Beruf: University & College Lecturer - Director Education Services

Lehrerfahrung: I have experience teaching in schools, colleges and universities, UK, UAE and Asia. I hold a MSc, PGCE, TESOL, TEFL Dip and special educational quals. Many of my Cambly students gain high IELTS 7+ scores, the best was two students with 8.5. I deliver IELTS current speaking topics and model answers along with Cambly IELTS. I teach to your needs, correct you often and offer sound advice to improve your ability. Reserve at least a 30 mins with me. I guide writing, listening and reading too...

Interessen: I have many hobbies, photography, reading and exercise. I enjoy Asian culture and can be often found exploring new places. I like music and singing, I am learning to play the guitar. Oh, and I like teaching very much....

Ausbildung: Masters - City & Guilds of London - MCGI

I-PGCE - Sunderland University - Certificate in Education

Bachelor's - Leeds Metropolitan University - Teacher Training.

PGCE - Sunderland University - Certificate in Education.

Diploma -TESOL - Stonebridge College Group.

Certificate TEFL - Stonebridge College Group & TEFL Proffessional Development Institute.

Diploma - Special Education Needs - Stone College's.

BTEC & NCFE Assessor & External Verifier

City & Guilds Assessor & External Verifier

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: UK), Deutsch (Konversation)


Beruf: ESL Instructor, IELTS Teacher, Nurse

Lehrerfahrung: I currently work for English First, BlingABC,Qkids and VIPkid. I have a YouTube Channel, TEACHING ENGLISH ONLINE." I was born and raised in the United States of America and I have a neutral American accent. I also have a successful business online. at https://www.immunocal.com/zandracastillo
I am a certified IELTS Teacher

Interessen: I am a certified IELTS instructor. I teach Business English.

Ausbildung: I have a Master's of Business Administration in Healthcare Management. I have a nursing degree. I also have a TESOL certificate and a certificate in Online English Teaching. I am a certified IELTS Teacher.

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: US/Kanada)

James JD

Beruf: Session Musician / Accent Coach / English Teacher

Lehrerfahrung: As well as working as a TEFL qualified English teacher in various institutions over the past decade, I have spent the last few years on Cambly teaching thousands of students. I have over 11,100 lessons taught on Cambly, covering daily conversation, business English, IELTS and TOEFL speaking preparation and accent coaching.

Since 2008 I have been working as a professional session musician, and during that time I have also worked as a music teacher, teaching piano, ukulele and music theory

Interessen: I am a professional musician living in Turkey, and over the last 12 years I have performed as a pianist on stages around the world with hundreds of bands and artists. I also enjoy working in the studio as a sound designer, session musician and film maker.

When I'm not working as a musician, I enjoy learning Turkish, cooking, hiking and camping in the mountains and doing film and video editing. My other interests include electronics, psychology, travelling and meeting new people

Ausbildung: I went to school in England and did three years of A Levels (usually we only do two years in the UK, but I couldn't decide what I wanted to study so I did an extra year to add extra subjects!)

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: UK), Türkisch (Konversation)

Jordan McMillin

Beruf: Full time on Cambly and having a blast!! :)

Lehrerfahrung: I have had the opportunity to teach English in Mexico and in the Philippines. In Mexico I taught all age levels at a private English school in Cuernavaca. This was beginner to advanced. In the Philippines, I taught for an academy in Cebu that hosts Korean students. In this academy, I taught all age levels focusing on pronunciation.

Also, I have taught rock and ice climbing, rappelling, zip line rappelling, and corporate team building professionally.

....I jumped off a building once as well :)

Interessen: Interests/hobbies: Climbing, stunt rigging, hiking, canoeing, travelling, COFFEE, walking around to discover new things, snorkeling, reading (ex. Dan Brown), exploring new cultures, going to different events around the city to meet new people and make new friends.

Memorable life experience: Jumping off a 15 story building on an 8mm rope for a stunt that we built with our outdoor company (One Axe Pursuits) for a charity fundraiser.

Ausbildung: I studied my TEFL/TESOL certifications with ITTO based in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Unrelated to teaching English, I studied and learned a lot of business and personal development skills through travelling around North America, attending various conferences and seminars. Attending these events, I was able to meet in person and learn from entrepreneurs such as Robert & Kim Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, and Harv Eker.

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: US/Kanada), Spanisch (Konversation)

Julie A Buckingham

Beruf: English Language Tutor (previously Family Support Service Manager, Project Manager, Community Development Worker)

Lehrerfahrung: I'm qualified TEFL tutor and have been teaching intermediate students from many parts of the world on Cambly now for over 3 years, specialising in IELTS preparation, job interview skills and vocabulary. Student from China (B) "My teacher on Cambly is a very friendly teacher and she is really fluent because she is a native speaker. I like to study with her because she always gives me a lot of feedback and she is very easy going so I feel no stress learning with her".

