Wendy Williams' Life in New Movie Shows She is Sick
This image released by Lifetime shows Wendy Williams, subject of the Lifetime documentary "Where is Wendy Williams?" (Calvin Gayle/Lifetime via AP)

Wendy Williams' Life in New Movie Shows She is Sick

February 27th, 2024

People made a movie about Wendy Williams. Wendy is famous for talking on TV. In the movie, Wendy does not seem very well. Sometimes she is happy, and sometimes she is not. People see Wendy needs help. They find out she has a sickness in her brain, just like actor Bruce Willis has. Her son tells the people making the movie about her sickness. The movie came out on TV. Some people did not like watching it because it made them feel sad. Before, Wendy had troubles with drinking too much. She tried to stop drinking before. Now, Wendy has to live with people who help take care of her. People who made the movie wanted to show Wendy starting a new part of her life. But they found she was very sick. They hope the movie will help others understand how hard it can be when someone else takes care of your money and health. Wendy's family wants to help her more. The people who made the movie want everyone to know how important this is.
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๐Ÿ’ญ Discussion Questions

. Who is Wendy Williams?
. What is the movie about?
. Why do Wendy's family and the people who made the movie want to help her?

๐Ÿ“– Vocabulary

๐ŸŒ Cultural context

Wendy Williams is a famous American TV host. The article discusses a movie made about her life, health issues, and the challenges she faces. Bruce Willis is an American actor known for his film roles.

๐Ÿง  Further reading

Neurological disorder
There are sicknesses that happen in the brain, spine, or nerves. When something goes wrong with these parts, people might have trouble moving, feeling, or could have seizures or pain. Doctors who know about the brain and nerves help people with these problems. They can give medicine, help people change how they live, or do special exercises. Sometimes, they do surgery. Lots of people in the world have these brain problems. Sometimes these problems come from getting hurt, from being sick, or how a person was born. It's hard for hurt nerves to get better, but sometimes they can a little bit.

Mental illness in media
People can get sick in their minds. This is called mental illness. Sometimes, movies, TV, and stories are not right about people with mental illness. They can say that these people are bad or scary. This is not true for most people who are sick in their mind. When we hear the wrong things about these people, we might think they are all like that. If people believe the wrong things, the sick people might feel sad. They may not want to get help because they are afraid. They don't want others to be mean to them. But, with help from friends, doctors, and family, many people who are sick in their mind can do well. They can work and do good things for us all. We learn about mental illness from TV and news a lot. But what we learn is sometimes not what doctors say. A person named Heather Stuart wrote that the news can make us think the wrong thing about mental illness. People can think that these sick people are dangerous. This is because they don't know much about it themselves. It's important to learn the right thing about people who are sick in their mind. This way, we won't be unfair to them. And they will not be afraid to get help.

A conservatorship is when a person, called a conservatee, cannot take care of themselves or their money because they are too old or sick. Then, a judge chooses another person or guardian to help them. This helper makes sure the conservatee is okay and looks after their money, health, and where they live. Sometimes, if a company needs help, they can have a conservatorship too. Each place has its own rules for conservatorships. Some places might call the helper a guardian or trustee instead of a conservator. This is to help people who really need it to be safe and have what they need.