New York City Hosts 77th Tony Awards Night
Pre-Show hosts Julianne Hough, left, and Utkarsh Ambudka speaks during the 77th Tony Awards on Sunday, June 16, 2024, in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

New York City Hosts 77th Tony Awards Night

June 16th, 2024

Big shows and famous people come to New York City for a special awards night. It is the 77th Tony Awards. This night is for celebrating plays and musicals. Before the big awards, some smaller prizes are given. Two shows, "Stereophonic" and "The Outsiders", win some of these early prizes. The show "Stereophonic" is about a music band. It has the most chances to win, with 13 nominations. And "The Outsiders" is a musical about a book for young people. One lady, Linda Cho, gets an award for making the best costumes for a show called "The Great Gatsby". It is about dressing actors for their parts. People are happy and talk about the Broadway plays. There are 36 new shows this season. Some are fun, some are about love, and some have important messages. The host of the show is Ariana Debose. She says this year is special. Broadway is changing and bringing new stories to people. There are many shows that people like. Two shows have many chances to win. One show is about a young person who plays the piano. The other show is "Stereophonic". There are also prizes for the best actors and actresses. Many talented people can win. Everyone is waiting to see who wins the big awards. This night is important for Broadway, where many plays and musicals happen. The awards show is on Sunday. People can watch it on TV and online. This is a big party for Broadway!
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💭 Discussion Questions

. What city is the Tony Awards night in?
. What is the musical 'The Outsider' about?
. What does Linda Cho win an award for?

📖 Vocabulary

🌐 Cultural context

The Tony Awards are a celebration in the United States for achievements in theater, particularly for Broadway plays and musicals. Broadway is in New York City, known for its theater district. The event is important to people who work in theater.

🧠 Further reading

List of Broadway theaters
In New York City, there are many special places where people go to watch plays. These places are called Broadway theaters. A Broadway theater is a big place where plays are shown. It must have more than 500 seats and be in a part of New York called the Theater District. There are two theaters on a big street called Broadway, but other theaters are close by. Some theaters are very old and have been there since 1903. Others are newer. The biggest theater has 1,933 seats, and the smallest has 597 seats. A long, long time ago, people from many countries came to New York. They liked plays too, and that is how Broadway theater started.

Costume design
We make special clothes for people in plays, movies, and parties. These clothes help us know who the person is playing. Sometimes, they are from old times, from fairy tales, for dancing, or for today. Long ago, in Greece, people had festivals with plays for a god named Dionysus. They wore masks that showed if they were happy or sad. The Romans did this too. In the old times in Europe, people in plays wore special church clothes to act out stories from the Bible. They looked very real. Actors had to bring their own clothes for plays long ago in England. These clothes were very pretty and big.

Performing arts
People do performing arts like music, dance, and drama for an audience. These are not like visual arts which use paint and stuff to make art that doesn't move. Performing arts happen in front of people watching and they include plays, music, and dance. A long time ago, people all over the world started doing music, dance, and circus skills, even in Ancient Egypt. Today, people do performing arts for work. They perform in special places like theatres, outside at festivals, in circus tents, or even on the streets. When we watch these performances live, it is fun. Now we can also watch or listen to them at home with videos and recordings. The performing arts are a way to show feelings. There are performers who do these arts in front of people. They can be actors, funny people, dancers, magicians, circus artists, musicians, and singers. There are other people who help like those who write songs, make dances, and set up the stage. Performers sometimes wear special clothes, use makeup, lights, and sounds to make the show better. There are many types of performing arts like dance, music, opera, plays, magic, and more. Some artists do their art live for people. This is called performance art. They sometimes use art in their show, like making things to use on stage. Dance is a type of performing art too.