mishka tefl

職業: Online English Teacher/Tutor

教學經驗: 3 years teaching experience. Online and in a classroom.

興趣: Reading, Writing. traveling, public speaking, the bible, makeup, shopping, cars and soccer.

學歷: TEFL - TEFL Professional Development Institution

語言: 英文 (母語者)

Alicia SO

職業: Online English Teacher, Animal Activist and Entrepreneur

教學經驗: Been teaching English online since 2017, and I thorougly enjoy it, it is one of my passions. I am a conversationalist by heart and enjoy meeting new people from different cultures with different languages.

興趣: I have a wide variety of interests, but the just of it is animal activism, reading books, listening to and discovering new and amazing music from different cultures, art and painting, I am a painter myself, write children's books (busy with writing a book at the moment that I want to self-publish). I also enjoy traveling and have visited Mozambique because it is close to my country, Amsterdam, Paris, India and now Thailand. I have a fierce passion for teaching English online as well.

學歷: I finished school in a state in South Africa called Mpumalanga (try saing that!) in 2006. I have also 260 TEFL Hours accumulated with 4 certificates.

語言: 英文 (母語者), 南非荷兰文 (母語者)

Ms G. (UK)

職業: Creator of 'Linguomccaw' channel, Online English Teacher, Writer

教學經驗: 2 years

興趣: Creating English lessons on YouTube, reading, writing, yoga and dining out.

學歷: MA in Creative and Critical Writing

語言: 英文 (母語者)

Cherry R

職業: Speech and language therapist and EFL teacher

教學經驗: I have over 15 years of experience teaching English as a foreign language to students ranging in age from 3 to adults. I have prepared students for the Cambridge examinations; KET ,PET, First Certificate and Advanced level. I have also run many conversation classes in Language schools and from home.

興趣: I like reading, hill walking, water sports, running,travelling, making jewellery.I am very interested in learning about different cultures and languages.I also like yoga and healthy cooking. i love the outdoors and nature.

學歷: I have a BSC degree in Speech Pathology and Therapy, which I obtained in Edinburgh , Scotland. (Queen Margaret College)
I also have a TEFL certificate.

語言: 英文 (母語者), 西班牙文 (流利)

Randall Tefl

職業: TEFL Educator, Medical (critical care/emergency), Military

教學經驗: 1. Previous experience teaching medical students, doctors, nurses, firefighters and paramedics at the Univ of Los Angeles.
2. Currently, teach English online to small groups as well as one on one.
3. PROOF-READING - Provide proof-reading and rewrites of admission letters, academic/lecture papers to include graduate degree/thesis submissions, and general notes of request.
4. Background working in the medical profession so I can help those in this line of work as well.

興趣: Extensive travel experience. Advance certification in SCUBA. Author/Writer/Proofreader. Enjoy chess though not a prodigy. Amateur macro/landscape photographer, FOREX/Cryptocurrencies Trader, Interest in flight (VFR only), appreciate all things high tech and related to space. I have decades worth of experience in the medical profession as both an Army trained Flight/Critical Care Nurse and MICP - Paramedic. Former medical school Instructor and retired military officer.

學歷: 1. Degree in Nursing/MICP - Paramedic.
2. Bachelor's and Master's degree in Business.
3. President, Dean, and Honor roll student.
4. TEFL certified.
5. Member Intl High IQ Society
6. Current pursuit - Master degree in TESL.

語言: 英文 (母語者), 德文 (基本), 捷克文 (基本)

Ms. Nancy

職業: TEFL

教學經驗: My teaching background is as colorful as my personality. Cambly online tutor for over 4 yrs.Volunteer teaching in person and also via Skype. I have worked with all age groups. I respect anyone who puts forth an honest effort in wanting to learn and therefore, from my experience, I strive to be both sensitive and encouraging to all my students needs.

興趣: Learning. I love to learn and just can't stop! I'm interested in YOU! I enjoy cooking with children and for adults. My interests are: Family, Travel, Food, Cooking, Classic Literature, Outdoors, Nature, Science, Medical Science and did I mention, Food? I live next to the ocean, the mountains and the wonderful city of Boston. I enjoy the simple pleasure of eating an ice cream cone on a cold winter day and imagining I was someplace warm instead!

學歷: -Accredited TEFL Diploma from Bridge.
-Young Learners Endorsement.
-Grammar Endorsement.
-Para Professional.

語言: 英文 (母語者)

Carmen Blair

職業: EFL Teacher

教學經驗: I have taught for over 7 years from very young ages to adults. I have prepared some students for various Cambridge exams and helped others with general English.

興趣: I love to travel, to experience new cultures and places.
I adore baking and find it relaxes me.
I also love to read - absolutely everything!

學歷: TEFL

語言: 英文 (母語者), 西班牙文 (流利)

Lesley Milner

職業: People

教學經驗: TEFL

興趣: I love to travel. I have been all across Europe, North and Central America and Africa. I love learning new cultures and enjoy meeting new people, learning new customs

學歷: I went to an all Girls High School and studied English Literature, English Language, Mathematics, Art, French and Biology

語言: 英文 (母語者)

Maria Elle

職業: TEFL

教學經驗: I started teaching English to preschool children in 2012, which led on to teaching older children. I then started teaching online from 2015 with current clients after moving from London to Kent.

興趣: Cycling, Camping, Reading, Animals

學歷: Goldsmiths University
Diploma in Business

語言: 英文 (母語者)

Jeff Rob

職業: English Teacher, Writer, Chef

教學經驗: Ten years of experience as an English Teacher and Writing Tutor. Another 10 years of experience as a Corporate Trainer in the hospitality industry.

興趣: Literature, Writing, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Cooking, History, Boating, Movies, Comic Books, Gardening, Comedy, Video Games

學歷: TEFL

語言: 英文 (母語者), 西班牙文 (會話)