Earl P

Profession: Geologist in International Oil Exploration

Teaching Experience: I tutored English Grammar to high school students in the inner city of Kansas City, Missouri, and I am TEFL certified.

Interests: I am a retired geologist, and I love the outdoors and traveling. My hobbies include kayaking and sailing, and I am an amateur sculptor and potter. I have traveled throughout the world, and I have lived in five different countries (USA, Canada, England, Paraguay, and Argentina). In addition, I have traveled extensively around the world through my work in petroleum exploration.

I enjoy very much meeting new people from around the world Cambly, and learning more about their cultures.

Education: I hold a B.S Degree in Geology from Stanford University, and did graduate studies in Applied Geomathematics at Stanford University.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), French (Conversational), Spanish (Fluent)

April Day

Profession: Attorney

Teaching Experience: I have helped people prepare for taking the IELTS verbal section and explained grammar points and word usage. I have also provided feedback about pronunciation. I can also review and correct written work.

Interests: Reading fiction and non-fiction, meeting new people, volunteering, watching movies, traveling, and learning new languages.

Education: I went to Stanford University and studied Japanese. Then I attended Columbia Law School and studied law.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)


Teaching Experience: I've been helping students with their English on Cambly for several months.

Interests: I love to travel, meet new people around the world, and learn about their culture. I live in California and enjoy the outdoors, including biking, running, hiking, and skiing in the winter!

Education: Princeton University, Electrical Engineering. Masters at Stanford University in Computer Science.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Basic)

Eric GW

Profession: Freelance writer, editor

Teaching Experience: Tutored for the SAT

Interests: Literature, current events, baseball, movies

Education: Stanford University, BA English
TEFL Certified

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Joseph H K

Profession: PhD Student

Interests: Literature (poetry, novels, plays). Sports (ice hockey, soccer, tennis). Politics. Movies. Art in general. Languages (English, French, German, Latin).

Education: Bachelors in Arts and Sciences from McGill University: Majors in English Literature and Organismal Biology.

Master's of Arts from McGill University: English Literature (Shakespeare).

Beginning next year a PhD in the department of English Literature at Stanford University.

Spoken Languages: English (Native), French (Fluent), German (Basic)

Chelsea B.

Teaching Experience: I taught English in Japan for a few months in 2010, have had some unofficial teaching aid jobs, and at my most recent job, I had to teach about solar panels, solar energy, and solar installation? I really just like talking to people! :)

Interests: Singing, watching television, baking, reading, writing, video games, talking, watching movies, superheroes, anime, science fiction, time travel, fluffy animals, and laughter! :)

Education: I got my Bachelors in English from Stanford in 2012 and I'm currently getting my MFA at Kingston University in London! :)

Spoken Languages: English (Native), Japanese (Basic)


Profession: Teacher

Teaching Experience: Summer School Teacher- Camp Mirman- Summer 2014/2015
Working at a STEAM based summer camp, I taught Forensic Science, Stop Motion Animation, and a Jr. Detective class. Students were engaged in scientific inquiry in a fun and interactive environment.
• Students engaged in basic/introductory forensic science
• Helped students learn about deductive and inductive reasoning through play
• Worked with students on how to create an animation using a program called SAM Animation

Teacher- Brainrush Academy- Fall 2014
• Develop and implement STEAM based curriculum for an after school enrichment program at Chuck E. Cheese.
• provided a fun and creative atmosphere where students engaged in learning while having fun.
• marketed the program to various schools and local organizations in Thousand Oaks

English Teacher- Intelligent Learning- August 2013-April 2014
• As an English teacher in a Mandarin based after school program, I assisted students in grades 1, 3, 4, and 5.
• Developed and presented comprehensive lesson plans with a focus on reading comprehension, grammar and creative writing.
• Implemented varied strategies and differentiated assessments in order to meet the diverse needs in the classroom.
• Provided an interactive atmosphere and maintained interested, enabling students to hone in on their English skills.
• Instituted a positive classroom management to handle challenging behavior issues.
• Created fun and creative writing exercises to help students strengthen their writing skills.

Summer School Teacher-Children’s Day School- Summer of 2013/2014
As a summer school teacher, I taught a course focused on science called Grossology. Students were engaged in scientific learning in a fun and interactive atmosphere.
• Students learned how to culture bacteria in petri dishes.
• Helped students learn about the human body and the mechanisms that make it work.
• Students engaged basic/ introductory biology and were given outlets for further study

Substitute Teacher- Children’s Day School- September 2012- June 2013
• Provide instruction to students in grades K-8th when regular teacher was gone.
• Managed classroom environment and made sure students were finishing tasks that were assigned.

After School Teacher- Children’s Day School- September 2012- June 2013
• Worked with students in grade 4, 5, and 6 as a study hall teacher.
• Assisted them with homework, projects, and class assignments

Lower School Science Assistant Teacher- Mirman School for Gifted Children- August 2011-June 2012
• Coordinated with the two lower school science teachers in order to meet instructional goals.
• Helped prepare labs, activities, and gave input on lessons that were taught to students from ages 5 through 11.
• Assembled bulletin boards, graded tests and quizzes, and helped the teachers with classroom management.

Room 2 Assistant Teacher Mirman School for Gifted Children January 2009- June 2011
• Provided the lead teacher with assistance in planning daily activities for students.
• Helped organize, plan, and lead activities in reading, writing, and math.
• Supervised hands on activities and participated in educational games.
• Assisted the students with laptops and helped them get a better feel for technology.
• Graded assignments in spelling and math, and recorded the progress of each child in these areas.
• Offered one-on-one help with students struggling in math, reading, and spelling.
• Oversaw lunch and recess, and reported any behavior problems to the lead teacher.
• Took over classroom when lead teacher was absent, or needed to be in a meeting.
• Helped integrate technology in the classroom

Private Tutor: January 2009- June 2012
• Worked one on one with gifted elementary and middle school students in English, reading, writing, and mathematics..

Writing Lab Peer Tutor California State University, Northridge Aug 2006- May 2008
• Provided college students an environment where they felt safe to come and get assistance with their written work.
• Helped students develop efficient study strategies so they could better learn to manage their time. I have
• Did group workshops that were designed to assist professors in strengthening students writing and organizational skills.

Interests: Food, world affairs, science, popular culture, cultures around the world

Education: Stanford University
A Crash Course in Creativity – An online course that talked about the importance of creativity in our everyday lives.
National University
Masters in Education/ Teaching Credentials- in progress

Certification in Gifted Education Training

California State University, Northridge
Bachelors of Art, 2008
Major: Biology

Spoken Languages: English (Native)


Teaching Experience: Taught students in Seoul, Korea and in Shanghai, China

Interests: Rock Music, Surfing, Playing Guitar, Travel

Education: Stanford - Political Science

Spoken Languages: English (Native), French (Conversational)

C Standford

Profession: Security Officer

Teaching Experience: volunteering for after school program

Interests: Music, Film,Art,Science,Technology, and Spirituality

Education: Harold Washington College and studied philosophy/ Music,Radio,and Film

Spoken Languages: English (Native)

Victoria J

Profession: English Teacher

Teaching Experience: 5+ years Substitute Teaching
3 Months with Gateway Private School teaching multiple subjects to multiple grade levels.
November-June at Shirley Heim Middle School teaching 7th Grade English.
2015- Current at Stafford Middle School teaching 6th grade English.

Interests: Snowboarding,
Coloring Books,
Hanging with Friends,
The Beach,

Education: Masters in Secondary Education with a Concentration in English from the University of Mary Washington.

Spoken Languages: English (Native)