Ashley Con 01

Profession: Sales & Marketing
1998 -2008 Sales and marketing for a printing company in South Africa

Owner / subcontractor
Building and Architecture
2008 - 2016 Built a successful business that placed reinforcing into bridges, shopping centers, High-rise buildings, and Foundations for Large power plants

Digital Nomad
2017 - Current. Living and teaching English online while traveling Southeast Asia

Interests: I'm originally from South Africa. I worked as a civil engineer for many years, but I'm now a single father raising my kids in Southeast Asia. I love teaching English online because it allows me to share my passion for language and culture with others.

I'm a patient and understanding teacher, and I'm always happy to help my students achieve their language learning goals. I believe that learning should be fun and engaging,

In my free time, I enjoy fishing, traveling, riding motorbikes, and vlogging.

If you're looking for a friendly and enthusiastic English teacher, I'd love to help you on your language learning journey.

Education: Grade 12
Graduated from High School 1997

Bachelors Degree
1997 - 2001 Marketing Management Degree

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)


Profession: Freelancer
Hospitality and Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Writing and Journalism
I worked in a bi-lingual position for 5 years for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Afterwards, I operated a canoe/kayak rental while pursuing a free lance media career.

Interests: I like learning languages, canoeing, kayaking, and anything to do with the outdoors. I also enjoy reading about current affairs, bitcoin/crypto, business, and travel.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), German (Conversational), Spanish (Conversational)

Jeff Slenker

Profession: Project Manager - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Marketing, Medicine, Non-profit
Digital marketing, project management, use of (Customer Relationship Management - CRM) software customized for non-profit

Project Manager - TSYS
IT, Training and Development, Finance and Banking
Project management, technical documentation, language translation management

Marketing Manager - Ingersoll-Rand
Management, Marketing, Oil and Gas
Various marketing/marcom management positions, including 3 years as an expat in Tokyo/Yokohama, Japan

English Teacher - Japan
Education, English Language Instruction, Non-profit
Taught conversational English classes at multiple locations in the Tokyo area.

Interests: I enjoy foreign travel, ethnic foods, good movies, cats and dogs. I have lived in Japan for 7 years and miss being there. My mother was from the Midwest so I have a neutral English accent even though I live in the Southeast now. I like to discuss a wide range of topics with people from other countries and to learn about their cultures. I like politics and enjoy hearing from people with different opinions.

Education: MIBS (International MBA) - University of South Carolina
3-year program, including 1.5 years in Japan (intensive Japanese language study at Waseda University, internship at advertising agency)

BS - Economics, Covenant College
Minor in English Literature

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), Japanese (Conversational)

Teacher Danny

Profession: English Tutor and Sales Trainer

Interests: I enjoy basketball and other sports. I have a passion for learning and I love meeting new people from different cultures. I can talk about anything from travel, to cars, to current events or anything else you'd like to discuss.

Just like you, I am also a language learner. I study German and Vietnamese.

Education: I have a 120 hour TEFL Certification. I attended Middle Tennessee State University where I majored in Communications.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), German (Conversational), Vietnamese (Basic)

Samantha Daily

Profession: English Teacher
Education, English Language Instruction, Teaching, Writing and Journalism
I have been working in Education for the last 7 years. I've taught elementary school, primary school, and high school. I've tutored university students and taught abroad in the Dominican Republic. I'm currently teaching in Madrid, Spain.

Interests: I enjoy reading dystopian novels, learning different languages, and traveling to different countries. Teaching on Cambly allows me to travel and learn about different countries and cultures.

Education: B.A. Hispanic Studies
Writing and Journalism
Spanish language, History, and Culture.

