Milan Fashion Show: Old Styles Made New for Women
A model wears a creation of the Rave Review women's Fall-Winter 2024-25 collection presented in Milan, Italy, Sunday, Feb. 25, 2024. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

Milan Fashion Show: Old Styles Made New for Women

February 25th, 2024

In Milan, Italy, clothes for women for the cool weather later in the year were shown. People from all over the world came to see. There were clothes of many sizes and colors. Some clothes were old, made new again. The clothes were like what a grandmother might have. They used different fabrics to make the clothes look nice. Dresses, skirts, and big coats were there for different people. Designers were happy to use old things to make new clothes. One designer even brought her baby when she said goodbye to everyone. There was also a special show with music. The clothes looked like they were for a music show. Musicians wore pretty clothes and played music. They wore skirts and suits in colors like peach and blue, with flower designs. When they finished playing, they turned off their lights and left, one by one. The woman who made these clothes said it is important to care about what is right. People liked seeing many kinds of people in the clothes show. They liked the music and the new ideas for clothes. It was a happy and special day in Milan for fashion.
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💭 Discussion Questions

. Where did the clothes show take place?
. What did the clothes look like?
. Did people enjoy the show in Milan?

📖 Vocabulary

🌐 Cultural context

Milan in Italy is famous for fashion. It is a place where many fashion events happen. People there like style and new clothing designs. The article talks about a fashion show in Milan. Fashion shows are events where new clothes are presented.

🧠 Further reading

Sustainable fashion
People are trying to make clothes in a way that is better for the Earth. They want to keep the air and water clean, help plants and animals, and make sure that people who make clothes are treated well and paid enough. Some big clothing companies tried to do this by themselves, but it didn't work very well. Now, people are talking about making new rules to help make sure that clothes are made in a good way for the Earth. A long time ago, people started to see that making lots of clothes can hurt nature. Two people, Yvon and Doug, liked to go outside. They saw that too many clothes were bad for the Earth. They decided to look at the materials they used to make their clothes to find better ones. They cared about where the materials came from and how they were made.

History of fashion design
Long ago, people made clothes from plants and animal skins. They didn't have shops, so they made clothes at home or went to a dressmaker. Later, shops started selling clothes, and people didn't have to make them at home. In Paris, people created new clothes designs. These designs were shared with others, and dressmakers tried to make them. Pictures of these designs were put in special books and newspapers. A man named Charles Frederick Worth started a new way of making clothes in the 19th century. He put his name on the clothes he made. Now, everyone has different clothes, but before, many people in Europe dressed the same. Fashion is how we make and think about clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Fashion is about making clothes, shoes, and pretty things to wear like hats and jewelry. People choose different clothes to show who they are and to look like their friends or groups they like. Fashion can be from different places and can say if someone has a lot of money, or if they want to be careful with nature. A long time ago, in a place called France, people started using the word "fashion". Even before, people liked to look good and wear nice things. There was a poem that said good clothes and things to wear make a person look much better. When people wear clothes, others see them and think about the colors and the shape of the clothes. If two people wear the same clothes, they can look different if one person is tall and the other is short. Fashion is for everyone, and it's about showing who you are with what you wear.