Danika M

Profesión: Teacher, Interpreter and Translator

Experiencia en educación: I've been an English teacher for the past 25 years and have taught every age level.

Intereses: Travel, health, nutrition, cuisine, countries & cultures around the world. I am curious and interested in learning new things and meeting new people.

During my time off I enjoy music, watching movies\TV series and my all time favorite is a day at the beach!

Educación: I have a teaching degree and am a certified Translator and Interpreter

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo: Estados Unidos / Canadá), portugués (Con fluidez), español (Capacidad para conversar)

Tara Armitage

Profesión: IELTS & TOEFL Teacher at University Level

Experiencia en educación: I have been an ESL English teacher for 17 years, Teaching all levels and ages from Beginner to Advanced, Kids to Adult. I spent two years working as an Examiner at an IELTS test centre in Perth, WA and for the last 8 years have been teaching IELTS and IBT TOEFL preparation at an accredited university in Indonesia. Aside from the above qualifications I also have experience in Teaching PTE (Pearson test of English) and OET (Occupational English Test).

Intereses: You could say I'm a book worm because I love reading, I'm never without my Kindle digital book reader but my main passion is travel, I don't like busy tourist areas but instead love to get off the beaten track and make friends with people from all over the world, I enjoy travelling because it has taught me precious lessons in life, one being that our differences are what makes us interesting and no matter our religion, nationality or colour we are all brothers and sisters and deserve respect.

Educación: I graduated from Cardiff University of Wales medical faculty in the UK
with a postgraduate Diploma, then continued my education with a MA in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching. I obtained certification in IELTS teaching from The London Teacher Training College and also have further ESL teaching certificates from Trinity College London in CELTA and TEFL

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo: RU), indonesio (Con fluidez), malayo (Capacidad para conversar)

Paul CT

Profesión: English Teacher

Experiencia en educación: 4 years in person teaching experience

Intereses: computers, movies,
TV-shows, animals, travelling
I'm trying to get into electronics and general tinkering.

Educación: Danbury High, Connecticut :
Bachelors acquired in Brazil

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo: Estados Unidos / Canadá), portugués (Nativo)

SJ Ramos

Profesión: Police Officer, Online English Teacher

Experiencia en educación: 3 years in college teaching ESL students, and 5 years in teaching English online to a variety of students with different levels from all around the world.

Intereses: Travel, cook, Muy Thai, extreme sports (e.g. skydiving), and basically having new and exciting experiences.

Educación: BA in Criminal Justice
MBA in Behavioral Psychology

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo: Estados Unidos / Canadá)

Gary G7

Profesión: English language Tutor. Previously worked in Human Resource management and in business as owner of a number of retail outlets.

Experiencia en educación: very varied from conducting induction training through to management development training. English language tutoring for students for whom english is a second language.

Intereses: Sport, history, travel, keep fit, politics,reading, meeting new people and learning new things.

Educación: BA Politics Sunderland University

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo)

Mary G

Profesión: English teacher for university students and students learning to speak English

Experiencia en educación: I have taught school for more than twenty years both in Alaska, USA and in Ontario, Canada. I have also had my own tutoring business. I tutored children and adults in English. I taught students to read, write and speak English. I have helped many foreign students with their English. I have also helped students prepare for job interviews and write essays. I know how hard it is to learn a foreign language so I admire my students for doing this. I love teaching!

Intereses: I love to be outdoors, hiking, biking, swimming or sailing. I live near a lake in Canada so I get to go sailing a lot. I am also interested in psychology, history, geography and other cultures. I love talking to people and I love teaching. In fact, I love working for Cambly and talking to students from all over the world. For me, tutoring on Cambly is fun and very interesting.

Educación: I have a B.A. in English from University of Alaska, USA. I also have my Ontario, Canada teaching certificate and I am registered with the College of Teachers in Ontario, Canada. I am a Reading Specialist and a Speech Specialist. I have taken many post-graduate courses in education, reading and speech.

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo: Estados Unidos / Canadá)

Guss J

Profesión: Interpreter, Translator, Teacher.

