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Pa Fin

Profession: Business Teacher, Mentor and Project Management
With over four decades of teaching and business experience, I have honed my skills as a business teacher, mentor, and project management expert. My commitment to entrepreneurship and lifelong learning drives me to help others succeed

Interests: Beyond the classroom, my interests span a wide spectrum. I delve into philosophy, explore psychology, engage in personality profiling, practice meditation, study nutrition, and appreciate ecological systems. These diverse passions enrich my teaching and allow me to connect with students on various levels.

I'm passionate about philosophy, psychology, and understanding what makes people tick. Meditation, nutrition, and ecology ground me, while a keen interest in business and cultural systems fuels my global perspective.

I am a native English speaker with an authentic Irish accent. Clear communication is essential, and I strive to make complex concepts accessible to all.

Not just the Irish accent (though it might add a touch of charm!), but the depth and breadth of my experience. I've walked in your shoes, faced similar challenges, and ultimately, found success. Now, I want to share that knowledge and help you navigate your own unique journey.

Education: Graduate of University College Dublin and Tefl
Entrepreneurship, Education, Finance and Banking, Environment
Specialist in Adult Education, mentorship and personality profiling.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

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