New Cartoon Movie "Inside Out 2" Makes $295 Million and People Love It
This image released by Disney/Pixar shows Joy, voiced by Amy Poehler, left, and Anxiety, voiced by Maya Hawke, in a scene from "Inside Out 2." (Disney/Pixar via AP)

New Cartoon Movie "Inside Out 2" Makes $295 Million and People Love It

June 16th, 2024

There is a new movie called "Inside Out 2". It is a cartoon. A lot of people went to see it. They spent a lot of money on tickets. The movie made $295 million all over the world. "Inside Out 2" is about a girl named Riley. She is 13 years old now. She has new feelings like Anxiety and Envy. People liked the movie a lot. They said good things about it. The people who made the movie were happy. They hope more people will go to see it. There was a big party for the movie in Los Angeles. The actors who gave their voices to the cartoon characters were there. Other movies did not make as much money as "Inside Out 2". But people think this summer will be good for movies. People who have movie theaters are very happy. They see families coming to watch movies together. Next, other big movies will come. People who like movies are excited to go to the theater and see them.
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💭 Discussion Questions

. What is the name of the new movie?
. Who is Riley in 'Inside Out 2'?
. Are people happy with the new movie?

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The article is from a country where movies are popular entertainment. "Inside Out 2" is a sequel. Los Angeles is famous for movie culture. Summer is a busy movie season. Families often go to cinemas together.

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