Experiencia en educación: 15 years English teaching experience

Intereses: Sports, Finance, Computer Technology, Electronics

Educación: Portuguese(BA)
Associate of Applied Science Degree (A.A.S.)
Certified Translator & Interpreter

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo: Estados Unidos / Canadá), portugués (Con fluidez), español (Capacidad para conversar)

Francesca JFR

Profesión: Multi-lingual stay at home mother and teacher

Experiencia en educación: I currently homeschool my oldest son for the past few years.
In the past I have trained, licensed professionals, how to perform various aesthetic procedures, including but not limited to business development.

Intereses: I successfully homeschool my son. When I am not tutoring, I enjoy the peace and tranquility of reviving vintage furniture. I find this to be very relaxing in the same way as cooking as they both soothe the soul, allow original creations and bring family together for great dialogues. I always catch up on the latest medical and aesthetics news; as well as curling up with a great book. In conversations I engage in an array of trending topics: self-help, current events, parenting and much more.

Educación: Medical Degree from the University of Buenos Aires

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo: Estados Unidos / Canadá), español (Con fluidez), portugués (Capacidad para conversar)

Joyce CO

Profesión: Assistant Team Manager, AT&T Mobility

Experiencia en educación: -1 year as an English co-teacher at Manuel German Cuello in Valledupar, Colombia to 9th and 10th graders

- English and Spanish Tutor in the Language Lab at Thiel College and Youngstown State University

- Private Spanish tutoring for couples and families vacationing to Spanish speaking countries

- Sunday School and Bible Study Teacher at New Bethel Baptist Church and Sword of the Lord Global Ministries to children of all age groups and also to adults.

Intereses: I am a global citizen who loves to travel. I have visited Europe, Asia and South America. I love meeting new people and learning about their culture and lifestyle.

I love to talk but I also love to listen. It's amazing what one can learn just by listening

I also enjoy reading, good food and spending time laughing with family and friends.

Educación: I majored in Spanish with a minor in English and Political Science. I graduated from Youngstown State University with a Bachelor's Degree.

I also hold two TESOL certifications totaling 160 hours.

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo: Estados Unidos / Canadá), español (Capacidad para conversar)

Mark Dullea

Profesión: IELTS preparation.

Experiencia en educación: 17 years...almost. Government and private-Universities, Colleges, International schools, language centres. IELTS test prep. Academic English foundation programme. City and Guilds International Business English. [UK based.]

Intereses: Cinema, writing, Asian cultures.

Educación: University of Glasgow-M.A. Hons English Literature/ Theatre studies.

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo: RU)

Joseph K

Profesión: English Teacher (Formerly manufacturer)

Experiencia en educación: I have over twenty years experience teaching children to doctors. Most recently I was the head English instructor for Auto Alliance Thailand.

Intereses: I like to travel, watch movies, cook and have fun with my friends

Educación: I am a Graduate of the University of Maryland, where I studied Business Administration. I also studied at Seoul National University: Korean language.

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo: Estados Unidos / Canadá), coreano (Capacidad para conversar)

Shaquita Fanning

Profesión: ESL Teacher

Experiencia en educación: I am an ESL teacher who has been teaching online for 3 years by providing tutoring to students in Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan. Many of my students have an interest in improving their conversational skills in the English language in hopes of professional advancement.

Intereses: I am really passionate about helping children. I have three foster children who live with me at the moment. It has been a life changing experience.

I am also passionate about traveling and seeing more of the world. I have been traveling internationally for 10 years. Every year I make an effort to experience a new culture.

My travels have also made me a language enthusiast. I am currently learning Bulgarian, Spanish, and Korean.

Educación: I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mercer University and a Master of Arts degree from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. I am currently completing my TESOL certification.

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo)

Kenneth O

Profesión: English Professor, Accountant

Experiencia en educación: English professor
Petersons Global Services, Bogotá (9/2012-present)
• I teach conversational and business English to executives on a virtual platform.

English teacher
Open English Jr., Miami (9/2017-present)
• I teach English to students between the ages of 7-14 on a virtual platform

Intereses: I like to discuss current events. I also enjoy watching and participating in a variety of sports. And lastly, I´m somewhat addicted to chess.

Educación: EDUCATION

M.P.S. Real Estate Finance, December 2009
Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
Concentration in Real Estate Finance

B.S. Accounting
The Smeal College of Business
Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania
Major in Accounting

TEFL-150 hours

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo: Estados Unidos / Canadá)

Hadleigh Warren

Profesión: English Teacher

Experiencia en educación: I have spent the last 2 years in Colombia teaching English as a 2nd language in public schools and private academies.

