Patrice R.

Profession: Career Specialist
Assisted graduate and enrolled students with job search, resume review and interview preparation.

Faculty Operations Specialist
Vetted prospective university faculty credentials, audited faculty files and registered faculty into training sessions.

Medical Assistant Instructor
Instructed future Medical Assistants in didactive and clinical training and prepared them for employment in the field. Taught Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology and Medical Office Procedures.

Online ESL Teacher
English Language Instruction
Also currently teaching English as a second language to children.

Expérience d'enseignement: I have over 20 years in Education teaching students ages 2-60 years old online and in person in the classroom. Over the years, I have taught English as a Second Language, healthcare and career guidance.

Intérêts: I like a lot of activities, but I especially love the beach, swimming, shopping, cooking, reading, watching movies and spending time with my daughter.

Éducation: Master of Public Health
Public Health Program Development
Graduated: 2012

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Health Care Management
Graduated: 2010

Post Baccalaureate Certificate
Human Resource Management
Graduated: 2017

TESOL Certificate
English Language Instruction
Completed: 2018

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: États-Unis / Canada)

Mary Grace A.

Profession: English Teacher
Education, English Language Instruction
I worked in the north of France for one year as a native English teacher at two French middle schools, as well as volunteered at a local French elementary school.

Financial Services Transcriptionist
Finance and Banking
I worked for two years at a financial services audio transcription company in the U.S. where I typed thousands of audio files from American and Canadian advisors. Hence, this is a contributing factor to my fast typing and corrections on Cambly!

English Teaching Assistant
Teaching, Non-profit
During my university study abroad year in the south of France, I volunteer taught and assisted with lessons every week at a local French high school.

Expérience d'enseignement: I lived and worked in France twice as an English Assistant Teacher, first for six months in the north, as well as for three months in the south. I have participated in ESL Tutoring Volunteer with adults at local teaching organizations in the U.S. and I have worked with small groups and one-on-one. For three years at university, I participated in an English Language Exchange Partner program for foreign students where I hosted and tutored them privately.

Intérêts: I come from an eight-ethnicity, "melting pot" American family, and grew up with pilot grandfathers whose flying careers helped inspire me from a young age to travel the world. I have made multiple international friends since the age of 16 and have met and been hosted personally by more than 30 of them. Now, I live and am based permanently and happily in Istanbul, Turkey where I continue to pursue my passion of helping others improve their language abilities in a fun, natural, and NATIVE way. I would really love to be a part of YOUR English learning journey! WELCOME :-)

Éducation: Bachelor's Degree in Communication and French
Writing and Journalism
I graduated from the University of Georgia (UGA) in 2018 with a major in Communication Studies/Public Relations and a minor in French Language.

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: États-Unis / Canada), français (Conversation), turc (Bases)

Adam Hubb

Profession: Office Manager - Accountant and Auditors
Finance and Banking, Management, Training and Development
I worked as an Administration Manager in South Africa for a Chartered Accountants and Auditors. I held this position for 15 years and gained great experience in all aspect of Office Management, Training and Development and Administration

Expérience d'enseignement: I'm a qualified TEFL teacher, and have taught classes to all ages, from 5 to 50 years. I believe that conversation is the key, and am available to have a general chat, or a more structured lesson, depending on your needs. I am friendly and patient and adapt my conversations to suit the students level. I believe lessons should be fun and engaging.

Intérêts: I'm from England with a neutral British accent. I keep up to date with world news and current affairs, and am a confirmed tech lover. After my studies I've enjoyed traveling and have lived in several countries around the world including Cyprus, South Africa and Vietnam. I feel that learning about other cultures helps you grow as a person.

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: Royaume-Uni), afrikaans (Conversation)


Expérience d'enseignement: I have been teaching IELTS for more than 2 years, I have a Band Score of 9 in my IELTS speaking and not to mention I have taught English Interchange books 1 & 2 at an English institute.

Intérêts: Business Startups, Sports, Hiphop, Festivals, Games and Movies.

Éducation: Primary Education
Sutton Bonington Primary School

Secondary Education
Harry Carlton Comprehensive School

Rawlins Community College

Nottingham University
Business and Economics Undergaduate Degree

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: Royaume-Uni)

John CIR

Profession: English Language Instructor

Expérience d'enseignement: I have been a English Teacher for 8 years. I have worked in South Korea for 3 years, 1 year in Turkey, 1 year in Taiwan and 3 years in Spain.

Intérêts: Watching sports, reading, cycling, playing tennis and meeting my friends.

Éducation: Institute of Technology, Sligo, Ireland.
Bachelor of Business Studies with Accounting

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: Royaume-Uni)

Tommy Th

Expérience d'enseignement: I have taught English for 5 years in South Korea and 7 in Thailand. I have taught children as young as three and adults as old as 75 and everything in between. I have done lessons both online and face to face for many years and I look forward to teaching you my language!

Intérêts: Sports, exercise, relationships, family, outdoor activities, chatting, business discussions, writing, traveling and seeing new things.

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: États-Unis / Canada), coréen (Bases), thaï (Bases)

David James

Profession: English Language Instructor @ Thammasat University, Thailand

Expérience d'enseignement: Over nine years

Intérêts: Cinema, Reading, Football (I follow Man Utd!), Coffee

Éducation: Bachelor of Business Studies

University of Limerick, Ireland (2009)

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: Royaume-Uni)

Bella F

Expérience d'enseignement: I have a TEFL certificate and love to talk to people from all over the world to learn about their culture, travels, children and lots more. I have been on Cambly for more than 4 years and I really enjoy the time with my students. Before teaching I was a trainer at a company and I taught people to use computers.

Intérêts: Culture and travel, upcyciing and restoring furniture, baking, animals, walking

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: Royaume-Uni), afrikaans (Conversation)

Bill Ace

Profession: Teacher

Expérience d'enseignement: I have been a teacher for 20+ years. I have spent most of my teaching life working in Thailand teaching ESL and i have considerable experience in teaching younger students. I worked in international kindergartens for 7 years and in the evenings taught at a wide range of businesses teaching business English

Intérêts: I like all kinds of sport and watch sport regularly.
I also read widely often as a result of helping students with assignments

Éducation: I was educated in the UK and have an upper second class degree in business from Staffordshire University and a post graduate diploma in education from Mission College.

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: Royaume-Uni)

Kari UCan

Profession: Canadian English: University,College, Immigration/Settlement, Cultural, Tourism, ...

Expérience d'enseignement: IELTS. Canadian Immigration / Settlement . Business/Career (Interview,Resume,Cover Letter). EAP (University,College,K-12). Cultural Immersion. Travel/Tourism .

*For my IELTS course, you will need to use a laptop for all skills.

Intérêts: Writing, Arts & Media, DIY Projects, Culture & Heritage, Science & Technology, Nature & Science. Earth & Environment . International Business. Time & History, ...

Éducation: Canadian University, International College/CEGEP, Technical/Trade College

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: États-Unis / Canada)


Expérience d'enseignement: As a Team Leader, I would train new technicians and conduct safety meetings. As a father, I have taught my son math and reading and writing of English.

Intérêts: I like traveling, wine tasting in different countries and teaching my son not only school subjects but also about finance topics.

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: États-Unis / Canada)

Lisa Holly

Profession: Qualified ESL School Teacher - Pre Kindegarten, Kindegarten, Elementary, Middle School & High School
More than 4 years experience as an ESL Teacher in Asia

IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC & Business English Lecturer
Education, English Language Instruction, Teaching, Training and Development
Teaching and Training and Development for Vocational Colleges, College, University students and Corporate companies

English Camp Instructor
Education, English Language Instruction
Summer Camps and Summer School Teacher in Asia

Expérience d'enseignement: I am currently an Enquiry Based TEFL Teacher in Thailand teaching students from Kindegarten to 15y of age
Part-Time TEFL Instructor in Thailand, instructing Adult Learners in Teaching English to Foreign Learners
Private Tutor for ALI (Arundel Language Institute)
English Camp Program Manager for roving camps throughout Thailand - both children and adults
Hospitality Trainer - Learning and Development Coordinator - Sun International Resorts
Youth Director - Carnival Cruise Lines(USA)

Intérêts: I love music, dance and have studied Professional Make-Up Artistry - specializing in Film & Television Special Effects. I am currently studying Photography in my free time. I love to laugh and have a passion for children. I have spent many successful years travelling around the world whilst fortunate enough to combine my love for travel with the love of teaching!

Éducation: Bachelor of Arts degree - Business Management (Hospitality & Tourism)
University degree - honours in Business Management specialising in Hospitality and Tourism

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: Royaume-Uni)

Christopher JR

Profession: I am an ESL teacher (private, in-school, in-company, online) and freelance translator for a variety of client-companies around the world.

Expérience d'enseignement: I have worked as an ESL teacher, translator and interpreter in both Canada and Brazil, as well as for renowned multinationals from around the world. I’ve enjoyed teaching all ESL levels, from pre-school through high school, university prep, post-graduate seminars, and on to top executives.

I’ve prepared students for the TOEFL, IELTS and TOEIC exams as well as the Cambridge FCE, CAE and FCE. I’ve been working with the Michigan MET exam as teacher and proctor, applying the actual exams in Brazil.

Intérêts: A native of Canada, born and raised, I currently reside in Brazil and I’m loving every minute of it. As an ESL teacher with over 25 years of teaching experience, including literally thousands of hours of conversation classes, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to meet innumerable eager, engaged and curious students. I’ve been able to help them realize their goal of learning, speaking, truly communicating in English. I can’t wait to help you, too.

Éducation: I have a Master of Arts degree from the University of Manitoba, Canada, where my academic pursuits centered on Language Studies and English Literature.
I have been further presented, with distinction, the Foundation Certificate for Teachers of Business English by the London Chamber of Commerce International Examinations Board (LCCIEB), through the British Council.

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: États-Unis / Canada), portugais (Courant), espagnol (Conversation), français (Bases)

G Tops

Profession: lecturer and solicitor

Expérience d'enseignement: 35 years teaching students from the ages of 13 up to the age of 85. I have taught in schools, colleges and universities.
I have also spent a considerable time teaching volunteers and training volunteers
I have many years of working with those who do not have English as their first language

Intérêts: sport, politics, alternative medicine

Éducation: BA (hons) law
Charter secretary and Administrators
certificate of education
police station accredited representative

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: Royaume-Uni)

Elaine Small

Expérience d'enseignement: I am a trained Sabbath School Teacher. I have taught students at church for many years. As a Sabbath School Teacher, I teach lessons that are found in the bible. I have to review the lesson before teaching the class. I have trained employees for many years. I taught children at the secondary school as a substitute.

Intérêts: Music, writing, reading, crocheting, knitting, playing the keyboard, guitar, organ, accordion, and other musical instruments. Singing gospel songs, going on missionary trips, prison volunteer, feeding the homeless, visiting nursing homes. Vegan cooking, being creative in the kitchen, fitness, health, Seventh-day Adventist Christian, other cultures.

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: États-Unis / Canada)


Profession: Elementary teacher

Expérience d'enseignement: I have taught in a self contained elementary classroom for the past 23 years. Most of those years I taught first grade. I also taught summer school, tutored in the after school program, and taught 2 students that were home bound.

Intérêts: I enjoy nature, camping, and practicing ways to reduce my carbon footprint. I like the simple things in life.

Éducation: I attended the branch campuses of both Kent State and Ohio University. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Education in 1995.

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: États-Unis / Canada)

D. Bruce Wilson

Expérience d'enseignement: I have been teaching around the world for nearly 30 years. I have worked in Canada, Japan, China, Thailand, Egypt and soon returning to work in an International school in Sanya, China.
I have extensive experience in a wide variety of subject areas and age groups. I have taught Kindergarten to grade 12, university classes to corporate business classes to specialty classes like TOEFL/TOEIC/ IELTS and even travel courses.

Intérêts: I love travelling and sports. I have been to 64 countries and still counting. I used to play rugby and basketball at a high level.
I have a 9 year old daughter who now is my main focus. We do a lot of science experiments and exploring the world online and first hand.
I play the piano and guitar but not well but absolutely love music from all over the world.
I love learning about peoples views and opinions on the world and try to keep myself well read on what is happening around the world.

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: États-Unis / Canada)

Shahieda Ganie

Profession: Business owner in Cape Town ,South Africa for the last 25 years - Electronic Access Control Security

Expérience d'enseignement: I have been teaching for the western cape government ( this is our local government who manage cape town ) for + - 2 years the students ranged from the ages between the 25 - 60 about business , tendering etc. ( I was doing this in a huge training center ) This was done on a part time basis , as I am also managing my own company at the same time with a staff of 5 employees ranging from project managers to technicians in the Access Control Industry which is very huge in Cape Town . My company is one of the top 10 security companies in our City ( Cape Town, South Africa ) and being a women owned company we received all the tenders , to uplift small to medium enterprise companies which took us right to the top. I would now like to retire from this industry and start teaching on a more full time basis . I have now been teaching on the Cambly Platform since the 18th July 2016 and it has been an absolute amazing experience and i have met the most students from all over the world and we have broaden each other's knowledge tremendously

Intérêts: gym , cooking , longs walks on the beach , reading , helping disadvantaged children from various children's homes , I am actually a member on the board of a children's home in Cape Town , South Africa and these kids range from 4 years to 18 years

Éducation: Cape Town , South Africa , I have certificates from Pitmans Institute in London , accounting etc, Academy for construction skill , attended a 6 months contract development, training program , and received the best results in Cape Town for this course, as a professionally qualified highly experienced business person with extensive knowledge and skills in training management levels , computers , extensive accounting experience in the business sector .

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: Royaume-Uni)

Sally Fisher

Expérience d'enseignement: I tutor high school students online in Australia to help them pass their final exams. I have experience helping non-native speaking relatives with their homework - developing their English. I also have experience with ESL.

Intérêts: Travel; People; Cultures; Language; Writing; Reading; Studying; Animals; Wildlife; Nature

Éducation: BA(Hons)
Honours Degree in Anthropology and Sociology

Level 3 Cert TEFL
English Language Instruction
GA Level 3 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: Australie / Nouvelle-Zélande)

Ashley Garza

Expérience d'enseignement: Four years of teaching arts and crafts to students in Elementary school. Six years tutoring english as a second language to foreign exchange students in University. Three years teaching english to children in China online.

Intérêts: I love to paint! Pop culture is one of my favorite topics because I'm obsessed with movies and music and I also enjoy learning more about your country, favorite music and films! I have a passion for nature. And my favorite hobby is photography!!!

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel: États-Unis / Canada), espagnol (Conversation)