Andy Bry

Profession: English Teacher

Interests: Most sports but particularly football (soccer), rugby, F1, boxing, MMA and American Football. I enjoy cooking all types of International food but I particularly like making desserts for my children. I enjoy watching films and occasionally watching tv as well as reading. I tend to become interested in anything that is...interesting!

I'm back from vacation and raring to go again on Cambly! Let's achieve those IELTS scores. If you have any problems booking classes with me, please message me and tell me.

Education: I went to school in the UK achieving qualifications in:
English Language & Literature, Welsh Language & Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Geography and Art & Design.
After leaving school I attended college and achieved a BTEC qualification in Modern History.
More recently I have obtained on-line qualifications with Cambridge English Teacher in How to teach IELTS and Grammar for Teachers as well as TEFL Graduate certification.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)


Profession: Professional
English Language Instruction, Mental Health, Medicine, Sports and Athletics
I have worked in local government, the engineering sector and dentistry. Currently, I am excited about entering the world of therapy/ hypnotherapy and wellness.

Interests: I love to read and watch period dramas. I'm also a music fanatic!

Education: Dentistry
I have a bachelor's degree in dentistry.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)


Profession: Civil servant -Government research Officer
Government, Customer Support
I have experience working in the civil service. Additionally, I have a background in customer service, where I developed the ability to effectively handle challenging situations.

Flight Attendant - Cabin Crew - Stewardess -
Aviation, Government, Hospitality and Tourism, Performing Arts
With 10 years of experience in short and long-haul cabin crew and aviation recruitment, I can assist you in reaching your goal of getting your dream job by providing interview practice and techniques. I have many students who are now Cabin Crew

Customer Service / Passenger complaints /
Aviation, Hospitality and Tourism, Customer Support, Human Resources
Over 20 years experience working in Customer Support for major airlines.

Interests: I am a retired flight attendant / cabin crew with 30 years of experience in the aviation industry and a wealth of customer service skills. I am a parent of four adult children and enjoy arts and crafts, tennis and football and spending time with my family. I am well-travelled, having been fortunate enough to visit many beautiful places, including the Middle East. My interests also include music, art, and theatre. I am available to tutor on Cambly seven days a week, and I would love to work with you to help you reach your goals.

Education: English Literature and Art Graduate
English Language Instruction
Degree in English and Art

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)


Interests: Spending quality family time is important. Love to travel and meet new people and learn about different cultures.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), Spanish (Fluent)

Bruce Jhon

Profession: Residential & Commercial Construction
Building and Architecture
I was involved in domestic and international construction projects

Interests: I love sport, reading, traveling and getting to know people from other countries.

Education: SANS Concrete & Steel
Building and Architecture
Qualified Concrete and Steel QS

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK), Spanish (Basic)

Reay Squires

Profession: Management Accountant
Aviation, Finance and Banking, Real Estate, Engineering
Management Accountant-Engineering ,Rail, Aviation, Rail, Telecommunications, construction Sector

Interests: Crazy for Fishing, Water Sports, Camping, Horticulture, Food, Wildlife, Animals and Family. Love ancient history, artifacts, The universe and life.

Education: St.Georges College, Qualified AAT , Level 2 CIMA. TEFL Diploma
English Language Instruction, Finance and Banking
Attained 7 O levels, English, Maths, French, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Art. In UK qualified AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians), Level 2 CIMA (Charted Institute of Management Accountants), TEFL 300hr Diploma, experience in life.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)

Ken Wing

Profession: Resort Hospitality
Hospitality and Tourism
Hospitality Industry

Hospitality and Tourism

When I lived in Hawai'i, I had a career in the luxury hospitality industry and had frequent interactions with international visitors. This made me curious about travel and life beyond the USA

Interests: My grandparents were Asian immigrants to the USA, so I can easily understand what any student is trying to say. We can focus on particular pronunciation issues that need to be addressed to make you sound fluent. I can also help you build your vocabulary so that expressing yourself in English is easier and more natural.

Education: BFA, School of Visual Arts, NYC, NY
Visual Arts

Visual Arts

I went to both the High School of Art and Design and School of Visual Arts in NYC, so I am quite a creative person.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)


Interests: I have a couple of passions in my life. I love to travel and visiting different countries and cultures; I believe that if more people did the same, the World would be a far better place. Rugby is my favourite sport, I am truly passionate about the game and was so happy that my team won the Rugby World Cup (for the third time!). I love speaking to people, so I can always learn something new......We should never stop learning.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)


Interests: Reading, travelling and listening to music. Producing different items hand made such as crochet blankets, embrodiery and cross stitch pillow cases, cushions etc. Reading science fiction, epic drama and adventure novels.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: Australia / New Zealand), Turkish (Native)


Profession: Education Specialist for Information Builders, Inc.

Interests: Among a lot of things I like to spend time doing, I love the outdoors, especially on a bicycle, woodworking, and craft brewing. I enjoy working with technology and sharing my experiences with others.