Intereses: Sport, music & the world we live in

Educación: My diploma in in Computing. Since finishing my higher education in the 90’s I have been working in the accountancy sector. Two years ago I re-trained as an English teacher, obtaining my Trinity certTESOL from the TEFL lab in London, and began my English teaching career. In Early 2017 I moved to Colombia to begin work as an English teacher in a public high school.

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo: RU)

David Chapman

Profesión: Accountant, ESL School Teacher living in Thailand

Experiencia en educación: Have been teaching students, both children and adults in Thailand for 6 years. Prior to teaching I was an accountant with a large oil company in the USA, Canada and Thailand.

Intereses: Like all outdoor sports. Tennis, golf, cycling. Reading mysteries and enjoy good classic movies.

Educación: Bachelors Degree (BBA) from the University of Houston

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo: Estados Unidos / Canadá)

tezza linked

Profesión: English Teacher

Experiencia en educación: I have taught english Interchange books 1 & 2 at an english institute.

Intereses: Sports, hiphop, festivals, games, movies

Educación: My primary school, high school and college education was in Loughborough, Leicestershire, United Kingdom.

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo: RU)

Joseph A

Profesión: High school english language teacher from AUSTRALIA

Experiencia en educación: I am, currently an English high school teacher.I have had many years of teaching English as a second language, to all ages .I am also, an online English language teacher of all ages.

Intereses: watching movies, music, videos, travelling, cooking ,camping, out door activities, and fishing.MY passion football, (soccer)

Educación: My education, was entirely in Australia. After finishing high school. I commenced my 4 year course in mechanical engineering. After which, i completed my teaching certificates .

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo: Australia / Nueva Zelandia)

K Maiella

Profesión: USA College Professor Teach: English, Speech, Computers, Law, Nursing, Business

Experiencia en educación: I've taught at the college level for over 5 years and at the elementary and middle school levels for over 6 years. I've worked with adults, ELL, and challenged learners. I also worked with IELTS students. Typically, success relies on consistent effort by applying the learned skills. I recommend studying for 4 months prior to testing for 1 hour 7 days a week. Studying outside of class, the effort, and time put into learning is vital for achieving the desired IELTS goal.

Intereses: I love helping students achieve their English goals and have fun learning. I enjoy suggesting useful technology that can help students improve their speaking and writing skills. So please don't ask me to edit homework or write your paper in our sessions because I can NOT do that. Let's talk about topics you like such as computers, media, the news, or the Discovery/History channels. You can learn/practice speaking techniques for presentations and much more. Let's get together and have some fun!

Educación: I have 4 degrees, 3 certifications, and I speak 2 languages.I graduated from the University of Arizona at Phoenix with a Master's degree in Education with an emphasis in Instructional Design, E-learning, and Computers. I am completing my doctorate in Educational Leadership and Technology (ET). I also have a Bachelor's in Management and Human Relations, and an Associate of Science with an emphasis in Media Communications. I hold certifications in the business, legal, and medical fields.

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo: Estados Unidos / Canadá), español (Capacidad para conversar)

Jennifer He

Profesión: Teaching English as a Second Language; Sales;

Experiencia en educación: I no longer teach children's lessons.

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I have over 6 years teaching as a certified English as a second language teacher. I have taught students from all over the world.

Intereses: Music: playing guitar, singing, and listening. Gardening: vegetables, flowers, and houseplants. Animals of all kinds. Culture. Food.

Educación: Liberty University: Master's in Counseling; Virginia Tech: Bachelor's in English and Psychology; TEFL International: Teaching English in Foreign Lands

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo: Estados Unidos / Canadá), español (Con fluidez)

Geoff Dr

Profesión: F&B Manager, Rooms Division Manager, Bar Manager, and Online English Teacher

Experiencia en educación: I've been teaching Online Conversational English for over 4 years to high school students, college students, managers, parents, grand parents, husbands, wives, young professionals and MORE!

Intereses: I enjoy many outdoor activities such as Bushcraft, camping, diving and boating. I also love to play online video games as well as stay active by going to the gym, doing MMA or Krav Maga. I'd be interested to know about you!

Educación: I received a BA in Business Administration from Ashford University

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo: Estados Unidos / Canadá)