cindy s

Profissão: I have taught cake decorating classes and swim lessons. I have also written a book and worked as a writer/producer for radio and television.

Experiência de ensino: I have spent most of my adult life teaching my children at home and I also have experience teaching English online to kids in China

Interesses: I am curious about everything. I love arts and crafts and making and decorating cake. Basically anything creative.

Educação: I have a BS in Communications and advanced TESOL

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)


Profissão: English Teacher

Experiência de ensino: I taught English in South Korea for almost 5 years! I also helped my students prepare for the TOEFL and revise their essays, Statements of Purpose, and resumes for university and work applications!

Interesses: I loving cooking and playing with my puppies! Along with researching delicious recipes to try out, I also love learning about new scientific discoveries and looking up fun places to travel to. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies and reading, especially my old Harry Potter books!

Educação: I went to Washington State University. My Bachelor's Degree is in Psychology and I have a double Minor in Sociology and Human Development. I am also certified to teach English as a second language.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Tammi H

Profissão: Mango Farmer and English Teacher

Experiência de ensino: I was an instructor for a computer company. My job entailed traveling throughout the United States and instructing customers who purchased the imaging computer systems on all aspects, including hardware and software.
I have experience in tutoring English to native Spanish speakers.

Interesses: I enjoy hiking, dancing, going to the beach, baking, reading, cooking, horses, and spending time with my family and our 7 dogs.

Educação: I received an A.S. Degree in Equine Science from Pierce College in Woodland Hills, CA
I studied Spanish and Business Management at Cal State University Dominguez Hills. I currently have senior standing and am looking forward to one day returning to school to finish my Bachelor´s Degree.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Daniel Hope

Profissão: English for a Second Language Teacher, Fine Artist, Musician, Writer & Photographer.

Experiência de ensino: I have taught English as a ESL Tutor for the last four years. In England I trained as Design Teacher specialising in all aspects of Graphics/Art & Design. Focusing on presentation skills and work for exams; specialising in portfolio strength for applications for further education and work interviews. I am also a specialist in project realization & Thesis titles/themes and development/annotation. I have many life experiences and a thorough education which help me teach anyone easily.

Interesses: I`m interested in Travel & Culture. History of Art & Design. I am well read and love to learn about our World; on all topics from Ancient Archaeology to cutting edge Science & New Age beliefs. I play the Guitar, Bass & Drums. I love all styles of Music & have been in several bands touring in the 90`s & 2000`s. I`m a Fine Artist & Modern Furniture Maker who is obsessed with the History of Art & Design and their impact on society, & I`m currently writing a book on the Paranormal & Human Potential.

Educação: I studied Fine Art at Wimbledon School of Art in London. I then specialised at Buckinghamshire University with a Bachelors Degree in Contemporary Furniture Making. I wrote a 25,000 word thesis for my finals on the World History of Body Art & Modification of which I achieved a 1st. I have A-Levels in Media Studies, Fine Art, Craft, Design & Technology. I also achieved a Master`s Degree on the History of Art of which I wrote a 40,000 word thesis.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: Reino Unido)

Kevin Dillon

Profissão: I make medieval illuminated manuscripts on calfskin vellum, using 24k goldleaf and powdered semi=precious for the colours.

Experiência de ensino: ESL teaching over a three year period in Cebu, Philippines to Korean, Japanese, Arabic and Russian students. Sport and Play Counselor/Supervisor for the City of Orillia- my hometown. Coached and referred hockey to kids for 5 years and soccer for 7 years. I have travelled extensively throughout the US and Canada for 20 plus years.

Interesses: I love singing- it's a great way to relax and rejuvenate. I love the beach. I'm very spiritual. My hobby is alternative health. I have travelled to Europe and the UK mostly to visit relatives. My father was Irish and my mother German. My father had his own driving school and my grandfather was a professor at a University in Germany. I'm intellectual, but practical.

Educação: Undergrad studies at University of Waterloo majoring in French. I won the first year Spanish award. I am fluent in German and French.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá), francês (Conversação), alemão (Conversação), espanhol (Básico)

Jay Matthew C

Profissão: Actor / Director

Experiência de ensino: I have lead many drama workshops for new and experience actors, providing guidance to support them and developing their acting skills. I believe that this experience has helped me develop my own skills as a patient, motivating, and inspiring teacher that sees every student as a unique individual full of potential to learn.

Interesses: Film, Reading, Writing, Food, World Cuisines, Travel and New Cultures.

Educação: Saint Bede's Grammar School Yorkshire:
(Art, English, Maths, Drama, Science,Geography, History, RE, Communication)

Further Education

Bradford College: (Drama Diploma)

Islington College London: (Creative Writing)

Birkbeck University of London: (Drama)

The Poor School Drama School London: (Drama and Performing Arts)

London UCL: (Psychology)

New York Film Academy: (Acting)

MET: (Anatomy Physiology and Pathology)

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: Reino Unido)

Shahieda Ganie

Profissão: Business owner in Cape Town ,South Africa for the last 25 years - Electronic Access Control Security

Experiência de ensino: I have been teaching for the western cape government ( this is our local government who manage cape town ) for + - 2 years the students ranged from the ages between the 25 - 60 about business , tendering etc. ( I was doing this in a huge training center ) This was done on a part time basis , as I am also managing my own company at the same time with a staff of 5 employees ranging from project managers to technicians in the Access Control Industry which is very huge in Cape Town . My company is one of the top 10 security companies in our City ( Cape Town, South Africa ) and being a women owned company we received all the tenders , to uplift small to medium enterprise companies which took us right to the top. I would now like to retire from this industry and start teaching on a more full time basis . I have now been teaching on the Cambly Platform since the 18th July 2016 and it has been an absolute amazing experience and i have met the most students from all over the world and we have broaden each other's knowledge tremendously

Interesses: gym , cooking , longs walks on the beach , reading , helping disadvantaged children from various children's homes , I am actually a member on the board of a children's home in Cape Town , South Africa and these kids range from 4 years to 18 years

Educação: Cape Town , South Africa , I have certificates from Pitmans Institute in London , accounting etc, Academy for construction skill , attended a 6 months contract development, training program , and received the best results in Cape Town for this course, as a professionally qualified highly experienced business person with extensive knowledge and skills in training management levels , computers , extensive accounting experience in the business sector .

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: Reino Unido)

Teacher Amelia

Profissão: Professional online ESL teacher and vocal instructor

Experiência de ensino: I have close to 5 years teaching experience under my belt, both in class and online. I have a Bachelors degree in Education with my major being in English Literature and a TESOL Certificate.

Interesses: cooking international cuisine, playing tennis, making new friends from all over the globe.

Educação: Bachelors degree in Education from University of Calgary, Canada. TESOL Certificate from International Tefl Training Organization (ITTI)

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)


Profissão: Travel Blogger, Freelance Writer, Business and Marketing

Experiência de ensino: I have taught some classes to younger cadets when I was high schools so I'm familiar with the basic concept of teaching, lesson plans, curriculum and keeping everyone engaged. I graduated with a Journalism degree so I love asking a variety of interesting questions when I meet people.

Interesses: Sports, Travel, Hiking, Writing, Business, Astronomy

Educação: Bachelor's Degree of Journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Sally Fisher

Profissão: Tutor

Experiência de ensino: I tutor high school students online in Australia to help them pass their final exams. I have experience helping non-native speaking relatives with their homework - developing their English. I also have experience with ESL.

Interesses: Travel; People; Cultures; Language; Writing; Reading; Studying; Animals; Wildlife; Nature

Educação: Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Bachelor of Anthropology and Sociology (Honours)

I am planning to undertake Masters and PHD.

I am a Native English speaker.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: Austrália / Nova Zelândia)

Al B Mello

Profissão: English tutor with a Chinese online tutoring school named Acadsoc.

Experiência de ensino: Well as I mentioned above, I've been teaching ESL since 1998, though most of it was volunteer work at my church where I also did simultaneous translation (Portuguese to English and vice versa). But from Aug 2014 to Aug 2019 I worked at CCAA internationally known as CCLS, and there I taught mostly advanced levels and also a TOEFL prep course where we also applied the TOEFL exam

Interesses: I'm a Brazilian native, I moved to the US when I was only 8 and I lived there till I was 30, so believe me, I know what it's like to struggle with learning a new language. And that's probably why I like to teach English so much.

Educação: I'm currently working on my TESOL

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá), português (Nativo)

Kerry F

Profissão: Previously a Teaching Assistant at an ESL school. TESOL certified.

Experiência de ensino: I have experience teaching crafts, drama, fitness and proper speech to people with disabilities, refugees, immigrants and my co-workers.

Interesses: My interests are health and nutrition, animals, yoga, cooking, walking, soap making, jewellery making, helping people improve their English skills and having fun doing all of the above.

Educação: I have studied natural health, nutrition, broadcast announcing, commercial copywriting, and fitness at a variety of schools in Canada.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)


Profissão: Cost control coordinator, Human resource, restaurant entrepreneur, Retired

Experiência de ensino: Corporate Trainer

Interesses: Traveling- meeting new people of different cultures.

Educação: Bachelor's Degree ( Univ of Arizona

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Rosemary A W

Profissão: EFL Qualified, Business English (EFL) Qualified, English (EFL) to Young Learners Qualified,

Experiência de ensino: .

Interesses: Travel, experiencing different cultures and new things, meeting people.

Educação: Educated in the UK

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: Reino Unido)

Douglas Preston

Profissão: English Teacher

Experiência de ensino: Since 1999, working with all levels, mostly adolescents to adults, doing General and Business English, as well as proficiency exam preparation

Interesses: Travelling, cooking and working out

Educação: BA degree in English Literature from the University of South Africa
Celta Teaching certificate (A pass)

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: Reino Unido)

Natasha C

Profissão: English Professor

Experiência de ensino: I have nine years of experience teaching English; five years at the university level.

Interesses: I have a wide array of interests. Ask me about them!

Educação: MA Humanities English
University of California

BA Humanities Education
San Diego State University

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá), espanhol (Conversação)

Shawn Hobbs

Profissão: Daytrader and homeschool teacher

Experiência de ensino: 10 Years as a Homeschool Teacher to 6 children
20 Years as a logistics manager
15 Years as a Real Estate Investor and Consultant
3 years as a standup comedian
3 years as a licensed stockbroker

Interesses: Standup comedy, politics (current events), philosophical conversation, computers and tech, learning about other cultures.

Educação: Certificate to Teach English as a Foreign Language (CTEFL) from Tefl Professional Development Institute

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Renee S

Profissão: Teacher

Experiência de ensino: I have over ten years experience in public schools, teaching students from preschool through eighth grade. I worked with students in a large classroom setting and also one on one for those needing individual help or a little slower pace. I love helping people learn and reach their goals.

Interesses: I have taught students from preschool through eighth grade. I love to talk to new people and learn new things. I have two children and two dogs. I am an archery coach for our local high school team. I am excited to meet you and help you achieve your goal of speaking English comfortably.

Educação: I majored in Elementary Education and worked in the public school system for over ten years.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá)

Bruce Strickland

Profissão: Business Consultant/Business Owner

Experiência de ensino: I taught as an Adjunct Professor at Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri. I taught in the Undergraduate and Graduate Business Programs for five years. My area of specialty is Human Resource Management, but I taught many other subjects. I taught both online and seated courses. I teach adult learners.

Interesses: Cooking
Outdoor Activities

Educação: I have a BS in Recreation Management and an MBA in International Business.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: EUA / Canadá), espanhol (Conversação)

Candy B

Profissão: IELTS tutor, TEFL / TESOL professional and Paralegal.

Experiência de ensino: I volunteer during Winter break and tutor young girls. I have 17 years experience in the Legal field. I am a qualified paralegal, TEFL / TESOL Teacher and am currently completing my Degree in Teaching. I am a certified IELTS tutor. My online teaching experience ranges from 4 year old children to 60 year old adults.

Interesses: I love running marathons, walking my dog, reading books and spending time at the beach. What do you like doing?? come join me!

Educação: I attended High School in Cape Town and graduated in 2001. Thereafter I studied Property Law (Conveyancing) and have been working in the Law field for over 17 years. I am a qualified TEFL Teacher and I am studying a Bachelor of Arts in Foundation Phase Teaching (Grade 1 to 3). Education is key and you are never to young or old to study.

Idiomas falados: inglês (Nativo: Reino Unido), africâner (Fluente)