Judith Godrèche Shows "Me Too" Movie in France
“Me Too” director Judith Godreche, center, poses with hands covering their mouth upon arrival at the premiere of the film ‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga’ at the 77th international film festival, Cannes, southern France, Wednesday, May 15, 2024. (Photo by Andreea Alexandru/Invision/AP)

Judith Godrèche Shows "Me Too" Movie in France

May 15th, 2024

Judith Godrèche is a famous actor. She talked about a bad man called Harvey Weinstein a long time ago. She said he did bad things to her. Now, she made a movie called "Me Too." This movie is about people who had bad things happen to them. She showed the movie in France at a big movie party. Judith also said that two men were bad to her when she was young. Many people in France are talking about this now. Some people say she is brave. Others do not like what she is saying. She wants to help people who had bad things happen to them. Judith was at the big movie party. She and her friends did something special. They put their hands over their mouths. They did this to show something important. They want to help women in movies. People are starting to talk more about these problems. They want things to be better for women. Judith made her movie to help people understand and to make things better. She is happy she is telling her story. She hopes it will help other people. This story is about Judith and her movie at the big movie party in France.
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💭 Discussion Questions

. Who is Judith Godrèche?
. What is the name of Judith's new movie?
. Why did Judith and her friends put their hands over their mouths at the movie party?

📖 Vocabulary

🌐 Cultural context

Judith Godrèche is a French actress discussing issues related to bad treatment of women, a topic that's currently important in France and many other countries. She participated in a film festival, an event where new movies are shown.

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