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전문 분야: Life Coaching Business
Mental Health, Entrepreneurship
I run a business to help people with anxiety and mental health problems

Real Estate Investing
Building and Architecture, Entrepreneurship
Renovating houses in my area

Civil Engineer
Building and Architecture, Engineering
I worked as a government civil engineer in my city's engineering department. Creating plans, doing inspections, and meeting with other professionals.

관심 분야: Hello, my name is Ruth! I specialize in conversational English. I would like to help you be more confident speaking and having conversations with native speakers.

학력: Certified Life Coach
Mental Health
Certification to help people with anxiety and mental health problems.
I use this to help you reduce the anxiety you feel when speaking and be able to feel confident and relaxed during conversations.

Civil Engineering Bachelors
Building and Architecture
Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering.

I use this to help those in professional fields who want to learn English for a workplace or technical setting or for university.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)

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