Nelene TESOL

Profession: English Teacher TESOL Certified

Expérience d'enseignement: 15 years of experience teaching basic education and language skills. For the past 7 years I have been teaching private one on one class to adults and children of all ages and backgrounds. Teaching Basic, Intermediate and Advance English online since October 2018

Intérêts: I love being a full time volunteer and helping others, it gives me the opportunity to learn about different languages and cultures while engaging in the most fulfilling work. I myself am learning American Sign Language and Spanish, I'm proudly at an Intermediate/Advance skill level. I am an artist, I love painting! I enjoy music and dancing, playing basketball, spending time with my friends, traveling, going on adventures and delicious food.

Éducation: TESOL Certified
Medical Assistant Graduate
Bachelor of Fundamentals and Methodology of Education current student

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel), espagnol (Bases)

Jasmine R ( TESOL )

Expérience d'enseignement: As a preschool teacher I have taught students ages 2 years old to 5 years old. My curriculum included reciting their names , numbers, and alphabets , as well as short sentences that are necessary to communicate . While mentoring at an alternative school my students were ages 12 years old to 19 years old. There I taught children and young adults with behavioral issues . While teaching those students I was careful to make sure that all students had a clear understanding of what was taught.

Intérêts: My main hobbies include rock climbing, hula hooping ,and teaching ! I also enjoy painting and traveling .

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel)


Profession: English teacher

Expérience d'enseignement: I have spent 4 years teaching English and teakwondo to children and adults of all ages in Seoul, South Korea. I have also spent several years teaching conversational private lessons with people of all ages in the US, Italy, and South Korea.

Intérêts: In addition to talking with new people, I love traveling, and learning about new cultures and languages. I also love martial arts, reading, photography, film, makeup and being outside in nature.

Éducation: I earned my Bachelors Degree from the University of Vermont in Italian Studies and Anthropology. I also have a TESOL certificate from the SIT Graduate Institute.

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel), espagnol (Courant), italien (Courant), coréen (Bases)

Racquel P

Profession: Teach English online.

Expérience d'enseignement: I have been teaching english online for 6 months. I have been teaching the bible for 10 plus years. I have learned ASL to teach deaf for the past 4 years.

Intérêts: Music, fashion, Dancing, learning other cultures.

Éducation: TESOL

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel)

Alicia P

Profession: Graduate Student

Expérience d'enseignement: TESOL

Intérêts: Korean language, Korean culture, hiking, travelling, reading, cooking, sewing

Éducation: University of Minnesota (BA, Sociology, 2015)

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel)


Profession: Ski Chalet company owner

Expérience d'enseignement: TESOL

Intérêts: In my spare time I love to be outdoors!
I love to climb, ski and hike with our 2 dogs, which is perfect as I currently live in the mountains.
I am a keen juggler and i'm currently working on 7 balls!
I love to travel and I have been fortunate enough to have travelled and worked in many countries throughout the world.
Also I have a huge passion for food! Surely everybody loves food right !?! ;-)

Éducation: Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
I am also a qualified chef.

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel)


Profession: teacher

Expérience d'enseignement: 7 years of teaching experience in Hong Kong and Spain, to learners of different backgrounds

Intérêts: I love reading, animals and all things creative. I also thoroughly enjoy teaching and chatting!

Éducation: TESOL

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel), espagnol (Conversation)

Meg A Smith

Profession: Current job is a part time nanny. I used to drive for a car rental company, was a deli clerk and worked in a spa as a receptionist.

Expérience d'enseignement: I was raised to teach interested ones things from the bible from the age of 10. I'm a part time nanny and am a good listener.

Intérêts: Music, singing, film, modelling, travelling, food, animals, photography. I have traveled to Hawaii, Mexico and various places in the US. I am a beginner in archery.

Éducation: TESOL

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel)

Yasmin P

Profession: English Teacher

Expérience d'enseignement: Two years teaching English online and in a school. From beginners to business English.

Intérêts: Travel, reading books, watching movies, painting, and cooking.

Éducation: TESOL

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel)

Dani Garcia

Expérience d'enseignement: *Vance Elementary School/English Teacher
Provided ESL sessions and prepared lesson plans in accordance with students' learning needs and evaluating students' progress.

*Tutor ABC
Test, evaluate and counsel students' in regards to their academic progress and performance.

Intérêts: Spending quality family time is important. Love to travel and meet new people and learn about different cultures.

Langues parlées: anglais (Maternel), espagnol (Courant)