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Profesión: Educator
Education, English Language Instruction, Entrepreneurship
I've always worked. I amaze myself with the many different job opportunities I've taken on, and the eclectic array of jobs...Wow!

Intereses: I’m in my 50's with a youthful spirit and an enthusiastic heart for life’s simple and extraordinary moments. Born and raised in the U.S., I had 2 awesome parents who I am so blessed to have raised me. My mother was an English teacher; so, there’s that…I’ve learned from the best! Her example ... amazing! My father ... the love of my life — what a man! Siblings? I have two older sisters. That makes me the baby of the family, and here's another fun tidbit … As a pass-time , I’ve dabbled in film acting and have been on more than a few movie sets with quite a few famous names. Feeling the excitement of working and playing in such collaborative capacities and environments has always been a thrill. As for a little bit more of what I like, love and enjoy…I like good food, good film and good popcorn. I enjoy reading, writing, nature and animals. I’m crazy for cats ( I'm a bit of a cat whisperer, actually ). I enjoy learning and practicing languages -- currently French, and ASL. Oh, and accents and dialects just fascinate me! Furthermore, I enjoy travel and health and fitness. I’ve been abroad to just a few countries and I've visited many places in the U.S., and I am open to visiting many more! I’ve run 2 marathons -- a 1/2 at age 46 and a full at age 49. I ran the full marathon with a collapsing knee, but still finished without once walking, and I've run a few 5K’s for fun. I’ll be back to run more … knee-willing.:) Professionally, I’ve taught in both special education settings and regular classroom settings, and I’ve done plenty of substitute work and tutoring, both one on one and small group. I especially like one to one tutoring. One of my favorite experiences with tutoring was when I tutored Vietnamese-speaking students for a voluntary work assignment. Out of all the volunteer opportunities, I chose this particular one to take on. I felt it would be a good fit and it was! For the assignment, I met-up with six students two or three times a week, for a semester. We met in the campus library and I was happy to help the students with English word pronunciation and with comprehending sentence structure. The students loved coming to my sessions. I am happy to be tutoring once again. I look forward to meeting you and to helping you to reach your goals! Let’s talk!

Educación: Masters in Liberal and Professional Studies
Education, Research, English Language Instruction, Writing and Journalism
Interdisciplinary Studies

Bachelors in Psychology
Research, Education, Mental Health, Non-profit
Various areas of psychology - general, behavioral, social, abnormal to name just a few

Associates in Teacher Education
Education, Research, Retail, Performing Arts
Various elective and credits at community college

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo)

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