Wendy Williams' Life Story on TV This Weekend
FILE - In this Nov. 7, 2014 file photo, host Wendy Williams appears at the 2014 Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas. Lifetime's “Where is Wendy Williams?” documentary will air this weekend as scheduled after a New York court rejected an attempt to block the broadcast. The order signed Friday, Feb. 23, 2024 by a New York appellate judge says blocking the documentary from airing as planned on Saturday and Sunday would be an “impermissible prior restraint on speech that violates the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.” (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File)

Wendy Williams' Life Story on TV This Weekend

February 23rd, 2024

A show about Wendy Williams' life will be on TV this weekend. A judge said it is okay to show it. The show is called "Where is Wendy Williams?" and it has videos of her and talks with people. Wendy Williams had her own TV show before, but she stopped because she was not feeling well. She has a problem with her brain that makes it hard to talk and remember. Some people in her family do not know where she is. They cannot call her, but she can call them. Wendy also has a problem with her thyroid, which she talked about in 2018. She went to a place that helps with thinking problems. Her son said her thinking problems might be from drinking alcohol. The show will tell us more about Wendy's life.
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💭 Discussion Questions

. What is the name of the show about Wendy Williams on TV?
. What kind of problem does Wendy Williams have that makes talking and remembering hard?
. Did Wendy Williams talk about her thyroid problem on her own TV show before?

📖 Vocabulary

🌐 Cultural context

The article is from the United States where Wendy Williams is a famous TV personality. She hosted a popular talk show before her health issues. The show discussed is a biographical TV program.

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Television documentary
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Mental disorder
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