Erick EP

Profession: Retired Military, purchasing agent

Teaching Experience: Instructional teacher for multiple students on matters dealing with medical supplies acquisition processes

Interests: I love to travel, learning about other cultures, listening to music, hiking and looking at art. I find that everyone has an interesting story, it just needs to be shared. Everyday is an opportunity to learn from each other, no matter the age or background.

Education: Community College of the U.S. Air Force, USAF, Medical Logistics certification

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Laura RJ

Profession: Music Educator/ESL VIPKID/ Cambly Teacher

Teaching Experience: 22 years in public education for children PK-5th grade music education. 1 year over 500 students and classes taught through VIPKID, teaching English to Chinese children, I am Lev.1-Lev. 6 certified, Beginning Grammar, Toefl, Freetalk, Starflight program, Level Reading Beg. and Advanced. Proper Pronunciation, Phonics. I have a Tesol Beginner and Advanced VIPKID certification. I also teach Cambly Kids. and adults. Conversation or lets do a lesson together.

Interests: I am a Christian. I was a pastor for a year and a half and went back into education/teaching. I am married , with 2 dogs (Pekingese and I raise rabbits). I am a songwriter too. children's songs, which include a published Character Education program. I love to go fishing and spend time with my husband and extended family.

Education: I went to Texas Tech Univ. for BA in Music Education. 1985
I went to Asbury Theological Seminary and got a Master's Divinity 2007
I went to Sagu and leveled up towards beginning a Master's in Psychology and Counseling, 2014, but decided not to pursue this degree because of money.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Ben On

Profession: English Teacher

Teaching Experience: -Online since 2015
-Korean Institute 2017
-Caspian Language Institute, 2013-2015, taught different level courses and conversation courses
-Language and Culture Institute, 2013-2015, taught different level courses and conversation courses
-Worked with private students in the last couple of years (many of them graduate students, engineering students, and similar types)

Interests: I enjoy sports, reading books, news articles and blogs. I also enjoy learning about different cultures and traveling when I have the opportunity.

*Future students: Please show up on time for reservations, otherwise I will not work with you anymore. Also, if you need to make a cancellation please do so AT LEAST 24 hours/1 day ahead of time. Thank you. Also, please make reservations in half an hour increments ONLY, for example: 8:00 or 8:30, 9:00 or 9:30 etc. NOT! 8:15 or 8:45, 9:15 or 9:45 etc.

Education: BA Psychology and Social Behavior
;MA TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Brandon Q

Profession: English Teacher

Teaching Experience: English tutor in Brazil, Italy, Thailand, and Turkey! I have also tutored English while in university to people from all around the world.

Interests: I have studied abroad in Thailand, Italy, and Brazil! I love learning languages, and have studied several throughout my life.

Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science; Global and International Studies - Loyola University Chicago

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Portuguese (Fluent), French (Fluent), Thai (Conversational), Italian (Conversational), German (Basic), Turkish (Basic)

Nadine USA

Profession: Bestselling Author/Editor/Publisher

Teaching Experience: I have been teaching English with Cambly for more than two years. I have extensive corporate teaching and training experience from my background as a Quality Assurance Analyst & Trainer.

Interests: I'm an old soul and think the best things transcend time! I love a wide range of entertainment and indulge in TV shows, movies, (love Netflix!) music and books of all sorts. I love traveling and experiencing new cultures. I also love opportunities to help others achieve their goals!

Education: I have a degree in Business Administration from Keiser University.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Christopher USA

Profession: English Teacher

Teaching Experience: I am a licensed to teach middle and high school English in Virginia. I have worked as an English and theatre teacher.

Interests: I love English, writing, and film. Writing screenplays is one of my passions. I have written several full length scripts. I enjoy travel, nature, hiking, and tennis

Education: Bachelor's Degree with a double major in English and Media Arts and Design.

MFA in Screenwriting and Film Studies

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Kate USA

Profession: Elementary teacher

Teaching Experience: I just completed my 22nd year of teaching. I am an elementary teacher and over the course of the last 22 years I have had to opportunity to teach students from kindergarten through 8th grade. The majority of my teaching career has been spent in first grade, though. I have also had the opportunity to teach various workshops and classes to other teachers in my state. I am currently serving as the co-president of our local reading council as well.

Interests: In my free time I enjoy watching TV. Some of my favorite shows are comedies like "The Goldbergs" and "The Middle." I also really enjoy true crime stories so Investigation ID is one of my favorite channels! I also like to spend time with my friends. We enjoy going out to dinner and watching touring Broadway shows that come to our area. I am also an avid reader and I belong to a local book club. Plus I am an animal lover and enjoy spending time with my two rescue dogs!

Education: I am a college graduate who attended a small university in the Midwest. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Education there and double majored in Elementary Education and Special Education. I also have a minor in Reading and an endorsement in Middle School education in the areas of social studies, science and language arts.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Valerie USA

Profession: Call me for an evaluation. We can have lessons, read or I can help you with your project, business and medical terminology

Teaching Experience: I am a native of the USA and recently retired from a local University as Operations Officer of their Student Health Clinic. I worked with ESL students on a daily basis and loved working with the international students. I was part owner of a medical equipment company and have opened and operated many physician offices. I look forward to assisting you in your english speaking goals.
Referral Code valerie187

Interests: I am newly retired and I enjoy working on Cambly. I have 7 Grandchildren and twin Daughters.

Education: Call me so I can test your level of english. It is important to know your level before we begin sessions.
I was employed by a university for 7 years. I have a certificate in teaching english and I have experience setting up medical practices and office management. I was also a past owner of a medical equipment company.

Referral code: valerie187

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

David Chapman

Profession: Accountant, ESL School Teacher living in Thailand

Teaching Experience: Have been teaching students, both children and adults in Thailand for 7 years. Prior to teaching I was an accountant with a large oil company in the USA, Canada and Thailand.

Interests: Like all outdoor sports. Tennis, golf, cycling. Reading mysteries and enjoy good classic movies.

Education: Bachelors Degree (BBA) from the University of Houston

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Anne D Goodrich

Profession: On line English teacher

Teaching Experience: I have taught in public schools and in private schools. I have taught all ages, mainly beginner readers. I have taught college students who wanted to become teachers. I have also written curriculum for many subject areas. I love Geography and traveling. I have been to Ireland and hope to visit more countries in the future.

Interests: I love hiking, traveling, and learning about Geography. I love to read and watch movies.

Education: I have been a teacher for over 25 years. I have a Bachelor's of Science from Empire State College. I have a TESOL certification. I have taught many students whose English was not their first language.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)