Cuban Singer Juana Bacallao Dies at 98
FILE - Cuban singer-entertainer Juana Bacallao, or "Juana La Cubana", performs at the "One-Eyed Cat" cafe in Havana, Cuba, May 22, 2010. Bacallao, who until recently continued performing and making presentations on Cuban stages, died on Saturday, Feb. 24,2024, reported the island's Ministry of Culture. She was 98 years old. (AP Photo/Javier Galeano, File)

Cuban Singer Juana Bacallao Dies at 98

February 24th, 2024

A very famous singer from Cuba named Juana Bacallao has died. She was 98 years old. She had to go to the hospital for a few days before she died, but we don't know why she was there. Juana Bacallao was very special. She had a strong voice, liked to surprise people, and wore big, colorful dresses and wigs. She sang in a famous place called the Tropicana club a long time ago. She also sang with other famous singers. Juana Bacallao had no parents when she was very young, so she went to a school with nuns. She started singing when she was young too, while she was cleaning houses. People liked her singing a lot, and she became a star. She sang with many stars and knew what it's like to have no money and to have a lot of it. Juana Bacallao said she would never stop singing until she died. She loved Cuba very much because it was her home.
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. Who was Juana Bacallao?
. What did Juana Bacallao wear when she sang?
. Where was Juana Bacallao from?

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🌐 Cultural context

Juana Bacallao was a famous Cuban singer. Cuba is known for its music and vibrant culture. People there enjoy lively dances and colorful performances. The Tropicana club is a popular place in Cuba for music and shows.

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