Jake Gyllenhaal Stars in New TV Show "Presumed Innocent" on Apple TV+
Peter Sarsgaard, left, and Jake Gyllenhaal attend the "Presumed Innocent" premiere during the Tribeca Festival at BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center on Sunday, June 9, 2024, in New York. (Photo by CJ Rivera/Invision/AP)

Jake Gyllenhaal Stars in New TV Show "Presumed Innocent" on Apple TV+

June 11th, 2024

Jake Gyllenhaal is in his first TV show called "Presumed Innocent." It is a show you can watch on Apple TV+. Jake plays the role of a man who works in a court and someone says he did something very bad. Peter Sarsgaard is also in the show. He is Jake's friend in real life and they are like family. They have acted in movies together before, but this is their first TV show. They play people who do not get along in the show. The show is about a story from a book. It is about a court case and a man's life that is very hard because some people say he did something very bad. Jake and Peter have to act like they don't like each other in the show. They are really good at acting and they help each other do their best. They talk about how the show is fun to make and how they like working together. David E. Kelley made the show. He used to be a real lawyer. He has made other shows about lawyers and courtrooms. He makes the show very exciting so people will want to watch it. David says he used to know a lot about the law, but now he asks other people for help. The show "Presumed Innocent" is something people look forward to watching because the actors are good and the story is interesting.
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💭 Discussion Questions

. Who is in his first TV show?
. Where can you watch the show 'Presumed Innocent'?
. What did the person in the TV show 'Presumed Innocent' supposedly do?

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🌐 Cultural context

The article is about a new American TV series featuring Jake Gyllenhaal, a famous actor in the United States. The show, "Presumed Innocent," revolves around a legal drama and is available on a streaming service called Apple TV+. It discusses the professional collaboration between actors who are friends outside of work. The series is created by David E. Kelley, known for producing legal dramas, who was once a lawyer himself.

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