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Reuben B

Beruf: Financial Education

Lehrerfahrung: My job is primarily teaching, in the field of finance. However I do have extensive experience with passively helping friends from around the world with their English. I've been speaking to many non-native English speakers for over a decade so helping with English is second nature to me now and I feel as if I can adapt my English to suit the level of the person I'm speaking with very well.

Interessen: I'm into sports, I play tennis, was a committee member of the golf club at my university, and have recently started going to the gym. I'm very much interested in anything scientific especially involving space, I often read science related books. If I watch a TV show it's usually something that's based on reality (but not reality TV!) rather than futuristic/fictional storylines.

Ausbildung: I'm a graduate of Bangor University, Wales with a 1st class honours degree in Psychology. My dissertation was in the field of neuropsychology, more specifically the effect of stroke brain damage on peoples attention.

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler)