Andy Bry

Profession: English Teacher

Expérience d'enseignement: I have been teaching English here in the Philippines for over six years. I have worked at two different English schools and taught on-line. I teach ESL and IELTS to a wide variety of International students of all ages. My youngest student was 5 years old and the oldest 67 years old.

Intérêts: Most sports but particularly football (soccer), rugby, F1, boxing, MMA and American Football. I enjoy cooking all types of International food but I particularly like making desserts for my children. I enjoy watching films and occasionally watching tv as well as reading. I tend to become interested in anything that is...interesting!

Éducation: I went to school in the UK achieving qualifications in:
English Language & Literature, Welsh Language & Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Geography and Art & Design.
After leaving school I attended college and achieved a BTEC qualification in Modern History.
More recently I have obtained on-line qualifications with Cambridge English Teacher in How to teach IELTS and Grammar for Teachers as well as TEFL Graduate certification.

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel)

Joseph A

Profession: My first profession was mechanical engineering currently high school teacher and online language teacher

Expérience d'enseignement: I am, currently an English high school teacher.I have had many years of teaching English as a second language I am also, an online English language teacher. I have been with Cambly for Three years.I am also Ielts qualified .

Intérêts: watching movies, music, videos, travelling, cooking ,camping, out door activities, and fishing.MY passion football, (soccer) and learning of the many cultures around the world also i enjoy building houses and renovating old houses .

Éducation: My education, was entirely in Australia. After finishing high school. I commenced my 4 year course in mechanical engineering. After which, i completed my teaching certificates .

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel)

Reay Squires

Expérience d'enseignement: I have 5 children, two of whom are step children,I became their father when they were 6,my stepson had Epilepsy and Autism,so helped him a lot to get into college in the UK,my step daughter is a Sales manager, two of my own children are employed TEFL Tutors and my last daughter is a qualified Home Care Nurse.
I have taught many employees accounts and spreadsheets.
I have no online teaching experience but am eager to get started with my passion for Teaching!

Intérêts: Fishing,Water Sports, Camping,Horticulture,Food,Wildlife,Animals and Family.

Éducation: St.Georges College, Qualified AAT , Level 2 CIMA. TEFL Diploma
English Language Instruction, Finance and Banking
Attained 7 O levels, English, Maths, French, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Art. In UK qualified AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians), Level 2 CIMA (Charted Institute of Management Accountants), South Africa TEFL 300hr Diploma.

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Lee Wolfe

Expérience d'enseignement: I tutor students in English, both in person and on line.

Intérêts: I enjoy mountain biking and swimming in the ocean.

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Melissa Daniel

Expérience d'enseignement: Over 15 years of teaching experience including 4 years of teaching online. Students ages ranging from preschool- senior citizen.

Intérêts: I love to travel, and have spent time living and visiting many wonderful places around the globe. I have many animals and enjoy spending time with them too. . When not working, I can be found in my garden, reading a book, taking a walk, or going for a drive and enjoying a new adventure. I love teaching and the adventures it takes me on. I am a simple, calm person who enjoys talking to everyone.

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel), espagnol (Conversation)

James JD

Profession: Cambly Tutor
English Language Instruction
Helping students from all over to world improve their spoken English on Cambly, since 2018. I have over 176,000 lessons taught on Cambly, covering daily conversation, business English, IELTS speaking preparation and accent coaching.

Expérience d'enseignement: As well as working as a TEFL qualified English teacher in various institutions over the past decade, I have spent the last few years on Cambly teaching thousands of students. I have over 15,000 lessons taught on Cambly, covering daily conversation, business English, IELTS and TOEFL speaking preparation and accent coaching.

Since 2008 I have been working as a professional session musician, and during that time I have also worked as a music teacher, teaching piano, ukulele and music theory

Intérêts: I am a professional musician living in Turkey, and over the last 13 years I have performed as a pianist on stages around the world with hundreds of bands and artists. I also enjoy working in the studio as a sound designer, session musician and film maker. For the last 9 years I have been working for the Turkish music industry, working with many famous Turkish artists and bands across the country

When I'm not working as a musician, I enjoy learning Turkish, cooking different styles of food from around the world, hiking and camping in the mountains and nature, and doing film and video editing. My other interests include electronics, psychology, travelling and meeting new people.

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel), turc (Conversation)


Expérience d'enseignement: I taught conversational English in the South of Spain, along with writing and designing. It was great fun.

Intérêts: I have a couple of passions in my life. I love to travel and visit different countries and cultures; I believe that if more people did the same, the World would be a far better place. Rugby is my favourite sport, I am truly passionate about the game and was so happy that my team won the Rugby World Cup (for the third time!). I love speaking to people, so I can always learn something new......We should never stop learning.

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Marie Rivera

Profession: Writer

Expérience d'enseignement: 2 years volunteer conversational English tutor (beginner through advanced levels); Teaching on Cambly since August 2017

Intérêts: Traveling, politics, culture, social issues, science, environmental issues

Éducation: Bachelor's of History, Fordham University, New York
TEFL 150 Hour Master Course

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Franck L

Profession: Freelance artist / programmer - Languages: English, Português, Français, Español, Italiano - Interview Preparation

Expérience d'enseignement: Over 4 years (10 000+ hours) tutoring on Cambly
Teaching assistant School of Visual Arts
Private language tutoring

Intérêts: Visual arts, computer programming and web design, cuisine, investing, film and TV, world events

Éducation: visual arts
computer programming

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel), français (Maternel), portugais (Courant), espagnol (Conversation), italien (Bases)

Peter Wa

Profession: Ielts Teacher / School Teacher
English Language Instruction, Teaching, Education
I have been teaching Ielts for more than 10 years.

Expérience d'enseignement: More than 12 years teaching non-native students in a classroom.(up to 50)
More than 6 years teaching online lessons.

Intérêts: Scuba diving,My pet dogs,swimming

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel)