Frank L21

Profession: Full-time student, part-time fashion instructor

Teaching Experience: Teaching Experience
Tutor/Freelancer (6/2016 – Present)
- Teach basic machine sewing and garment construction workshops to groups of 10 students of all levels of experience, ages and abilities.
- Assist with any production and/or patterncutting work from students and/or independent designers.////

BOROUGH OF MANHATTAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE, CUNY - New York, NY Adjunct Lecturer (September 2010 - May 2011)
- Conducted classroom lectures and laboratory experiments in first-year basic undergraduate biology.
- In charge of laboratory homework, and proctoring examinations.////

Teaching Assistant (September 2001 - May 2004)
- Conducted Molecular Biology, Biological Chemistry and Molecular Genetics laboratory lectures for 24 upper-level undergraduate students per semester.
- Provided training on scientific experiment protocols and methods. Proctored examinations, graded research papers, and tracked student academic performance.

Interests: Sports, Art, Movies, Exercise, Fashion, Food, World Events, Culture, Travel, Museums, Drawing, Meeting New People from other Countries

Education: St. John's University - BS - Chemistry////
Hunter College (CUNY) - MA - Biological Sciences////
Fashion Institute of Technology - AA - Fashion Design////
Central Saint Martins - BA - Fashion Design

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Loriann Nubianette US

Profession: NYS Licensed Teacher

Teaching Experience: Currently, I have been teaching for over 10 years. Most of my teaching experience is within the classroom. The main subjects are Reading, Writing, Math, History and Science. My additional experience focuses on one to one tutoring and ESL online teaching.

Interests: I have a very long list :) However, my favorite activities are hiking, attending concerts, eating ethnic foods, bowling, kayaking, shooting pool, attending sports events, reading, traveling , visiting museums and art galleries.

Education: I have obtained a Bachelor degree in Psychology, a Master degree in Education and second Master degree in Counseling.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Kris Hoover

Profession: retired high school and university teacher

Teaching Experience: 28 years teaching high school ESL at the International School Bangkok (ISB) in Thailand and 3 years teaching ESL at Shepherd U. (a Korean nursing college) and the University of the West (a Buddhist university) both in Southern California

Interests: Swimming is my daily exercise and I'm also interested in health and nutrition. I'm a big fan of Asian films, especially Korean dramas and movies. I've lived in Thailand for more than 30 years and moved here because of my interest in Asian culture and religion

Education: I got my Bachelors degree in English from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, in the USA and a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) in the USA. I also have a TESOL certificate from CSULB.

Spoken Languages: English (Fluent), Thai (Basic)

Elaine Small

Profession: Author, Song Writer, Musician, Writer, Internet Researcher

Teaching Experience: I am a trained Sabbath School Teacher. I have taught students at church for many years. As a Sabbath School Teacher, I teach lessons that are found in the bible. I have to review the lesson before teaching the class. I have trained employees for many years. I taught children at the secondary school as a substitute.

Interests: Music, writing, reading, crocheting, knitting, playing the keyboard, guitar, organ, accordion and other musical instruments. Singing gospel songs, going on missionary trips, prison volunteer, feeding the homeless, visiting nursing homes. Vegan cooking, being creative in the kitchen, fitness, health, Christian religion, other cultures.

Education: SUNY at Brockport. Studied Criminal Justice and Theatre.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Lisa Renee R

Profession: ESL English teacher; High school counselor

Teaching Experience: I have taught all grades, from Pre-K all the way up to college level courses. My specialty is ESL education, grades 4-12.

Interests: traveling, movies, pets, cooking, languages, cultural studies, reading

Education: Bachelors in English and Spanish - Texas Tech University
Master's ESL and Diversity Education - Texas Tech University
Doctoral Candidate in ESL/Diversity Studies - Texas Tech University

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Ethan Groene

Profession: English teacher

Teaching Experience: I have been teaching English in a classroom setting full-time for about 7 months. It's come with its challenges, but I've enjoyed it so far.

