Different People Get Voted as Leaders
Far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) top candidate for the European Parliament elections Maximilian Krah leaves a polling station on an e-scooter after casting his vote in the European and local elections in Dresden, Germany, Sunday, June 9, 2024. (Robert Michael/dpa via AP)

Different People Get Voted as Leaders

June 11th, 2024

A man named Maximilian from Germany went to vote on his e-scooter. He is in a group that some people do not like very much. Mariusz and his friends from Poland also have problems because they did some bad things and people are angry with them. A young man named Fidias from Cyprus who makes funny videos on the internet and once hugged a very rich man won a lot of votes. People liked him because he was different from the usual politicians. In Spain, a man who writes on the internet and doesn't like people coming from other countries got votes too. His group's picture is a funny squirrel. Even some people who are in jail or have big problems got voted for. One woman named Ilaria is in another country's jail, but many people want her to come back home and be a leader. Some other men from Poland did bad things too, but people still voted for them. They were part of a big group that many people in Poland like. These stories are about how different kinds of people became leaders in a big place where countries talk about important things together. Some of them are very surprising.
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💭 Discussion Questions

. What did Maximilian from Germany ride to go vote?
. Why did people like Fidias from Cyprus?
. What animal is in the group's picture from Spain?

📖 Vocabulary

🌐 Cultural context

This article discusses elections in the European Union where people from different countries vote for leaders. The cultural context includes Germany, Poland, Cyprus, and Spain.

🧠 Further reading

Populism in the United States
Long ago in the United States, people started to like a way of leading called populism. It says that regular people are different from the rich and powerful ones. People like this because they don't always like the leaders and how things are done. Populism doesn't mind if you're from the left side or the right side in politics. It can be about money or about ideas and culture. Sometimes, people who like populism want to change big things. They want their leaders to be more like them. They are tired of feeling left out and they want new leaders who listen. Populism is growing because it tries to bring people together to find leaders they all like. People are talking about populism a lot these days.

Social media use in politics
People use social media to talk about politics. Politics is about running a country or place. It is about people who make rules, people who talk with other countries, and what people think is right or wrong. Newspapers, TV, and the internet tell us what is happening in the world. This can change what we think and do. The internet and social media let us share news fast. Social media can change how we see right and wrong in politics. It can also change how countries talk to each other. Now, many people can watch what is happening in politics. Social media is used a lot to get news about the world. But sometimes, news can show favoritism for some ideas over others. Social media is very important for people who are in elections. Elections are when people choose their leaders. People talk about who they like and share pictures. For example, when people share a picture saying "I voted," it can make others want to vote too. This kind of sharing can have a big effect on what people think and do.

Voter turnout
When people vote in an election, this is called voter turnout. It means how many people go to vote. It is important that many people vote in a country. There are different ways to vote. Some places have easy ways to vote. This makes more people come to vote. When voting is easy, it is good for the country. Some people do not vote. This can be a problem. When fewer people vote, it can change how the country works. It is better when more people vote. To help more people vote, some places let you vote by mail or in different ways. This helps more people be able to vote. It is good to have more people voting.