Sarah (Sare Sare)

Profession: online English teacher

Teaching Experience: i am currently working for another company online, have also helped out in schools where my children used to go. I have a 120 hour TEFL certificate.

Interests: gardening, painting, cats, music, movies, Bulgaria. outside.

Education: I completed school in the UK, then went on to get an NVQ level 3 in childcare.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)


Profession: Construction Superintendent & Restaurant Owner.

Teaching Experience: I've been teaching english in schools for almost 2 years and I've been teaching english online to students of all ages and fluency levels from around the world for 1 year. I have experience teaching conversational & business english. I've also had great success helping students prepare for the IELTS,TOEFL & TOEC.

Interests: I'm from San Diego, California- U.S.A. and I currently live in Central America. I love teaching english and helping my students achieve their goals! I also love to meet new people, travel and experience the beauty of countries and cultures all over the world. I love learning new things! I'm currently learning to speak Spanish. I love the sun,sand and surf,bicycling,watching and playing sports,music,reading and eating new and delicious foods!

Education: I graduated with general business honors from Claymont High School in Ohio,U.S.A. I've also earned certifications in Facility Project Management at NYU in NYC,U.S.A, as well as a Construction Engineering certification at Stark State University in Ohio,U.S.A. I am TEFL certified to teach adults as well as young learners.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), Spanish (Basic)

Tara Armitage

Profession: IELTS & TOEFL Teacher at University Level. Over 20 years experience of teaching English.

Teaching Experience: I have been an ESL English teacher for 17 years, Teaching all levels and ages from Beginner to Advanced, Kids to Adult. I spent two years working as an Examiner at an IELTS test centre in Perth, WA and Bangkok, Thailand and for the last 8 years have been teaching IELTS and IBT TOEFL preparation at an accredited university in Indonesia. Aside from the above qualifications I also have experience in Teaching PTE (Pearson test of English) OET (Occupational English Test)

Interests: You could say I'm a book worm because I love reading, I'm never without my Kindle digital book reader but my main passion is travel, I don't like busy tourist areas but instead love to get off the beaten track and make friends with people from all over the world, I enjoy travelling because it has taught me precious lessons in life, one being that our differences are what makes us interesting and no matter our religion, nationality or colour we are all brothers and sisters and deserve respect.

Education: I graduated from Cardiff University of Wales medical faculty in the UK
with a postgraduate Diploma, then continued my education with a MA in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching. I obtained certification in IELTS teaching from The London Teacher Training College and also have further ESL teaching certificates from Trinity College London in CELTA and TEFL

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK), Indonesian (Conversational)

Preston Longsworth

Profession: Cost control coordinator, Human resource, restaurant entrepreneur, Retired

Teaching Experience: Corporate Trainer

Interests: Traveling- meeting new people of different cultures.

Education: Bachelor's Degree ( Univ of Arizona

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Robert Melville-Jone

Profession: School Teacher from Australia

Teaching Experience: 16 years experience teaching English to students of all ages and many different nationalities.

Interests: - Aviculture
- Dancesport

Education: Newcastle University Australia graduate BA English

Spoken Languages: English (Native: Australia / New Zealand)

D Rockholm Corne

Profession: ESL teacher

Teaching Experience: I have 30 years of experience working as an ESL teacher in both language academies and in public schools. Every day I give classes in English conversation.

Interests: I love to spend time with my family , to draw, and to read. I also love to teach English. I enjoy practicing with conversation to help people improve their skills.

Education: I have a Bachelor´s degree from The University of Michigan in Sociology.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), Spanish (Fluent)

Christopher McCreano

Profession: Senior Group Manager - Teaching / Talent Development and University Lecturer

Teaching Experience: I have more than 25 years of teaching experience with a PhD in Education and Corporate Social Responsibility. Teaching experience: English, Drama, Business Studies, Leadership Development, Leadership Brand Development, Human Resources, and various other subjects.

Interests: I have a variety of interests:
I am a drone fanatic - I enjoy making drone videos
I enjoy gardening and create bonsai - have a big collection
Travelling and meeting new people is my BIGGEST PASSION!
I collect art and have an interesting art collection from local artists

Education: I have a PhD in Education and in Corporate Social Responsibility
I have an MPhil in Human Resources
Undergrad - Education - primary and high school.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)

Elaine Small

Profession: Author, Song Writer, Musician, Writer, Internet Researcher

Teaching Experience: I am a trained Sabbath School Teacher. I have taught students at church for many years. As a Sabbath School Teacher, I teach lessons that are found in the bible. I have to review the lesson before teaching the class. I have trained employees for many years. I taught children at the secondary school as a substitute.

Interests: Music, writing, reading, crocheting, knitting, playing the keyboard, guitar, organ, accordion and other musical instruments. Singing gospel songs, going on missionary trips, prison volunteer, feeding the homeless, visiting nursing homes. Vegan cooking, being creative in the kitchen, fitness, health, Christian religion, other cultures.

Education: SUNY at Brockport. Studied Criminal Justice and Theatre.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Sally Fisher

Profession: Tutor

Teaching Experience: I tutor high school students online in Australia to help them pass their final exams. I have experience helping non-native speaking relatives with their homework - developing their English. I also have experience with ESL.

Interests: Travel; People; Cultures; Language; Writing; Reading; Studying; Animals; Wildlife; Nature

Education: Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Bachelor of Anthropology and Sociology (Honours)

I am planning to undertake Masters and PHD.

I am a Native English speaker.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: Australia / New Zealand)


Profession: University & College Lecturer - Director Education Services

Teaching Experience: I am experienced teaching in schools, colleges and universities, UK, UAE and Asia. I hold a MSc, PGCE, TESOL, TEFL Dip and special educational quals. Many of my Cambly students gain high IELTS 7+ scores, the best was 8.5. I deliver IELTS current speaking topics and model answers along with Cambly IELTS. I teach to your needs, correct you often and offer sound advice to improve your ability. Reserve at least a 30 mins with me. BOOST your IELTS chances.

