Famous Kids from History in Funny TV Show "Clone High"
This image released by Max shows animated characters Abe Lincoln, voiced by Will Forte, right, and JFK, voiced by Christopher Miller, in a scene from "Clone High." (Max via AP)

Famous Kids from History in Funny TV Show "Clone High"

February 29th, 2024

In a fun TV show called "Clone High," famous people from the past come back as high school kids. Cleopatra is Frida Kahlo's girlfriend, and Abe Lincoln is friends with JFK. They all have to deal with school and their feelings. The show first came on TV in 2003 but stopped because some people did not like how Gandhi was shown. The new "Clone High" does not have Gandhi but has new people like Kahlo and Harriet Tubman. The people who make the voices for the show can make jokes too. The men who made the show are happy to bring it back. They don't want to make fun of people in a mean way. They like to make jokes that are smart and about things that people talk about today. "Clone High" is back on a place to watch shows called Max. It is a funny show about famous kids that makes people laugh.
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💭 Discussion Questions

. What is the TV show called?
. Who are Cleopatra and Abe Lincoln friends with in the show?
. Where can you watch 'Clone High'?

📖 Vocabulary

🌐 Cultural context

"Clone High" is a cartoon from the United States. It uses humor and history to entertain. The show takes well-known historical figures and puts them in modern school life. It is meant for laughs and not to be taken seriously.

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