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Brandon Stuart

Profession: Founder & Chief Creative Artist
To effect dynamic change, we engineer interdisciplinary projects, workshops, and experiences that challenge conventional thinking in order to broaden creativity, spark fresh ideas, and inspire action.

Educational Consultant
Nationwide travel with the Leadership Experience and Development Conference, National Honor Society, and National Junior Honor Society State Summit Program to lead sessions helping students strengthen their understanding of "global citizenship."

Collegiate Identity Participation Model Consultant
Designer of original content, curriculum, and experiences specific to a pilot program known as the “Collegiate Identity Participation Model”, a college readiness effort informed by various research frameworks to support high schools students.

Interests: Hello! My name is Brandon Stuart and I am an interdisciplinary artist, technologist, and social entrepreneur. My creative approach to learning has helped to interconnect my knowledge of multiple fields in order to achieve "vocational intersectionality" and garner further professional skill sets. Together these disciplines provide me the basis to orchestrate projects which often bring together artists from different styles and modalities.

With graduate education centered on topics such as Meaning and Motive in Social Thought and Order and Chaos in the Natural World; interning with the East Asia-Japan Program at the Stimson Center in Washington, D.C. focusing on Japanese national security and nonproliferation in the Asia Pacific region; and culminating my graduate degree with my thesis paper entitled "Preserving Japan's 'Pacifist' National Identity: Historical Discourse & the Psychocultural Shame-Guilt Complex," I possess the cognitive, personal, and professional experience to share my extensive knowledge and command of the English language with students.

I have served in the Episcopal Service Corps (ESC) in Los Angeles and helped to pilot the Collegiate Identity and Participation Model (CIPM), a college-readiness initiative created to address the educational needs of local underserved charter schools, which solidified his passion for educating students on the power of self-authorship. I have also worked with the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) as an educational and ideational consultant.

As it is, I began learning Japanese at the age of thirteen not expecting the decision to learn the language to ultimately set the tone for the rest of my academic career. At the age of 21, I graduated from the Johns Hopkins University with a double major in Behavioral Biology and East Asian Studies. By this time, I had taken eight consecutive years of Japanese language classes and in that time, my impression of my education and my plans to make use of it to impact society changed drastically.
Since then I have gone on to study other foreign languages such as Spanish, Korean, French, Mandarin, Norwegian, Dutch, and Russian for the purpose of broadening my ability to connect with people outside of my native English-speaking culture. This teaching experience provides an opportunity to utilize the tools I have employed to learn Japanese from a young age.

I understand that every student's planned use of English may in some way address the needs and concerns of their families within the context of a rapidly changing world. Therefore, my desire to teach is to have a hand in guiding and supporting the linguistic growth of any student who may be inspired to engage in cross-cultural exchange.

Education: The University of Chicago
Master of Liberal Arts

The Johns Hopkins University
Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Biology & East Asian Studies

Spoken Languages: английский (Native), японский (Conversational), испанский (Conversational), корейский (Basic), французский (Basic), китайский (Basic), русский (Basic)

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