Spoken Languages: Portuguese (Conversational), English (Native: US / Canada), Spanish (Fluent)


Interests: I practice REIKI and am attuned to level 2. I walk with my dog everyday. I love being at sea I lived on our own power boat for 15 years we travelled from London to Spain in her, it took 42 hours to cross the Bay of Biscay. I have a RYA Day Skipper certificate also I am a fully qualified VHF Radio License holder so therefore fluent with the NATO phonetic alphabet. I served with the WRAC in Uk. I have held managerial jobs managing staff, training and so on. I have bred and hand reared Blue Gold Macaws. As I said earlier I have studied at the University of Life and am still studying. In March of this year 2023 I moved to Northern Spain it is very different from the South but a move I am so pleased I have made. The climate is different the diet is different and even a different Spanish is spoken. I have a new hobby I have set up my very first aquarium and I am intending to breed some Guppies. I also attend a gym here amazing how ones life can change!!!!

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)

Quinn (Canada)

Interests: Dogs, Cats, Bike riding, Reading, Music, Food, Swimming, Travel

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)


Interests: Interests: Sports, Travel, Hiking, Astronomy, History, Geography, Business, Writing

Education: Bachelor's Degree of Journalism
Writing and Journalism
Graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)


Profession: Dobré Dough Prague, Czech Republic Co-Founder/Co-Owner
Created and built an original concept Vegan Cookie Dough and
condiment business, the first of its kind in the Czech Republic.
My partner and I created the concept and ethos of the company, our original
recipe cookie dough and the various products in

Compliance Manager
Managing a small department in a company providing private financial services
to clients around the world.

Voluntary work in Delhi, India
Teaching children between the ages of 3 and 16 subjects including,
English, Maths, Music (including recorder and singing), Poetry and
Creating timetables for the utilization of limited classrooms/teachers
available at the charity funded school

Full Time Private ESL Tutor
My current employment is full time private English as a second language tutor for all ages and levels.

Interests: My hobbies and interests include traveling to new places, experiencing new cultures, and meeting new people.

I am a very active person and I love the outdoors and enjoy long and sometimes challenging walks as well as jogging in the park, riding horses, and going to the gym.

I regularly practice yoga and meditate daily.

I love to read and I am passionate about both language and literature.

I adore animals and have a tiny crazy cat named Dave. whom we rescued from Greece.

Education: BTEC National Diploma in Musical Theater
Performing Arts

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)

teacher theresa

Profession: Secondary American English and Lead International ESL Teacher and Tutor
Education, English Language Instruction, Teaching
taught students in the U.S.A. and internationally; in person and online, about American culture, American English grammar, vocabulary and conversational/business English along with cultural colloquialisms, idioms & figurative language.

Interests: reading, studying, traveling, politics, family, oh and did i say travel!

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)


Profession: Teacher

Interests: I am interested in traveling, scuba diving and meeting new people, and learning about new cultures. I have traveled to many countries including Scotland, Italy, Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, France, America and Wales. I love discovering the underwater world and when I am not teaching, you can find me on the beach or in a tidal pool.

Education: 168-hour Level 5 TEFL
30-hour Level 5 Teach English Online TEFL

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)


Profession: substitute teacher/teacher aid
have worked in the public school system for 9 years. Working with elementary-age children. And online for 4 years with Cambly.

Interests: love to volunteer in my community. i enjoy crafting, hiking, spending time outdoors with my family, traveling and taking care of my pets, playing piano and the ukulele.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)


Profession: English Tutor
English Language Instruction
I tutored primary school kids for 3 years. I taught young children how to write, speak, and read in English. I have tutored ESL highschool students for 2 years. I currently teach English online to students internationally.

Dance Teacher
I have been a dance instructor for 3 years. I teach ballet and tap to ages 5 to 18.

Online Art Teacher
I teach arts and crafts to children ages 5 to 10 years old online.

Interests: I am a Canadian university student. I have experience teaching English from ages 5 to 20. I love to travel, cook and exercise. I'm a huge animal lover.

Education: Bachelors of Public Health
Mental Health, Medicine
2018-2022, Bachelors of Public Health

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Tata D

Interests: I love to travel, learn languages, crochet and meet new people.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada)

Joanne Nelson

Profession: Correcting English 40+ Years. Word processor. Editor. Teacher. Polymath. Business Owner.