Interessen: I enjoy exploring the English countryside with my dog Max who is 16 years old and our younger dog called Bandit who is full of energy. I enjoy spending time with my 5 year old Grand Daughter, Ivy - she started school recently and loves telling us all about her adventures! I am trying to be healthy and lose weight but my husband loves cakes, so this is difficult! I have a huge collection of books and I am not allowed to buy any more until I have finished the ones I have already!

Ausbildung: I am a native English speaker and qualified TEFL and IELTS tutor. I have a Foundation Degree in Managing Charities and additional counselling and mediation qualifications. I am currently extending my IELTS studies and I have over 3 years experience supporting students studying for this examination. I am a coach and trainer and work internationally online delivering workshops for individuals and groups.

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: UK)

Bing A

Beruf: Retired Business Executive and Entrepreneur

Lehrerfahrung: Two years experience as an online ESL Tutor to Japanese students

Interessen: Travel, Music, Singing (Karaoke) , Reading books, fiction and non fiction; watching movies (especially Sci-Fi); martial arts; business books and materials

Ausbildung: BSBA Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
BA Comparative Literature
JD Juris Doctor (unfinished)

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: US/Kanada), Spanisch (Konversation), Französisch (Standard), Japanisch (Standard), Tagalog (Konversation)

Reon W

Beruf: Certified TEFL teacher, Operations Excellence manager and Process expert in Optics. I am also a dog trainer.

Lehrerfahrung: I have taught English at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Wuhan, Hubei province, China. I've taught English at an American language center in Yekaterinburg Russia. In Russia, I taught one on one lessons, group lessons, corporate client business English, intensive conversation classes, IELTS preparation classes and Everyday English online classes.

Interessen: My interests are:
The outdoors, animals, dogs and dog training, motorcycles, history, traveling, working with my hands and survival skills. There's plenty more, but these are my main interests.

Ausbildung: N3 Fitting and turning. N4 machine design. Process expert/ lean manufacture CZV Germany. TEFL level 5 (TQ.UK)

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: UK)

Sameeya C

Beruf: Shopping Centre General Manager

Lehrerfahrung: I have taught adults in a Thai classroom and I also have over 20 years of experience teaching in a business setting. I've taught everything from customer service training, interview and meeting preparation, presentation skills, public speaking as well as teaching others how to start their own business.
I have also volunteered at an Adult Literacy program in Canada, teaching students how to read and write in English.
Lastly, I have taught exam preparation.

Interessen: I love teaching, traveling, meeting new and interesting people from all over the world, photography, yoga, business, organizing things and eating good food.

Ausbildung: University of Cambridge CELTA Certification, Seneca College Special Effects Makeup Artistry Diploma, ICSC Certified Shopping Centre Manager, Durham College Introduction to Adult Education, Volunteering for an Adult Literacy program.

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: US/Kanada)

Robert Melville-Jone

Beruf: School Teacher from Australia

Lehrerfahrung: 16 years experience teaching English to students of all ages and many different nationalities.

Interessen: - Aviculture
- Dancesport

Ausbildung: Newcastle University Australia graduate BA English

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: Australien/Neuseeland)

Arnold Nev

Beruf: Office Manager

Lehrerfahrung: ESL for two years

Interessen: I am interested in everything!!!

Ausbildung: University of New Mexico/ Business Administration

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: US/Kanada)

Patrice R.

Beruf: ESL Teacher

Lehrerfahrung: I have over 20 years in Education teaching students ages 2-60 years old online and in person in the classroom. Over the years, I have taught English as a Second Language, healthcare and career guidance.

Interessen: I like a lot of activities, but I especially love the beach, swimming, shopping, cooking, reading, watching movies and spending time with my daughter.

Ausbildung: I earned my Master of Public Health degree in 2012 from Kaplan University and also completed a TESOL certificate this year June from International Open College.

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: US/Kanada)

Elaine Small

Beruf: Author, Song Writer, Musician, Writer, Internet Researcher

Lehrerfahrung: I am a trained Sabbath School Teacher. I have taught students at church for many years. As a Sabbath School Teacher, I teach lessons that are found in the bible. I have to review the lesson before teaching the class. I have trained employees for many years. I taught children at the secondary school as a substitute.

Interessen: Music, writing, reading, crocheting, knitting, playing the keyboard, guitar, organ, accordion and other musical instruments. Singing gospel songs, going on missionary trips, prison volunteer, feeding the homeless, visiting nursing homes. Vegan cooking, being creative in the kitchen, fitness, health, Christian religion, other cultures.

Ausbildung: SUNY at Brockport. Studied Criminal Justice and Theatre.

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler)

Dave Reyes

Beruf: EFL Teacher

Lehrerfahrung: 1+ years online EFL teacher
12+ years in classroom EFL teacher

Interessen: I'm interested in motorsports, biking, basketball, soccer, world events, technology and movies.

