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Kallif Garlicki

Profession: Asylum Seekers English Teacher
Education, English Language Instruction, Teaching, Training and Development
I volunteered to provide professional and effective lessons for all my students to productively learn from. Topics including pronunciation, grammar, communication and English culture immersion were taught.

Teaching International Students at Keele University
Education, English Language Instruction, Internet, IT
I taught in 1 to 1 lessons and in group sessions to teach international students suitable academic and general English. Lessons were conducted online, so I am very familiar and adaptable with the programmes used for virtual teaching.

Interests: I am an outgoing person that enjoys travelling, reading and listening to music. I even play the piano and like to do origami. Being interested in history and culture, I am always open to new experiences.

Education: Bachelor Dual Honours Neuroscience and Psychology
Group work and discussions during university has established successful communication and teamwork skills, developing a patient listening attitude as well as an assertive confidence to clearly present new ideas to a small team.

Trinity TESOL English teaching certification
Through my TESOL training, I completed 7 hours of teaching practice to encourage and support multi-lingual adults learn English.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

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