The daily limit must be used each day, or else it will expire. Your new minutes will then be refreshed the following day. We designed our plans this way to promote daily practice, as the best way to improve your English is to practice consistently. However, we understand students may miss days due to busy schedules, so we price our daily plans very low. Even if you miss a few days, it still is a great value to purchase a subscription and practice regularly.

Subscription plan minutes are refreshed each day at 3 am in your local time.

It's important to know that each week on Cambly begins again on Monday.

So, for example, if your plan allows you to chat for 3 days per week, you can choose any 3 days during the week (from Monday until Sunday). It's up to you! Once you start talking on one day, you must finish using the day’s remaining subscription minutes on the same day. If you chat for 10 minutes on Tuesday, you must use the remaining 20 minutes before 3 am (technically, this is early on Wednesday morning), otherwise those minutes will expire at that time.