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patrice j

강사 경력: Profile
• Experienced in individual teaching and classroom teaching contexts
• Taught business- and academic-oriented language learners, as well as learners desiring “daily-living” English skills
• Subjects of interest: pronunciation and intonation; idioms and high-frequency, quickly usable language; business English (economics and political focus)
• Rated by students as “engaging”, “specific about methodology”, “thoughtful”

Work Experience
2014 – present
Independent English-language Instructor for a well-known global-relocation company's clients. Grammar, speaking, writing and listening skill-buliding for TOEFL preparation, business applications and daily-living use. Levels range from Low-Intermediate to Advanced.
English Language Instructor for a US regionally-accredited private language school. Reading and writing skill development (comprehension, vocabulary) for university-bound learners at B2 level (CEFR "Upper Intermediate"). TOEFL Reading and Writing Examination preparation.

English-language Instructor for a University’s Summer Outreach program. Taught 12 Advanced-level learners in grammar, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Used task-based teaching approach to improve learners’ communicability, connecting listening to comprehension in order to fulfill specific communication objectives

English language Instructor for a University’s Summer Outreach program. Taught 15 Intermediate-level learners in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

2012 – 2013
English language Instructor of Level One (Foundation) and Level Two (low-Intermediate) learners from Latin America and Southeast Asia in developing grammar, reading and daily-living skills. Assessed and placed learners in appropriate levels prior to start of each semester

2010 – 2011
Volunteer English-language Instructor and Conversation Facilitator to learners from Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and China. Curriculum focused on speech and conversation; provided business-license preparation training and US citizenship-test preparation.

관심 분야: Travel, language, news, pop culture, social justice, business

학력: MA in Teaching English to Speakers to Other Languages - 2015

BA in Theater Arts

가능 언어: 영어 (원어민)

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