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Teaching Experience: I have two years experience working with children and teens with special needs such as autism. I also taught English abroad in Hungary for half a year. I taught elementary school students English and did after school tutoring with high schoolers.

Interests: I enjoy watching sports such as college football, the NFL, hockey, tennis, and baseball as well as playing basketball, ping pong, and tennis. To keep active, I go hiking and like discovering new places to visit around Los Angeles. I like traveling when I have both the time and money to do so. So far, I've been able to visit Mexico, Costa Rica, Japan, England, France, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Vienna, Spain, and Romania. To relax in my downtime, I listen to music and watch movies. Depending on my mood I like to listen to various genres of music including, but not limited to, indie, pop, classic rock, hip hop, classical etc. One minute I could be listening to Kelly Clarkson and the next minute it could be Wu-Tang Clan. I am by no means a music snob and enjoy any new recommendations. I don't usually go to the movies, but I do love a Netflix marathon now and then especially when a new series comes on. Some of my old favorite shows include Friends, Gilmore Girls, X-Files, and Peep Show. Again, I can watch anything, but I connect more so with movies and shows with a solid plot and in-depth characters. Lastly, I try my best to stay connected to what's going on in the world by checking NPR and other reliable news sources.

Education: I went to the University of Southern California and received my BA in Psychology.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)