Interests: Animals, sports (basketball, baseball, and American football mainly are my favorites), business, current world events, politics, books, movies, TV shows, travel, languages

Education: I finished a Bachelor's degree in Accounting in April 2018

Spoken Languages: English (Native), German (Fluent)

Bing A

Profession: Retired Business Executive and Entrepreneur

Teaching Experience: Two years experience as an online ESL Tutor to Japanese students

Interests: Travel, Music, Singing (Karaoke) , Reading books, fiction and non fiction; watching movies (especially Sci-Fi); martial arts; business books and materials

Education: BSBA Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
BA Comparative Literature
JD Juris Doctor (unfinished)

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), Spanish (Conversational), French (Basic), Tagalog (Fluent), Japanese (Basic)

Jesse Aguilera

Profession: Project Manager and English Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have been teaching English for over 8 years. I have taught children up to adults.

Interests: I am interested in cooking, swimming, gardening, movies, music, and traveling.

Education: I graduated from New York University with a BA in Sociology.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Beatrice Ajogbeje

Profession: English Teacher, Psychologist, Counselor

Teaching Experience: I have 4 years experience at being a teacher. I taught English Language, mathematics and other subjects in varying degrees.
I also have experience at being a school guidance counselor and a life coach.

Interests: Interests include:-
Films/Movies - Action and adventure, Sci-Fi, World Cinema, Anime, Comedy.
Reading - A range of genres from Nora Roberts to Dale Carnegie and Malcolm Gladwell
Music - I love Hip hop, rock music, Soul music and pretty much anything that sounds good to my ears.

Education: I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Jonny Gilbert

Profession: Academic English Teacher

Teaching Experience: Began teaching adults basic skills in 1997, then moved to Taiwan for 2 years teaching ESL to kids from 6yrs old to high school age. In 2001 I went to Vietnam to teach language programmes at university. Also, ESL kids classes in secondary school. After that, Australian university for 9 years on academic English programmes. Returned to UK in 2017, occasional agency work in High schools - and Cambly online from Jan 2018!

Interests: Travel, playing guitar and songwriting, science fiction movies, historical novels, world news and cultures, hiking, jogging, football.

Education: As a child left public school at 16, keen on languages, History, English Lit. Went back to school in 1992 to study Humanities Diploma. 1993 entered York University as student of Politics and English Lit. BA. Studied 2nd year in Toronto, Canada on exchange 1993-94.
Studied MA Ed (TESOL) 2008 -11 with Oxford Brookes Uni, UK and passed with distinction. In 2016 studied Special Ed Needs online course with British Council.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK), German (Basic), French (Basic)

Ava Brown

Profession: I'm a certified ESL/TEFL English Instructor.

Teaching Experience: I'm a certified ESL/TEFL tutor and I have taught conversational English to adults and teenagers for over 5 years. Also I love teaching children and I've worked as a teacher assistant for a year.I love using Role play, vocab games, quizzes and reading assignments to teach English. My sessions are fun and knowledgeable so lets get started!

Interests: I consider myself a vivacious, upbeat, positive individual who loves cooking, reading and travelling. I can bake a mean mac with cheese, Les Brown is one of my favorite authors and I love travelling to New York city and Orlando Fl during the summer time. Oh yes, Micheal Jackson will always be my all time favorite music artist.

Education: Bachelors of Arts Psychology, Ashworth College.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Nina Runa

Profession: Teacher, Therapist, Mentor

Teaching Experience: TEFL trained. Taught English in Peru and Mexico.

Interests: Travel, dance, spiritual studies, metaphysics, cultural studies, psychology

Education: Masters Degrees in Education and Marriage and Family Therapy, TEFL certified

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Bella F

Profession: Online English Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have a TEFL certificate and love to talk to people from all over the world to learn about their culture, travels, children and lots more. I have been on Cambly for more than a year and I really enjoy my time with my students. Before teaching I was a trainer at a company and I trained people to use computers.

