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Profession: ESL Teacher
Education, English Language Instruction
I provided English lessons to youth in Sierra Leon. Classes were made up of 15+ students varying in English proficiency. My top priority was ensuring a positive and collaborative experience to advance each individuals understanding.

English Tutor
English Language Instruction, Education
While in Argentina I worked alongside my peers to help them with areas of the English language they struggled with most. Proper grammar, pronunciation and sentence structure were a large part of what we worked on.

Interests: I am passionate about all things culture. I love to learn and teach people about language, art, music, history, food and so much more. I enjoy writing and reading, sharing stories and hearing new ones. While living in Argentina for a year I realized the power of community and connection. This world is truly inspiring; so tell me, what inspires you?

Spoken Languages: อังกฤษ (Native), สเปน (Fluent)

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