Ausbildung: Bachelor of Education
University of Manitoba
1994/08 - 1998/06

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: US/Kanada)

Mark Send

Beruf: Teacher in Primary education but I have also taught EFL in Summer School. Before that I had a career in Theatre and Television Production.

Lehrerfahrung: I spent 8 Years teaching in the UK Primary Sector, as a class-teacher, teaching all subjects to pupils aged from 7 - 11

Interessen: I love all kinds of music, I play guitar and sing and I like to go to concerts. I enjoy watching films and going to the theatre whenever I can. I love modern art, I like to read and I love to travel, having visited many of the countries in Europe and Scandinavia. I have travelled extensively in the USA and in India and I worked for a time in Kenya.

Ausbildung: I earned a Bachelor's Degree(with Honours) in Education at Cambridge University
and a Level 5 (TQUK) Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the TEFL Academy.

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: UK)

Bill Ace

Beruf: Teacher

Lehrerfahrung: I have been a teacher for 20+ years. I have spent most of my teaching life working in Thailand teaching ESL and i have considerable experience in teaching younger students. I worked in international kindergartens for 7 years and in the evenings taught at a wide range of businesses teaching business English

Interessen: I like all kinds of sport and watch sport regularly.
I also read widely often as a result of helping students with assignments

Ausbildung: I was educated in the UK and have an upper second class degree in business from Staffordshire University and a post graduate diploma in education from Mission College.

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: UK)

Cuau Guerra

Beruf: Teacher, Artist

Lehrerfahrung: I've been a teacher for a little over 5 years, 4 of which have been dedicated to english. Most of my time teaching has been with young adults and professionals that need certification for their business or studies. I'm very dynamic and I keep up to date with current events in all fields (from literature, movies and arts to economy and politics) , so you will be able to talk about pretty much everything!

Interessen: I've been teaching for a couple of years now, specializing in perfecting intermediate and advanced english.
Although my passion is art and photography, I've worked as a translator and interpreter in several countries, so I can teach about all sorts of things, including in business, economy, philosophy, society and culture! Whatever your needs, we'll find a place in common!

Ausbildung: I studied Art and Teaching, whilst I've also had courses on economy and politics in several countries.

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: US/Kanada)

brenda marumure

Beruf: English Primary school teacher.

Lehrerfahrung: currently teaching english at a Swedish primary school.

Interessen: I am 48 years old I teach English at a Swedish primary school my hobbies include reading ,traveling watching sports English literature socialising with people of different cultures.

Ausbildung: Cambridge A levels in English.

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: UK)

Hamadi M

Beruf: Scriptwriter, actor, director, voice director

Lehrerfahrung: I worked in theatre for education for a number of years as an actor. Typically, after the performance of a play, we would run a workshop for students on the themes of the piece.

In Tanzania, I worked as a scriptwriter for the TV show Ubongo Kids. We worked with teachers, to create an animated series based around the curriculum. As a voice director, I would work with child actors to improve their reading skills and give them tools to elevate their performances.

Interessen: I love electronic dance music. I am a keen clubber. I have just started a record label.
I love theatre and movies. I am a movie maker myself. At the moment I am in pre production on a short film.
I am keen on sports. I follow football closely. I pay attention to most leagues. In England I support Tottenham Hotspurs.
I like to travel. Within the last year I have been to Ghana, Canada, France and the Czech Republic.
I am a big fan of dining out, I have to say my favourite food is Mexican food.

Ausbildung: The London and International School of Acting 1998 – 2000
Advanced Diploma in Professional Acting

The University of Exeter 1995 - 1998
BA (Honours) Degree in Law

Hurtwood House 1993– 1995
A Levels in Politics, Law, History

Malvern College 1990-1993
GCSE’s in English, English Lit, History, French, Biology,
Art, Chemistry, Classical Civilisation, Maths, German

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: UK)

Sebastian Duran

Beruf: English teacher

Lehrerfahrung: English Tutor at the Central Oregon Community College. ESL teacher at the Rise Institute in Chengdu, China. Currently ESL Teacher at Global Teacher in Bucaramanga, Colombia

Interessen: Traveling, food, music, movies, sports, cultural differences, etc.

Ausbildung: International Business Administration

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: US/Kanada)

Geoff Mcloughlin

Beruf: Penbury International School (Thailand) - 3 years

Lehrerfahrung: Director and owner of Private Pre-school (South Africa)
Brajanda Wittaya School – (Thailand)
Anuban Loei Primary school - (Thailand)
English Plus Language School (Thailand)
Penbury International School (Thailand)

Interessen: Hi , my main interests are traveling around the world and meeting people from all different cultures. I have been lucky enough to have already visited many countries and tried to introduce the English language and make a difference to peoples lives. Originally , I am from South Africa, but I have lived and taught in Thailand for the last 4 years,

Ausbildung: Bachelor of Art - Administration ( University of South Africa)

Telfl Certificate - (Seetelfl International school , Chang Mai)

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler: UK)