Interests: Culture, upcycliing and restoring furniture, baking, animals, walking

Education: Highest school education is Grade 12. I have also completed several software courses and most recently my TEFL certification.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Afrikaans (Conversational)

Avitra AL

Profession: IELTS, TOEFL and Online teacher! I have taught over 5000 classes. I live my life based on my Bucket List which is full of adventures.

Teaching Experience: I am a certified teacher. I have 16 years of teaching in the classroom and 17 months of teaching online.

Interests: Traveling, swimming, running, and reading

Education: Alabama A&M University in Normal, Alabama
Masters in Elementary Education
Educational Specialist degree in Elementary Education
Bachelors degree in Journalism

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Matthew Kay

Profession: ESL Teacher, proofreader/editor, writer

Teaching Experience: TEFL certified, with 6 years classroom experience teaching all ages, across Southeast Asia, in over 10 different schools.

Interests: Family, my students, travel, movies, writing, music, art, literature, history, foreign languages and cultures (I LOVE learning languages), food, science, technology and the Internet, philosophy, psychology, economics, video games, life problems, and many other things.

Education: High School Certificate
TEFL Certificate
Currently completing a BA in Asia Pacific Studies

Spoken Languages: English (Native: Australia / New Zealand), Khmer (Fluent), Thai (Basic), Vietnamese (Basic)

Khalid TT

Profession: Stock market trading

Teaching Experience: Volunteer work teaching English in South America.

Interests: Music, Chess, fitness, body building, different cultures and tradition, dancing, teaching english, movies, biking, traveling

Education: High School Graduate
/General education at Chabot College, California
/Associates in Accounting SNHU, New
/Military education, Marine Corps

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), Spanish (Conversational), Persian (Conversational), Pashto (Conversational)

SJ Ramos

Profession: Police Officer, Online English Teacher

Teaching Experience: 3 years in college teaching ESL students, and 5 years in teaching English online to a variety of students with different levels from all around the world.

Interests: Travel, cook, Muy Thai, extreme sports (e.g. skydiving, atv), and basically having new and exciting experiences.

Education: BA in Criminal Justice
MBA in Behavioral Psychology

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Domynic Thomas-F

Profession: English Tutor

Teaching Experience: I've tutored with Amazing Talker and TutorABC. I've been tutoring online consistently for roughly 3 years and have instructed low level clients with little, to no, English ability, affluent clients, seeking specific refinement on specific jargon or topics (business, school, social, etc), and varying levels of fluency in between. I've instructed all age ranges and am able to initially gauge and cater my style to fit their specific needs. I am TESOL certified.

Interests: I enjoy reading (mostly about personal development and creation/life), going to the gym, playing soccer, practicing yoga and qigong, spending time with my family, spending time in nature (beach, forest, park), and cooking.

Education: I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in engineering management at Georgia Southern University,

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Philip Goode

Profession: Teacher

Teaching Experience: 1 year teaching English conversation focused on Korean business professionals in Iloilo Philippines. 1 year teaching English grammar with learners of all ages in Hanoi Vietnam. 2 years teaching English conversation online.

Interests: Tai Chi,Travel, Culture, Meeting new people, and of course, Teaching English.

Education: Studied Chemical Dependency Therapy at Rio Salado College in Phoenix Arizona, USA,

TEFL Certification at ITTT in Hanoi Vietnam.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Sam My

Profession: English Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have over three years of experience teaching English to both Children and Adults.

- IELTS Speaking Preparation
- Conversational English
- Travel English
- English for Studying Abroad
- Pronunciation and Accent Reduction
- Reading Practice

If you have any questions or need help in a different area, please send me a message.

Interests: Travel, Photography, Art, Reading, Politics, Gaming, Anime, Movies and Food

Education: TEFL Certificate

Spoken Languages: English (Native: Australia / New Zealand), Indonesian (Fluent), Malay (Conversational)