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Mark D

관심 분야: I especially love working with and learning from people of various backgrounds and cultures.
My wife of 28 years and I love animals (especially cats of all sizes) and are avid scuba divers. We love undersea life and have hundreds of hours working with exotic animals and animal education.
I love sports as a participant and watcher and have thousands of hours helping with volunteer youth sports.
I love music, fiction in literature, movies and books, history, science and nature.
I have thousands of hours of volunteer service assisting families, youth and older ones with life enrichment.

학력: I have been enrolled in an weekly ongoing public teaching course for over 35 years.
I have received much training in commercial and residential construction over the years that has been invaluable in developing relationships with people of all backgrounds and disposition.

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)

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