Jet Suit Racing in Dubai Skies Near Big Buildings
Jet suit pilots race in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2024. Dubai on Wednesday hosted what it called its first-ever jet suit race. Racers zipped along a route with the skyscrapers of Dubai Marina looming behind them, controlling the jet engines on their hands and their backs. (AP Photo/Jon Gambrell)

Jet Suit Racing in Dubai Skies Near Big Buildings

February 28th, 2024

People are racing in special suits with jet engines in Dubai. They fly fast in the sky near tall buildings. They use the engines on their hands and back to move. It is like a superhero from a movie. These suits are very strong, like fast sports cars. The race is by the water so it is safe. People can go as fast as 80 miles an hour. People watch and think it is amazing, like astronauts or like Iron Man, a superhero. Dubai likes flying and adventures. They want flying taxis too. They have the tallest building and they like to zip line. There are some dangers. A man named Vincent, who used to fly in a jet suit, had an accident before. But the people who race feel safe. They get a little scared, but they like it. One man crashed into the water, but he was okay and said thumbs-up. People who see the race are very excited. They say it is the best show. They feel it is like seeing Iron Man for real. They want to try flying in the suits too.
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💭 Discussion Questions

. Where are people racing in jet suits?
. How fast can they go in the jet suits?
. What do people think about the jet suit race?

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🌐 Cultural context

Dubai is a modern city in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury, advanced technology, and love for high-speed sports and adventures. It has the world's tallest skyscraper and is interested in futuristic transport.

🧠 Further reading

Jet pack
A jet pack is a special thing you can wear on your back. It helps you fly in the air by shooting out air or gas. People have thought about these jet packs for a very long time, like in fun stories. Real jet packs were made a long time ago in the 1960s. Jet packs can be different, but it is hard to use them for a long time. This is because of the air around us, how heavy things are, and the type of fuel they need. Also, our bodies are not made to fly. Mostly, people just use jet packs for fun tricks. But jet packs are good in space for astronauts. In space, things feel light, and there is no air to slow you down. So astronauts can use jet packs to move around outside their spacecraft. Jet packs need to push down to make you go up. They need to be strong enough to lift you, themselves, and the fuel. Since they have to carry all their fuel, you can't fly for a very long time. A long time ago, a man from Russia made the first design for a jet pack. His name was Alexander. People thought his idea was very good.

Aerosport (air show)
Every year, there is a big air show in Spain. It started in 1993. Many flying things are there, like small planes and helicopters. People can see flying tricks and learn about flying. Long ago, the first show was very fun with pilots from many places. They showed how to fly with engines and without. There was a big balloon festival too. The show changed to help people who work with planes. There are big meetings and less play. Lots of people from Spain and other countries show their planes. Most are from near the air show. The air show won a prize in 2007. It was for helping people learn about planes. Many people flew for the first time at this show. They have a school for young people who want to fly.

Being safe means you are not in danger. You are protected from getting hurt. There are things you can do to stay safe and not get hurt. What is safe can be different in different places, like in your home or where you work. A long time ago, people started to use the word 'safety'. It comes from a Latin word that means not hurt and healthy. When we talk about being safe at home, it can mean two things. First, it means nothing bad from outside, like bad weather or people trying to come in, can hurt you. Second, it means things inside your home, like your kitchen or stairs, are not dangerous. Sometimes people talk about 'safety' and 'security' like they are the same. But they are a little different. Safety is when things are as they should be and are not dangerous. When everyone does what they are supposed to do, we are safe. Like at home, we can be safe from bad things outside and things inside that could break. Not everything is always perfect. Sometimes things don't go as planned. But we try to be safe.