Big Movie Star Party on TV: Watch and See Winners!
The SAG Actor statue on display at the 30th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday, Feb. 24, 2024, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

Big Movie Star Party on TV: Watch and See Winners!

February 24th, 2024

Watch a big movie star party on TV! People who act in movies and TV shows are having a fun party. You can see it live on your computer or TV. The party is in a big city called Los Angeles. It is a special year because it is the 30th time they have this party. Some famous people will get prizes for their great acting. Lots of people want to see who wins! The party will be very easy to watch. It will be on Netflix without any ads for two hours. After the party, you can still watch it on Netflix for 28 days. There are some movies and TV shows that many people like. They might win prizes. One movie is about a very smart man named Oppenheimer. Another movie is about a doll named Barbie. There are also TV shows that people like. One is about a big family business. Another is about a funny football coach. Everyone is excited to see who will get the big prizes at the party. There is also a very special prize for a lady who has been acting and singing for a long time. Her name is Barbra Streisand. So, get ready to see lots of stars and maybe even your favorite movie or TV show will win! Remember, you can watch it on Netflix.
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💭 Discussion Questions

. What can you watch on TV or your computer?
. Where is the big party happening?
. What special prize is a lady who has been acting and singing going to get?

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🌐 Cultural context

This article is about an awards ceremony in the United States, likely resembling the Oscars. It is a well-known event where actors are celebrated. Being the 30th event, it is an annual tradition. Los Angeles is a famous city in America known for making movies. Netflix is a popular streaming service in many countries.

🧠 Further reading

Awards ceremony
People give out awards in a special event called an awards ceremony. At this event, a person talks to everyone, gives the awards, and makes sure everyone is having fun. Long ago, in Ancient Greece, people got awards too. They had plays and the best one won a prize. In sports, winners got branches or crowns made of leaves, but no medals. There were big rules for these games. Today, award events are big deals. People pick winners in a fair way. These events happen in big rooms, and there might be food and music. A person in charge talks and helps give awards. They use microphones and videos so everyone can see and hear. They invite special people and tell news writers to come. Winners get a paper or a trophy. In America, awards on TV are very famous. They started small but now lots of people watch. The first movie awards were quick. They gave statues for the best movie and actors. Another award for movies started with some news writers in 1944.

List of streaming media services
A streaming service is a way to watch movies, TV, music, and podcasts on the internet. You do not need to download anything. You can watch or listen right away. Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube are examples. OTT is a kind of streaming service that you can use without cable TV. They are often owned by big movie companies. These services are like on-demand TV, but you do not save the shows to watch later. When you buy a digital video, you can watch a show or movie any time. But sometimes, you might only be allowed to stream it, not download it. To watch streaming video, you need a device like a phone or a smart TV and the internet. If your device or internet is not good, you may not be able to watch some things. Streaming services can have many subscribers. Some have over 100 million, and some have less. There are also free TV services with ads. Some TV channels have their own streaming services too.

WWE is a big show where people wrestle. It is from America. A group named Endeavor owns most of it. WWE does other things too, like movies and games. Long ago, in 1953, WWE was called CWC. It was part of the NWA. But they had a problem and changed their name many times. Now, they are just called WWE. Vince McMahon was the big boss of WWE for a long time. He owned a lot of it. WWE started in one place but moved to another. WWE is the number one wrestling show. It has two teams called Raw and SmackDown.