Rare White Baby Buffalo Born in Yellowstone Park
A rare white buffalo calf, reportedly born in Yellowstone National Park's Lamar Valley, is shown on June 4, 2024, in Wyo. The birth fulfills a Lakota prophecy that portends better times, according to members of the American Indian tribe who cautioned that it’s also a warning more must be done to protect the earth and its animals. (Erin Braaten/Dancing Aspens Photography via AP)

Rare White Baby Buffalo Born in Yellowstone Park

June 13th, 2024

There is a special baby buffalo in Yellowstone Park. It is white and was born on June 4, 2020. People say it is important and brings hope. It is also a sign we need to take care of our planet and animals. Some people took pictures of this white baby buffalo. White buffalos are very rare. Sometimes baby buffalos can be white because of their genes. Genes are like instructions for how we look. This white buffalo has a black nose and eyes, so it is not an albino. Albino animals are all white and have pink eyes. People are not sure how often white buffalo babies are born. We have to keep looking to learn more.
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💭 Discussion Questions

. What color is the special baby buffalo in Yellowstone Park?
. When was the white baby buffalo born?
. Why do people think the white buffalo is important?

📖 Vocabulary

🌐 Cultural context

Yellowstone Park is a large natural area in the USA with many wild animals. In American culture, white buffalos are special and often seen as a symbol of hope.

🧠 Further reading

Wildlife conservation
We need to keep animals and their homes safe. There are many things that can hurt them like losing their homes, being taken too much from nature, people hunting them when they shouldn't, dirty air and water, the weather changing, and selling animals illegally. Many animals are in danger. There are about a million kinds that could go away. Sometimes animals have fewer places to live because of these dangers. When humans build or farm too much, animals have less space. If they have less space, it is harder for them to live and they might not get along with people. To help animals, some groups in different countries are making rules and working together. They want to make sure that animals are safe and have places to live. There are also special groups that help animals and teach others how important it is to look after them. We should take care of animals and their homes because they are very important.

Population bottleneck
Sometimes, something bad happens and there are not many animals or plants left in an area. This can be because of no food, big earth shakes, lots of water, fires, sickness, no rain, or when people hurt many plants or animals. When there are only a few left, they do, not have many different kinds of genes. Genes are like tiny parts inside living things that decide how they look and act. If there are not many genes, it is hard for the animals or plants to change if they need to because of new problems in the place where they live. It is important for people who take care of animals and plants to know how many they need to keep them safe and not let them go away forever. When there are not many animals or plants, they might all be too much the same, which can make them sick or weak. This can make it harder for them to have babies and stay healthy. When we grow food or keep pests away, we need to think about these things too.

The White Buffalo
A man named Wild Bill Hickok has a dream about a big, white buffalo. He is scared and wants to find this buffalo in the West. There is also a strong warrior named Crazy Horse. A white buffalo hurt his daughter and he wants to find the buffalo too. Wild Bill and Crazy Horse decide to work together to catch the buffalo. The white buffalo is important to the culture of the Plains Indians. It is very special to the Lakota people. The story is from a book written in 1975. They made the book into a movie in 1977. A man named Dino helped to make the movie. Charles Bronson is a big star in the movie. The people making the movie said it is like a story called "Moby Dick", but in the West. They made parts of the movie in places called Los Angeles, Colorado, and New Mexico. For the buffalo in the film, they made a big pretend buffalo that could move. The movie is about finding yourself and being brave. It also shows the friendship between Wild Bill Hickock and Crazy Horse.