Fire Destroys Crooked House Pub, it Will Be Rebuilt
The burnt out remains of The Crooked House pub near Dudley, England, on July 8,, 2023. The owners of a quirky 18th century British pub destroyed in a fire last year have been ordered by a local council to rebuild it, keeping with its previous lopsided specifications. The watering hole — known as the Crooked House for its leaning walls and tilting foundation — in the village of Himley in central England, was gutted by a fire and subsequently demolished last August. (Jacob King/PA via AP)

Fire Destroys Crooked House Pub, it Will Be Rebuilt

February 27th, 2024

A long time ago, there was a special pub in England. This pub was not straight. Its walls and floor were not flat. People called it the Crooked House because it looked funny. But one day last year, there was a fire. The fire destroyed the pub. Then, people took the pub down without asking. Many people in the village were sad. They liked the Crooked House very much. Some people talked to the council. The council is a group of people who make rules for the village. The council said the people who owned the pub must build it again. It must look the same as before. If they don't build it again, they may get in trouble. There is a Facebook page with many people. They want to see the Crooked House again. A big leader in the village said it was good that people want the pub back. Another important person also said it was good that the Crooked House will be built again. The Crooked House was very old. It became crooked because of the ground moving from digging too much coal. Coal is black and people dug a lot of it near the pub. The pub was going to be destroyed a long time ago because it was not safe. But someone fixed it. People from many places came to see this funny pub. They liked to look at how it was not straight. They came to drink and be happy. Now, we must wait three more years. Then the Crooked House will be back. People can come again, have a drink, and be happy.
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💭 Discussion Questions

. What was special about the pub in England?
. Why were the village people sad?
. What will happen in three years?

📖 Vocabulary

🌐 Cultural context

The article is from England, a country that has pubs, places where people drink and socialize. Villages in England often have councils that make local decisions. Coal mining is part of England's history. Rebuilding something to look the same is important to preserve history.

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Historic preservation
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