Man in Indiana Wins to Open Taco Restaurant
CORRECTS LOCATION: Signage hangs at Famous Taco's new location in Fort Wayne, In., Friday, May 17, 2024. An Indiana judge who declared that “tacos and burritos are Mexican-style sandwiches” has cleared the way for the opening of the restaurant's second location in Fort Wayne, delighting a restauranteur following a legal battle. (Stan Sussina/The Journal-Gazette via AP)

Man in Indiana Wins to Open Taco Restaurant

May 16th, 2024

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, there is a man named Martin Quintana. He is 53 years old. Martin is from Mexico. He moved to the United States in 1988. First, he worked on a farm in California. Then, he started to work in restaurants. He has lived in Fort Wayne since 2001. Martin has one restaurant in Fort Wayne. He wants to open another one. Martin had trouble opening his new restaurant. It is called The Famous Taco. He wanted to put it in a place he owns. But there was a rule. The rule said only sandwich bars can open there. Martin's restaurant is not a sandwich bar. It makes tacos and burritos. These are Mexican foods. There was a big problem. Martin talked to some people. They said his restaurant was not right for the place. Martin went to court. He wanted to change the rule. In December 2022, the court said no. But then, something good happened. A judge said tacos and burritos are like Mexican sandwiches. So, Martin can open his restaurant. Martin is very happy. He says soon, in two or three months, people can eat at The Famous Taco. They can pick what they want on their tacos, burritos, and tortas. Martin says a torta is like a sandwich too. He is excited to start.
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💭 Discussion Questions

. Where is Martin Quintana from?
. What kind of food does Martin's restaurant serve?
. What good news did the judge give Martin?

📖 Vocabulary

🌐 Cultural context

Fort Wayne is a city in the U.S. state of Indiana. People from different countries, like Martin from Mexico, move to the U.S. for work. In the U.S., there are laws about businesses that can make opening a restaurant complicated. Tacos and burritos are popular Mexican foods in America.

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