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Teaching Experience: While I have no formal teaching experience, I have done a lot of volunteer work with students from inner city schools who have English as a second language. I will go and teach them how to read and write and speak so that by the end of the school year they are able to graduate and pass on the the next grade level at the appropriate levels of understanding for English. I also just enjoy speaking with and helping people who have English as a second language, as I love to learn about other cultures, and I love to share my own with others. People are interesting to me, and I enjoy conversation greatly.

Interests: My hobbies are quite vast. I enjoy all things computer related, really technology related. Also all things sports. Especially American football. I'm a bit of a geek when it come to football since I run a fantasy football league every year. I also enjoy nature and being outdoors. I like to camp, fish, hike, and just spend time sitting or walking in the parks around town to see the wildlife. Indoors, I like to play cards, including poker, and board games with my friends, Bingo on occasion because it is a fun place to people watch and learn about folks, and I am an avid reader and writer. These last two things make me highly qualified to help you in anything you need as far as English goes. At the moment I have a book in copy editing that will be published in both print and e-book format by the end of the year. Fitness wise I love to walk, and cook healthily. I have been steadily losing weight now for the last five months and have lost 46 pounds. I still have a long way to go to reach my goal, but I am determined to get there. Animals are a big passion of mine as well. I have a large breed dog that I treat as if he were my son since I have no children of my own. I grew up in a farm town raising all kinds of animals. Once we start talking, you will find that I will take a genuine interest in you, your day, your needs, and I will care about you as a person. I love to help people any way I can, and whether you have things on your mind you want to talk about, or you need me to lead the conversation, either way works for me. Just plan on having a good time and fun conversation as you learn!

Education: I attended Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. It is often called the Ivy League of the mid-west in the United States. There I majored in English and psychology, and met a vast array of people from different cultures. I loved it! I thoroughly enjoyed my education and also being able to learn of other people's cultures, religions, and views on life. When you speak with me you will find that I am extremely easy to talk to, and that I love both leading and listening in a conversation. So whether you need a question answered, or need to have an hour long conversation led by me or you, it's not a problem. As you will read in my hobbies and interests below, I can talk about just about anything, and I genuinely take an interest in the people I talk to on a daily basis. Not just on here, but in life in general.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

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