Interests: I have many hobbies, photography, reading and exercise. I enjoy Asian culture and can be often found exploring new places. I like music and singing, I am learning to play the guitar. Oh, and I like teaching very much....

Education: Masters - City & Guilds of London - MCGI

I-PGCE - Sunderland University - Certificate in Education

Bachelor's - Leeds Metropolitan University - Teacher Training.

PGCE - Sunderland University - Certificate in Education.

Diploma -TESOL - Stonebridge College Group.

Certificate TEFL - Stonebridge College Group & TEFL Proffessional Development Institute.

Diploma - Special Education Needs - Stone College's.

BTEC & NCFE Assessor & External Verifier

City & Guilds Assessor & External Verifier

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK), German (Conversational)

Andrea dB

Profession: English Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have been teaching English to 15 to 20 year olds' for the last 5 years. For the last 7 years I have taught conversation and listening skills to adults.

Interests: My hobbies include reading, watching movies or Netflix, cooking and travelling.
My favourite topics to learn about and share thoughts on are cooking, cultures and history.

Education: I studied Accounting at university and have a TEFL certificate.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK), Afrikaans (Fluent), Thai (Basic)

Sally markwick

Profession: ESL Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have been workıng as an ESL teacher for the past three years. I have experience working with all ages and levels.

Interests: My interests include, learning about different cultures, travel and getting to know new people.

Education: I got my TESOL on the International online Academy

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)

Kevin Dillon

Profession: I make medieval illuminated manuscripts on calfskin vellum, using 24k goldleaf and powdered semi=precious for the colours.

Teaching Experience: ESL teaching over a three year period in Cebu, Philippines to Korean, Japanese, Arabic and Russian students. Sport and Play Counselor/Supervisor for the City of Orillia- my hometown. Coached and referred hockey to kids for 5 years and soccer for 7 years. I have travelled extensively throughout the US and Canada for 20 plus years.

Interests: I love singing- it's a great way to relax and rejuvenate. I love the beach. I'm very spiritual. My hobby is alternative health. I have travelled to Europe and the UK mostly to visit relatives. My father was Irish and my mother German. My father had his own driving school and my grandfather was a professor at a University in Germany. I'm intellectual, but practical.

Education: Undergrad studies at University of Waterloo majoring in French. I won the first year Spanish award. I am fluent in German and French.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), French (Conversational), German (Conversational), Spanish (Basic)

Oscar R

Profession: Freelance Graphic Designer

Teaching Experience: I have over 4 years of experience teaching business english to high level executives at important companies

Interests: I love the outdoors, going to the movies, concerts, shows and just try new things in general. I'm a certified food lover

Education: Associates Degree in Marketing from Autonomous University of Nuevo León

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), Spanish (Native)

Al B Mello

Profession: English tutor with a Chinese online tutoring school named Acadsoc.

Teaching Experience: Well as I mentioned above, I've been teaching ESL since 1998, though most of it was volunteer work at my church where I also did simultaneous translation (Portuguese to English and vice versa). But from Aug 2014 to Aug 2019 I worked at CCAA internationally known as CCLS, and there I taught mostly advanced levels and also a TOEFL prep course where we also applied the TOEFL exam

Interests: I'm a Brazilian native, I moved to the US when I was only 8 and I lived there till I was 30, so believe me, I know what it's like to struggle with learning a new language. And that's probably why I like to teach English so much.

Education: I'm currently working on my TESOL

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), Portuguese (Native)

Willy Rod.

Profession: English Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have been teaching for over four years in general and teaching online would say two years or just about.

Interests: I really enjoy listening to all types of music, reading non fiction books, playing sports like soccer, basketball, etc. Would definitely love to start traveling around the world the minute that I can get a chance to.

Education: My primary and secondary school years took place in Miami and New York. I moved over to New York in order to continue my studies afterwards.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)


Profession: English Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have taught English Interchange books 1 & 2 at an English institute.

Interests: Business Startups, Sports, Hiphop, Festivals, Games and Movies.

Education: My primary school, high school and college education was in Loughborough, Leicestershire, United Kingdom.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)

Clark B

Profession: Flamenco/Classical guitarist, composer and performer.

Teaching Experience: Over 20 years experience teaching in schools to all ages and levels,
teaching one to one classes to various nationalities and conducting conversation classes online for Japanese businessmen and students worldwide to improve speaking skills.

Interests: Music, World News, Science and Technology, Language and Culture, Self Improvement, Health, Environment, Education, Entertainment.

Education: Town and Country School. London UK
Eton & Wallis Tutorial London UK
Sir John Cass College London Uk
International house London UK

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

cindy s

Profession: I have taught cake decorating classes and swim lessons. I have also written a book and worked as a writer/producer for radio and television.

Teaching Experience: I have spent most of my adult life teaching my children at home and I also have experience teaching English online to kids in China

Interests: I am curious about everything. I love arts and crafts and making and decorating cake. Basically anything creative.

Education: I have a BS in Communications and advanced TESOL

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Renee S

Profession: Teacher

Teaching Experience: I have over ten years experience in public schools, teaching students from preschool through eighth grade. I worked with students in a large classroom setting and also one on one for those needing individual help or a little slower pace. I love helping people learn and reach their goals.

Interests: I have taught students from preschool through eighth grade. I love to talk to new people and learn new things. I have two children and two dogs. I am an archery coach for our local high school team. I am excited to meet you and help you achieve your goal of speaking English comfortably.

Education: I majored in Elementary Education and worked in the public school system for over ten years.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)