USA Erick

Beruf: Retired Military, purchasing agent

Lehrerfahrung: Instructional teacher for multiple students on matters dealing with medical supplies acquisition processes

Interessen: I love to travel, learning about other cultures, listening to music, hiking and looking at art. I find that everyone has an interesting story, it just needs to be shared. Everyday is an opportunity to learn from each other, no matter the age or background.

Ausbildung: Community College of the U.S. Air Force, USAF, Medical Logistics certification

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler)

Lia USA 😊

Beruf: Teacher

Lehrerfahrung: I have taught in the USA, Brazil, and Lebanon for all ages. I speak Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and of course English! :)

Interessen: Learning a new language
Learning about different cultures
Animal lover
Non-fiction reader
Volunteering for the poor
Nature hikes
Rock climbing
Singing in the car
World music
World Cup

Ausbildung: Biology, chemistry, and education.

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler), Arabisch (Fließend), Portugiesisch (Fließend), Spanisch (Fließend), Französisch (Fließend)

Laura USA

Beruf: Music Educator/ESL VIPKID/ Cambly Teacher

Lehrerfahrung: 22 years in public education for children PK-5th grade music education. 1 year over 500 students and classes taught through VIPKID, teaching English to Chinese children, I am Lev.1-Lev. 6 certified, Beginning Grammar, Toefl, Freetalk, Starflight program, Level Reading Beg. and Advanced. Proper Pronunciation, Phonics. I have a Tesol Beginner and Advanced VIPKID certification. I also teach Cambly Kids. and adults. Conversation or lets do a lesson together.

Interessen: I am a Christian. I was a pastor for a year and a half and went back into education/teaching. I am married , with 2 dogs (Pekingese and I raise rabbits). I am a songwriter too. children's songs, which include a published Character Education program. I love to go fishing and spend time with my husband and extended family.

Ausbildung: I went to Texas Tech Univ. for BA in Music Education. 1985
I went to Asbury Theological Seminary and got a Master's Divinity 2007
I went to Sagu and leveled up towards beginning a Master's in Psychology and Counseling, 2014, but decided not to pursue this degree because of money.

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler)

Anne USA

Beruf: On line English teacher

Lehrerfahrung: I have taught in public schools and in private schools. I have taught all ages, mainly beginner readers. I have taught college students who wanted to become teachers. I have also written curriculum for many subject areas. I love Geography and traveling. I have been to Ireland and hope to visit more countries in the future.

Interessen: I love hiking, traveling, and learning about Geography. I love to read and watch movies.

Ausbildung: I have been a teacher for over 25 years. I have a Bachelor of Science. I have a TESOL certification. I have taught many students whose English was not their first language.

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler)

Nadine USA

Beruf: Bestselling Author/Editor/Publisher

Lehrerfahrung: I have been teaching English with Cambly for more than three years. I have extensive corporate teaching and training experience from my background as a Quality Assurance Analyst & Trainer.

Interessen: I'm an old soul and think the best things transcend time! I love a wide range of entertainment and indulge in TV shows, movies, (love Netflix!) music and books of all sorts. I love traveling and experiencing new cultures. I also love opportunities to help others achieve their goals!

Ausbildung: I have a degree in Business Administration from Keiser University.

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler)


Beruf: Talent Coordinator and Recruiter

Lehrerfahrung: I currently teach English as a second language to both children and adults online.

I have tutored others in subjects like History and Literature in the past. Today, I have friends who are learning English. I help them learn new words, and I correct their grammar. I also help prepare them for job interviews.

In my regular profession, I teach groups that range from 5-15 people, and I also teach privately.

I also currently teach dance, music, and martial arts to both children and adults.

Interessen: I love to travel and meet people from around the world!

During my free time, I like to stay active by dancing and practicing martial arts. I also have fun cooking and trying new foods.

I am also a music lover! I enjoy singing and listening to all kinds of music.

Ausbildung: Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from Loyola University Chicago - classes in Business, Social Sciences, and Literature
Bachelor of Science in Anthropology from Loyola University Chicago
120 Hour TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate Course
Teaching English Online Course

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler), Portugiesisch (Standard)

ExpatJack USA

Beruf: I used to teach at Gjun in Taiwan. Right now I am a professional online teacher.

Lehrerfahrung: I have over 20 years of English teaching experience, mostly corporate training, university instruction, and language schools.

Interessen: I love to travel. I have lived in over 5 foreign countries. And I have been to many, many more. Movies, books, music are topics I like to talk about.

Ausbildung: MA in English from Cal Poly, MA in Education from Grand Canyon, and teaching certificates in ESL, like CELTA and FTBE.

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler), Japanisch (Standard), Chinesisch (Standard)

Michelle USA

Beruf: I recently left an Office Management role with a large multi-national corporation to pursue my interests in teaching and writing. I have also worked in HR, IT, and for non-profit arts organizations.

Lehrerfahrung: I am newly certified in teaching English, but have 15+ years in training and mentoring others.

Interessen: My hobbies include travel, going to concerts, writing/blogging, playing my cello, studying history, reading, cooking, and spending time with my cat.

Ausbildung: Bachelor's Degree in Communication Arts from University of Denver
Associate's Degree in Music Business from Art Institute of Seattle
TEFL Certification from International TEFL Academy

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler)

Judi USA

Beruf: Travel Writer / Teacher / Photographer

Lehrerfahrung: I have tutored in various subjects since I was 10 years old. I have taught English to students around the world over the past several years.

Interessen: Travel, Writing, Books, Food, Music, Art, Sports, Languages And Living Life To The Fullest!

Ausbildung: St. John's University (New York)

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler)

Valerie USA

Beruf: Call me for an evaluation. We can have lessons, read or I can help you with your project, business and medical terminology

Lehrerfahrung: I am a native of the USA and recently retired from a local University as Operations Officer of their Student Health Clinic. I worked with ESL students on a daily basis and loved working with the international students. I was part owner of a medical equipment company and have opened and operated many physician offices. I look forward to assisting you in your english speaking goals.
Referral Code valerie187

Interessen: I am newly retired and I enjoy working on Cambly. I have 7 Grandchildren and twin Daughters. PLEASE WEAR EARPLUGS FOR SESSIONS

Ausbildung: Call me so I can test your level of english. It is important to know your level before we begin sessions. (PLEASE WEAR EARPLUGS)
I was employed by a university for 7 years. I have a certificate in teaching english and I have experience setting up medical practices and office management. I was also a past owner of a medical equipment company.

Referral code: valerie187

Gesprochene Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprachler)