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Natalie Anne

Profession: Legal Assistant
I have worked for a number of different law firms, practising in a number of areas of law

Interests: For my day job I work in an office for a firm of Solicitors, so I am happy to talk about business, administration, law and all things corporate.

However, I also love being outdoors and I am lucky to live in a very beautiful area. I enjoy hiking and running - when it's not raining too much. A few years ago I ran a marathon, and then gave myself a couple of years to recover. I think I am better suited to shorter distances.

I have always loved animals, and we have a lot of sheep, cows and horses on the farms nearby. I want to hear about your dog, or cat or whatever pets you have. I once looked after my friend's pet snake for a week - which was quite a strange experience!

I love eating and good food, so I am always happy to hear about what everyone is having for dinner, or what new cake they are baking. All inspiration is very welcome.

I have really missed being able to travel over the last few years as I enjoy experiencing new cultures, environments and food of course. I would love to hear about where you are from, what life is like in your town, how our lives are different and how they are similar.

Spoken Languages: อังกฤษ (Native)

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