Racquel P

専門分野: Teach English online.

教師経験: I have been teaching english online for 6 months. I have been teaching the bible for 10 plus years. I have learned ASL to teach deaf for the past 4 years.

興味: Music, fashion, Dancing, learning other cultures.


話せる言語: 英語 (流暢に話せるレベル)

Dani Ella

専門分野: Marketing Manager

教師経験: TESOL

興味: Travel, scuba dive, marine life & biology, conservation, social media & marketing, belly dance, yoga & meditation, gym & fitness.

学歴: University of Hertfordshire, England
Business studies - specialising in Marketing

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル)

Alicia P

専門分野: Graduate Student

教師経験: TESOL

興味: Korean language, Korean culture, hiking, travelling, reading, cooking, sewing

学歴: University of Minnesota (BA, Sociology, 2015)

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル), 韓国語 (会話ができるレベル)

Yasmin P

専門分野: English Teacher

教師経験: Two years teaching English online and in a school. From beginners to business English.

興味: Travel, reading books, watching movies, painting, and cooking.


話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル)

Colin Hancock

専門分野: Entrepreneur

教師経験: I have countless hours of conversation with members of the public.

興味: Travel and get to know about different cultures.

学歴: Languages High School
120 Hours TESOL Certificate

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル), スペイン語 (流暢に話せるレベル), イタリア語 (会話ができるレベル)

Franck L

専門分野: Freelance artist / programmer - Languages: English, Português, Français, Español, Italiano - Interview Preparation

教師経験: Teaching assistant School of Visual Arts
Private language tutoring

興味: Visual arts, computer programming and web design, cuisine, investing, film and TV, world events

学歴: visual arts
computer programming

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル), フランス語 (ネイティブレベル), ポルトガル語 (流暢に話せるレベル), スペイン語 (会話ができるレベル), イタリア語 (会話ができるレベル)

natasha mx

専門分野: English Professor

教師経験: I have nine years of experience teaching English at the university level.

興味: I have a wide array of interests. Ask me about them!

学歴: MA Humanities English
University of California

BA Humanities Education
San Diego State University

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル), スペイン語 (会話ができるレベル)

Claudette S.

専門分野: Online ESL Teacher

教師経験: I have taught ESL online for the past two years. I also have experience tutoring and mentoring for about the past 7 years. In addition, I have worked in corporate America and have experience teaching/training fellow staff members.

興味: I love to read, paint and be outdoors with my family. We live on the coast, so we are near local waterways/marshes and the beach. We like to go hiking along the local trails. We love animals and currently have 7 pets (3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 adorable rats). I love watching movies that are funny and enjoy foreign films as well.

学歴: Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, Global Studies and Dance
120-hour TESOL certificate
I have also taken Post-Baccalaureate classes in Business (Economics, Business Communication, Organizational Management)

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル)

D. Bruce Wilson

専門分野: Certified Primary/Junior School Teacher & Certified ESL Teacher / Trainer/ Administrator

教師経験: I have been teaching around the world for nearly 30 years. I have worked in Canada, Japan, China, Thailand, Egypt and soon returning to work in an International school in Sanya, China.
I have extensive experience in a wide variety of subject areas and age groups. I have taught Kindergarten to grade 12, university classes to corporate business classes to specialty classes like TOEFL/TOEIC/ IELTS and even travel courses.

興味: I love travelling and sports. I have been to 64 countries and still counting. I used to play rugby and basket at a fairly high level.
I have a 6 year old daughter who now is my main focus. We do a lot of science experiments and exploring the world online and first hand.
I play the piano and guitar but not well but absolutely love music from all over the world.
I love learning about peoples views and opinions on the world and try to keep myself well read on what is happening around the world.

学歴: I graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Social Science and then I went on to York University and received my degree in Education. I have also taken numerous courses in ESL/EFL and Special Education as well as Physical Education. I most recently finished my 120 hour TESOL certificate course from National Geographic Learning.
I believe learning is ongoing and that it is important to continually be reading and taking courses. Which I have done over my close to 30 year career.

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル), フランス語 (初級レベル), 日本語 (会話ができるレベル)

Lisa Renee R

専門分野: ESL English teacher; High school counselor

教師経験: I have taught all grades, from Pre-K all the way up to college level courses. My specialty is ESL education, grades 4-12.

興味: traveling, movies, pets, cooking, languages, cultural studies, reading

学歴: Bachelors in English and Spanish - Texas Tech University
Master's ESL and Diversity Education - Texas Tech University
Doctoral Candidate in ESL/Diversity Studies - Texas Tech University

話せる言語: 英語 (ネイティブレベル)