Alec Baldwin Goes to Court After Movie Set Accident
FILE - Alec Baldwin attends the NYU Tisch School of the Arts 50th Anniversary Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center's Frederick P. Rose Hall, April 4, 2016, in New York. A New Mexico judge has set a trial date for Baldwin on an involuntary manslaughter charge stemming from a deadly shooting on the set of the Western โ€œRust.โ€ Jury selection is scheduled to begin July 9, with the trial starting the following day. The proceedings are expected to last eight days. Baldwin, the lead actor and a co-producer on the film, pleaded not guilty in January. (Photo by Andy Kropa/Invision/AP, File)

Alec Baldwin Goes to Court After Movie Set Accident

February 26th, 2024

A man named Alec Baldwin is going to court. He was acting in a cowboy movie and had a big problem. When he was practicing for the movie, a gun went off. A woman who makes movies got hurt and died, and a man who helps make movies got hurt. Alec said he did not mean to do it. He told people he did not pull the trigger, but the gun still shot. Some people looked at the gun and said someone did pull the trigger. Another person, Hannah, also has to go to court. She gave Alec the gun. She might get in trouble too. Alec will go to court in July to talk to a judge. He told the judge he did not do anything wrong. He has to follow rules until then. He cannot have guns, drink alcohol, or leave the country. Alec cannot make a movie about what happened without asking the right way.
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๐Ÿ’ญ Discussion Questions

. Who is going to court?
. What happened when Alec Baldwin was practicing for the movie?
. What is Alec Baldwin not allowed to do until he goes to court?

๐Ÿ“– Vocabulary

๐ŸŒ Cultural context

Alec Baldwin is an actor in the United States. In the U.S., cowboy movies are a popular film genre. Courts are where legal issues are resolved. Guns are a common topic of debate in the country. Rules given by courts must be followed until the case is closed.

๐Ÿง  Further reading

Rust (upcoming film)
There is a new cowboy movie coming with famous actor Alec Baldwin. He is not just acting; he is also making the movie. Joel Souza wrote the story and is directing the movie. Other actors in the movie are Patrick Scott McDermott, Travis Fimmel, Frances Fisher, and Josh Hopkins. A sad thing happened when they were making the movie. A gun that was not supposed to be real fired and hurt two people. One person, named Halyna Hutchins, died, and the other, the director Joel Souza, was hurt. Because of this, they stopped making the movie for a while. They started making the movie again over a year later. Then, Alec Baldwin had some troubles with the law, but they ended, and they could keep making the movie. The movie is about an old cowboy named Harland Rust. He is played by Alec Baldwin. Harland Rust has to save his young grandson, Lucas, from getting in big trouble for something he didn't mean to do. They run away together from people who are chasing them. Other actors play different people they meet, like a bad man chasing them called Preacher Lang, and Lucas's great-aunt. Alec Baldwin really wanted to make this cowboy movie. He has been planning it since 2020. He was very happy to work with the director Joel Souza. They had to wait to make the movie, but now they are working on it again.

Rust shooting incident
A person named Halyna Hutchins was hurt and later died, and another person named Joel Souza was hurt too. This happened when a gun was used on a movie set. Alec Baldwin, an actor, was using the gun. It was for a movie called "Rust" at a place called Bonanza Creek Ranch. People looked into what happened. Alec Baldwin and a person who helps with guns on set, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, were told they did something wrong. Another person, David Halls, said he made a mistake and said he was sorry. Alec Baldwin said he did not do anything wrong. Hannah also said she did not do anything wrong. Later, they said Alec did not do something wrong, but then they changed their minds. People are talking about how to be safe when making movies so people do not get hurt. Joel Souza and Alec Baldwin made the story for "Rust" together. The movie did not cost a lot of money to make. Alec Baldwin really liked this movie. They planned to make the movie in 21 days.

Video games in the United States
People in the United States love playing video games. In America, many people make video games, and this job gives lots of money to the country. People who work in making video games can earn a lot of money every year. Video games also help the country by giving money to the government. There are very big companies in America that make video games. There are important events in the United States for people who like video games. These events, like E3 and The Game Awards, happen every year and lots of people watch them. They are very big and famous. These events show new video games and celebrate the best video games. Many people in the United States play video games and they think video games are fun.