Bridgett TEFL

Professione: * Full-time Online English Tutor

Esperienza di insegnamento: * Business Owner - Restaurant and Hospitality
* Business Operator - Property Management & Administration
* Tourism Operator
* Residential Real Estate Management & Sales
* Local government Town Planning & Strategy
* Business training & HR Management

Interessi: I am a native English speaker and I hold a GA Level 3 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I am currently visiting South East Asia and meeting new people from different cultures. My hobbies are reading, researching real estate and swimming. I really enjoy learning about the history, geography and culture of new places.

Istruzione: GA Level 3 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL 120 hours)

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Shaun TeflScot

Professione: I am a professional golf caddie. I work for St. Andrews Links which has seven golf courses, including the world famous 'Old Course'.

Esperienza di insegnamento: When I was studying for my sports diploma, I spent 4 years coaching students from ages 5-18 years. I worked as a retail manager for Superdry, which was a diverse role encompassing a range of responsibilities for a global brand. I organised training presentations and content, overseeing staff development and team collaborations.

I currently work as a professional golf caddie for St. Andrews Links, this allows me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world on a daily basis.

Interessi: Hello everyone! My name is Shaun, I am an English teacher and professional golf caddie from Glasgow, Scotland. I am here to help improve your fluency and conversational English. I have many passions including: travel, reading, trekking, meditation and many more. I love meeting new people and I hope to chat with you soon.

Istruzione: 160-hour TEFL qualfied teacher. I have a Higher National Diploma in Sports Coaching with Development of Sport from Glasgow Metropolitan College, and I also hold a Cosca Counselling Skills Certificate.

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Sterling Holliman

Professione: US Army soldier

Esperienza di insegnamento: n/a

Interessi: Martial arts, Video Games, Hiking, Camping, Swimming, Hunting, and Fishing

Istruzione: High school diploma, Teflen 150 hour master course in TEFL/TESOL certification

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Randall E.

Professione: TEFL Educator, Medical (Critical care/Emergency/Flight), Military

Esperienza di insegnamento: 1. Previous experience teaching medical students at UCLA as Associate Professor.
2. Currently, teach English online to small groups as well as one on one.
3. PROOF-READING - Provide proof-reading and rewrites of admission letters, academic/lecture papers to include graduate degree/thesis submissions, and general notes of request.
4. Background working in the medical/military profession - Emergency/Critical care/Flight/Wilderness

Interessi: Extensive travel experience. Advance SCUBA. Published Author/Proofreader. Enjoy chess/puzzles. Enjoy swimming/cycling/strength training, Amateur photographer, Amateur genealogist, Enjoy MotoX/Hunting/Archery, FOREX trader, Interest in flight (VFR only). I appreciate high tech. Sci-Fi/Space travel, automobiles - chiefly Corvette/German. I have decade(s) of experience in the medical/military profession: former medical school Instructor & retired field grade military officer.

Istruzione: 1. CCRN/Paramedic - MICP/Trauma, Critical care, Cardiology/ACLS, Flight/Wilderness specialty.
2. Bachelor's and Master's degree in Business.
3. President, Dean, and Honor roll student.
4. TEFL certified - Prague.
5. Member Intl High IQ Society

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Lora Denys

Professione: TEFL Teacher

Esperienza di insegnamento: From 2019-09 UNTIL 2020-06 I will be working at Paddington School of English, Jaén teaching young learners.

From 2017-07 TO 2017-09 I was working as a TEFL Teacher at 247 Idiomas, Madrid. I gave 1:1 lessons to adults.

From 2016-06 TO 2016-08 I was working at Camp Europe, Hamburg teaching English to teenagers and children.

From 2016-08 TO 2016-10 at Kangaaupairs, Valencia teaching English to children.

From 2015-06 TO 2015-08 I worked at Mindelheim Kindergarten, Munich teaching children.

Interessi: I have so many hobbies, but my hobbies include learning new languages, travelling and surfing. My dream is to experience as much as the world that I can, especially China!

Istruzione: I have a bachelor's degree in German and Spanish from the University of Exeter. I have a TEFL Certificate with 270 hours of experience.

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Gideon L

Professione: Online English Teacher

Esperienza di insegnamento: - Over 10 years teaching through textbooks and public speaking.
- Many years spent in different countries around the world teaching different trades and life skills to varied ages and cultures.
- I ran my own landscaping business before making the decision to teach English full time

Interessi: - Travelling the world.
- Surfing and anything to do with the ocean.
- Music (specifically playing the drums and guitar)

Istruzione: TEFL

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English with Kendal

Professione: English Tutor

Esperienza di insegnamento: I am a native English Speaker and have experience speaking to foreign people learning English.

Interessi: My hobbies and interests are Painting, Reading, Travelling and Playing the Guitar.

Istruzione: TEFL

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Maria Elle

Professione: TEFL

Esperienza di insegnamento: I started teaching English to preschool children in 2012, which led on to teaching older children. I then started teaching online from 2015 with current clients after moving from London to Kent.

Interessi: Cycling, Camping, Reading, Animals

Istruzione: Goldsmiths University
Diploma in Business

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Carmen Blair

Professione: EFL Teacher

Esperienza di insegnamento: I have taught for over 7 years from very young ages to adults. I have prepared some students for various Cambridge exams and helped others with general English.

Interessi: I love to travel, to experience new cultures and places.
I adore baking and find it relaxes me.
I also love to read - absolutely everything!

Istruzione: TEFL

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Lesley Milner

Professione: People

Esperienza di insegnamento: TEFL

Interessi: I love to travel. I have been all across Europe, North and Central America and Africa. I love learning new cultures and enjoy meeting new people, learning new customs

Istruzione: I went to an all Girls High School and studied English Literature, English Language, Mathematics, Art, French and Biology

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