Education: DVM - Doctor in Veterinary Medicine
Agriculture, Medicine
Specialized in Equine Medicine and Surgery

MPVM - Master's in Preventive Veterinary Medicine
Medicine, Technology, Research
My area of concentration was medical informatics. I was a Post-graduate researcher in this area at the University of California, Davis. This later led me to work in, what today is known as, Data Science

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), Spanish (Native), Portuguese (Fluent)

Colin Hancock

Interests: Travel and get to know about different cultures.
I would like to add here also, that I only do classes with adults.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)

Joseph A

Profession: ESL English language teacher
worked at many high schools in Asia most recently in Thailand

Interests: watching movies, music, videos, travelling, cooking ,camping, out door activities, and fishing.MY passion football, (soccer) and learning of the many cultures around the world also i enjoy building houses and renovating old houses .

Education: ESL english teacher
I have been teaching English as a second language around the world in many countries for the past 14 years most recently being in Thailand

Spoken Languages: English (Native: Australia / New Zealand)


Profession: Early Years/ Foundation Stage 2 Class Teacher
Education, Teaching
Planned, prepare and implemented work for the children using National Curriculum / EYFS requirements. Aimed to achieve child's individual needs through differentiation of expectation/task, clear objectives, success criteria and targets.

H&M Canada- Team Lead Visual Manager, Flagship Store
Fashion, Retail, Management
Planned, supervised and trained the visual merchandising team in-store and surrounding area in presenting the store in accordance with H&M guidelines & retail trends to maximize sales with the Store Management team.

Interests: I love to travel! I love to talk! I love to teach!...

My hobbies include reading, journaling and meditating. I'm really passionate about riding my bicycle; nothing makes me more happy:)

Education: English in Early Childhood: Language Learning and Development

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), Spanish (Fluent), French (Conversational)

Reon W

Profession: Process engineer
Manufacturing, Logistics, Management, Engineering
Lean manufacture, Quality, Production, Warehousing, Continuous improvement.

Optical lens manufacturing laboratory manager.
Manufacturing, Operations
Branch and laboratory manager. 23 years experience in manufacturing optical lenses for Carl Zeiss Vision.

Foreign expert. English teacher China
English Language Instruction
English teacher. I taught English at the university of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Wuhan, China.

English teacher
English Language Instruction
I taught English in Russia for an international English school in Yekaterinburg.

Dog trainer
Training and Development
Training dog handlers how to train their dogs for, obedience, agility, working trials and bite work.

Interests: My interests are:
The outdoors, animals, dogs and dog training, motorcycles, history, traveling, working with my hands and survival skills. There's plenty more, but these are my main interests.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK), Afrikaans (Native), Russian (Basic)

Teacher Shanee

Profession: MASTER TEACHER- 2nd Grade Teacher
Education, Research
I am currently a 2nd Grade Teacher in Cumberland County, NC.

Rockstar Tutoring- OWNER & OPERATOR
I have several years of experience in tutoring various subjects.

Real Estate
I am also an active REALTOR, licensed in North Carolina. I am Customer/Client Service management extraordinaire. Prior to this, I was a Branch Manager responsible for training and developing over 75 employees.

Interests: ESL, Math Remediation, Early Reading, Real Estate and Fitness

Education: MASTER OF ARTS TEACHING- Elementary Education/ K-6/ MATHEMATICS
Education, Research
My second master's degree is an MAT from Fayetteville State University.

Real Estate, Retail
My first master's degree is an AACSB accredited MBA from Fayetteville State University. I currently utilize it in my Real Estate business.

Advertising, Entrepreneurship, Retail
In undergrad, I studied Business Administration as well.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Marie Rivera

Profession: Writer

Interests: Traveling, politics, culture, social issues, science, environmental issues

Education: Bachelor's of History, Fordham University, New York
TEFL 150 Hour Master Course

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Peter AC

Profession: Scuba diving instructor
Hospitality and Tourism
Teaching all ages to scuba dive.

Interests: I have good general knowledge, and enjoy engaging students on a wide range of topics to stimulate learning. I can talk about subjects from cartoons to video games, scuba diving to sport.

Education: Batchelor in Urban Planning Studies
Environment, Building and Architecture
Studies focused on how we interact with the world around us.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)

Gregg Aidikoff

Profession: Teacher of the Oceans
A Master Scuba Diver trainer for 25 years now.,This means that I can teach you how to dive, and then how to teach diving. I teach in Spanish as well because I lived in Colombia,SA.for 4 years and learned Spanish while living and teaching there.

Interests: I am a people person,and am interested in what passions you have, and how you would like to converse in English to better your life. The ocean is my main passion in my life, and I am always happy to tell you about how incredible scuba diving is and what it has meant to my life.

Education: Master's Degree in Scuba Training
Teaching children and adults about Marine Biology,Ocean Sciences and how to scuba dive.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), Spanish (Conversational)

Mark W Bramwell

Profession: English teacher
English Language Instruction, Oil and Gas
English teacher at PETROBRAS, Brazil's oil and gas company

Detective in the Criminal Investigation Department, GMP

Royal Marine Commando
45 Commando;
Commachio Gp;
40 Commando,
539 Assault Sqn;

Interests: English Language teacher in Brazil working at Petrobras.
Was formerly a detective with the Greater Manchester Police in England.
Also a former Royal Marine Commando.
I love to meet people and learn about different cultures and history.
Our planet is amazing

Education: Bachelor's Degree in GEOGRAPHY
Graduated from Liverpool University

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK), Portuguese (Fluent)


Interests: I enjoy watching movies, shopping, traveling, listening to music, meeting new people online, and learning about their culture

Education: Bachelor's degree
Education; Languages

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), French (Basic), Spanish (Conversational)