacher Moni

Profession: Family Child Care Home Certificate of Registration.
Education, Mental Health, Performing Arts, Visual Arts
I ran a licensed daycare in my home to help prepare kids for school when they were old enough to attend and start kindergarten.

Teaching Experience: I started teaching when I was in High school as a student public speaker for other schools. I continued as a teacher out of high school at Camelback Desert School as a camp teacher for a couple of years teaching as a lifeguard and other classes. I substituted for two school districts in Arizona K-12. During my internship I taught Healthy Living classes at the local Health Service department and local collage. In Montana I was a certified preschool teacher and have worked with special needs.

Interests: I enjoy art, cats, music, and sun along with a good conversation. I like to get out and hike, bike, swim, and jog. I would also join in a good volleyball game. I have several memorable life experiences. Moving to Mexico with two daughters,two cats and a dog will be an experience I will never forget. I will always remember the first time I ran into the water in Hawaii.Flying over Alaska to start a new job was also very exciting. Being reunited with family after several years was the best experience though.

Education: A Bachelors Degree in Community Health Care
Education, Mental Health, Writing and Journalism, Sports and Athletics
I did my Internship in the Health Service Department working with the Community creating and helping with children's' programs for the community.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), Spanish (Basic)

Dave 125

Profession: Cambly Tutor
I have been teaching on Cambly for more than 3 years

Teaching Experience: Tutored Japanese college students, helping them improve their oral and written English. This helped the students feel more comfortable in their interactions with other students. Also, this improved their grades as oral and written English skills are required for all courses.

Interests: Swimming and spending time with my family are the things that I like to do the most in my free time. Furthermore, I enjoy sports and learning computer programming. I have lived in Japan and the Philippines, as well as many other countries for short periods of time.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Bruce S

Profession: Managing Director/CEO
Consulting, Management, Human Resources
Owner of an international Consulting Firm that provides strategic consulting to a diverse group of companies globally.

Teaching Experience: I taught as an Adjunct Professor at Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri. I taught in the Undergraduate and Graduate Business Programs for five years. My area of specialty is Human Resource Management, but I taught many other subjects. I taught both online and seated courses. I teach adult learners. No Children Please....

Interests: I am very much into sports, fitness, and nutrition. My other hobbies include Reading, Movies, Outdoor Activities, Cooking, and Travel. I can talk about all subjects from engineering to healthcare to economics.

Education: Masters of Business Administration
MBA in International Business

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), Spanish (Conversational)

Sebastian Duran

Profession: English teacher

Teaching Experience: English Tutor at the Central Oregon Community College. ESL teacher at the Rise Institute in Chengdu, China. Currently ESL Teacher at Global Teacher in Bucaramanga, Colombia

Interests: Traveling, food, music, movies, sports, cultural differences, etc.

Education: International Business Administration

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Pa Fin

Profession: Business Teacher, Mentor and Project Management
Over 30 years of teaching and business experience

Teaching Experience: As a Partner in a large Accountancy firm for over 30 years I found myself teaching accounting and business systems for many years. Later I was teaching as a life coach. When I came to Thailand I automatically fell into teaching English to my friends and others and I decided to quality with Tefl as a teacher of English and in recent years taught English in a Government School in Phang Nga and in several Hotels

Interests: My hobbies and interests are Philosophy, Psychology, Personality Profiling, Meditation, Nutrition, Ecology, and Business/Cultural Systems

Education: Graduate of University College Dublin and Tefl
Entrepreneurship, Education
Specialist in Adult Education, mentorship and personality profiling

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)

Adam Hubb

Profession: Office Manager - Accountant and Auditors
Finance and Banking, Management, Training and Development
I worked as an Administration Manager in South Africa for a Chartered Accountants and Auditors. I held this position for 15 years and gained great experience in all aspect of Office Management, Training and Development and Administration

Teaching Experience: I'm a qualified TEFL teacher, and have taught classes to all ages, from 5 to 50 years. I believe that conversation is the key, and am available to have a general chat, or a more structured lesson, depending on your needs. I am friendly and patient and adapt my conversations to suit the students level. I believe lessons should be fun and engaging.

Interests: I'm from England with a neutral British accent. I keep up to date with world news and current affairs and am a confirmed tech lover. After my studies I've enjoyed traveling and have lived in several countries around the world including Cyprus, South Africa, Vietnam, and am currently living in Turkey. I feel that learning about other cultures helps you grow as a person.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK), Afrikaans (Conversational)


Teaching Experience: As a Team Leader, I would train new technicians and conduct safety meetings. As a father, I have taught my son math and reading and writing of English.

Interests: I like traveling, wine tasting in different countries and teaching my son not only school subjects but also about finance topics.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Bill Ace

Profession: Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have been a teacher for 20+ years. I have spent most of my teaching life working in Thailand teaching ESL and i have considerable experience in teaching younger students. I worked in international kindergartens for 7 years and in the evenings taught at a wide range of businesses teaching business English

Interests: I like all kinds of sport and watch sport regularly.
I also read widely often as a result of helping students with assignments

Education: Post Graduate Diploma
Taught in international Kindergarten and Working with Chidren with learning handicaps

Bachelors of Business
Finance and Banking
Worked for a multinational oil company in HR

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)

Shahieda Ganie

Profession: Business owner in Cape Town ,South Africa for the last 25 years - Electronic Access Control Security

Teaching Experience: I have been teaching for the western cape government ( this is our local government who manage cape town ) for + - 2 years the students ranged from the ages between the 25 - 60 about business , tendering etc. ( I was doing this in a huge training center ) This was done on a part time basis , as I am also managing my own company at the same time with a staff of 5 employees ranging from project managers to technicians in the Access Control Industry which is very huge in Cape Town . My company is one of the top 10 security companies in our City ( Cape Town, South Africa ) and being a women owned company we received all the tenders , to uplift small to medium enterprise companies which took us right to the top. I would now like to retire from this industry and start teaching on a more full time basis . I have now been teaching on the Cambly Platform since the 18th July 2016 and it has been an absolute amazing experience and i have met the most students from all over the world and we have broaden each other's knowledge tremendously

Interests: gym , cooking , long walks on the beach , reading , assisting disadvantaged children from various children's orphanages , I am a member on the board of a children's orphanage in Cape Town , South Africa we take care of these kids ranging from the age of 4 years to 18 years old

Education: Cape Town , South Africa , I have certificates from Pitmans Institute in London , accounting etc, Academy for construction skill , attended a 6 months contract development, training program , and received the best results in Cape Town for this course, as a professionally qualified highly experienced business person with extensive knowledge and skills in training management levels , computers , extensive accounting experience in the business sector .

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)