Interests: My passions are science of mind, health, nutrition, mysticism, and personal freedom and expression. We are all born to be a gift to the world.

Education: I am a high school graduate and have completed roughly two years of college in subjects of personal interest. (I have no desire for a degree.) I am a voracious reader and am self-taught in most things. I am an accomplished woman who has owned several businesses and is starting another.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), German (Basic)

Rory jp

Profession: English Teacher and Head teacher
English Language Instruction, Teaching
Aston English, Jinan City, Shandong, China
Tonglinbao Kindergarten, Jinan City, Shandong, China

Interests: I'm interested in travelling, reading, learning about other cultures and Biology

Education: Biology
University of Otago, Victoria University of Wellington

Spoken Languages: English (Native: Australia / New Zealand)


Profession: Cambly Kids Tutor💻
July 2020 - Present. 230,000+ lesson minutes and 9000+ chats.

PreKindergarten Paraprofessional 🇺🇸
4 years working as a PreKindergarten Paraprofessional (Teaching Assistant) in the USA

Early Years Teaching Assistant 🇬🇧
3.5 years working as an Early Years Teaching Assistant in the UK

Interests: I love to travel and learn about the world✈️! I have been to over 40 countries and have lived in both the UK🇬🇧 and the USA🇺🇸. My other interested include: writing✏️, photography📷 and reading (Harry Potter⚡️ is my favourite!). I am also learning Spanish🇪🇸, so I understand what it's like to learn a second language!

Education: BTEC National Diploma
Hospitality and Tourism
Triple Distinction and 'Student of the Year' in Travel and Tourism. Additional qualifications in: Spanish, Resort Rep and Cabin Crew

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)


Interests: I enjoy spending time with my pets. I love spending time in my garden, doing little bits of gardening whilst enjoying the stunning views from my property. When I have the time, I like to relax watching tv series or by playing an online video game with my friends.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK), Spanish (Basic)


Interests: My biggest love is travelling and going to new places, meeting new people and having new experiences. I love being in nature and especially enjoy being in the mountains or jungle. I love going for walks. I also love to cook and learn new recipes, so I get inspired when I go to a new country, and I like to learn how to make an authentic dish. I'm very interested in health too. I'm an experienced meditator, and practised yoga for many years. I also enjoy going to music festivals and dancing.

Spoken Languages: English (Native: UK)

John Maxwell (IELTS)

Profession: 2015 - present: Celta-Certified English Teacher and Trained IELTS Coach
Education, English Language Instruction
I help my students to improve their speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. We work on fluency and coherence, grammar, pronunciation, and lexical resources (words and phrases). I have taught 8,200 + hours of English online since 2015.

1992 - 2014: Supply Chain Logistics Professional
Building and Architecture, Logistics, Shipping and Transportation, Operations
Bechtel Corporation - Mining & Minerals,
Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson - Supply Chain Management

1984 - 1989: US Army and Pennsylvania Army National Guard
1984 to 1988 - Armor Crewman (Tanker)

Interests: I have been living in the Philippines for over 4 years. Currently, I reside in Mactan Newtown, which is located on Lapu-Lapu Island near Cebu. I have lived in several other countries such as Japan, West Germany, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, and Thailand. My interests are traveling, international gastronomy (food), wine and craft beer, military vehicles, antiques, volunteering (helping other people), and plants.

Education: British Council IELTS Teacher Training (Academic)
Education, English Language Instruction
2018 Lisburn, Ireland: Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening

2018 Cambridge English: How to Teach IELTS Certificate
Education, English Language Instruction
Online self-study: Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening

CELTA Certificate in English Language
Education, English Language Instruction
2015 Bogota, Colombia (International House Language Center): Cambridge English Language Assessment: teaching English to adults

Shippensburg University
BS in Criminal Justice

Harrisburg Community College
AA in Criminal Justice

Ephrata Senior High School
General studies and Food Trades

Spoken Languages: English (Native: US / Canada), Spanish (Conversational)