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전문 분야: Social Media Engagement Officer for the biggest food retailer in Africa.
Writing and Journalism, Retail, Marketing
Engaging customers on various social media platforms. Monitoring Online Reputation Management tools to identify threats/ opportunities using analytics. Drafting reports on any reputational risk issues, interactions, trends, and opportunities.

Customer experience (CX) analyst and videographer
Research and Development, Training and Development, Writing and Journalism, Retail
Conceptualizing, planning, producing, and editing in-house training videos for clients. Analyzing online customer experience reports. Compiling monthly newsletters. Mystery shopping.

TV News Reporter
Writing and Journalism
Researching, filming, writing, producing, and editing daily news stories and news packages. I also presented the news, set up interviews and was responsible for developing a daily forward plan. I also had the opportunity to train new interns.

Multimedia Consultant
Retail, Customer Support, Writing and Journalism, Marketing
Responding to customer complaints and queries on social media, via email, as well as telephone. Conducting thorough investigations into customer concerns to establish satisfactory resolutions for both the customer and the company.

Scriptwriter and Content Creator
English Language Instruction, Teaching, Writing and Journalism, Marketing
Create and host digital content for social media, podcast and app.

관심 분야: I am passionate about visual storytelling, especially videography. I enjoy meeting new and interesting people. In my free time, I enjoy watching various documentaries, television series, doing CrossFit, and spending time doing outdoor activities.

학력: BTech Journalism
Writing and Journalism
Practical knowledge and experience in news reporting as well as specialist reporting, mass communication, media production (print, television, radio, online, layout and design, photojournalism),
editorial management, research.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민), 아프리칸스어 (유창함), 포르투갈어 (기초 수준)

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