Billie Eilish Releases New Album with 10 Songs
This album cover image shows โ€œHit Me Hard and Soft" by Billie Eilish. (Darkroom-Interscope via AP)

Billie Eilish Releases New Album with 10 Songs

May 16th, 2024

Billie Eilish has a new music album. It has 10 songs. She sings about being young, feeling different, and looking at the world. Her brother Finneas makes the music with her. They add new sounds with Andrew and a group of musicians with string instruments. Billie starts her album with a song about how she looks. She sings about her body and what people think. Then, the music changes a lot. One song starts slow and ends very fast and loud. In another song, she plays guitar and then the music gets big, like a rock concert. Billie sings happy songs, but sometimes they have sad words. She sings about love. She also makes a fast, dance song. She sings about feelings. She sings about being alone or with someone. Near the end, she sings softly, like a quiet whisper. Billie Eilish has many different songs. In her music, she talks about being free like a bird. This album is about her feelings and freedom. She likes to make new and different music.
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๐Ÿ’ญ Discussion Questions

. What does Billie Eilish's new album have 10 of?
. What does Billie sing about?
. Who makes music with Billie?

๐Ÿ“– Vocabulary

๐ŸŒ Cultural context

Billie Eilish is a popular young singer from the United States. She is known for her unique music. Her brother helps her create songs. They use special instruments to make different sounds. Billie's songs talk about her personal feelings and thoughts.

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