natasha mx

Profesión: English Professor

Experiencia en educación: I have nine years of experience teaching English; five years at the university level.

Intereses: I have a wide array of interests. Ask me about them!

Educación: MA Humanities English
University of California

BA Humanities Education
San Diego State University

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo), español (Capacidad para conversar)

Franck L

Profesión: Freelance artist / programmer - Languages: English, Português, Français, Español, Italiano - Interview Preparation

Experiencia en educación: Teaching assistant School of Visual Arts
Private language tutoring

Intereses: Visual arts, computer programming and web design, cuisine, investing, film and TV, world events

Educación: visual arts
computer programming

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo), francés (Nativo), portugués (Con fluidez), español (Capacidad para conversar), italiano (Capacidad para conversar)

Al B Mello

Profesión: English tutor with a Chinese online tutoring school named Acadsoc.

Experiencia en educación: Well as I mentioned above, I've been teaching ESL since 1998, though most of it was volunteer work at my church where I also did simultaneous translation (Portuguese to English and vice versa). But from Aug 2014 to Aug 2019 I worked at CCAA internationally known as CCLS, and there I taught mostly advanced levels and also a TOEFL prep course where we also applied the TOEFL exam

Intereses: I'm a Brazilian native, I moved to the US when I was only 8 and I lived there till I was 30, so believe me, I know what it's like to struggle with learning a new language. And that's probably why I like to teach English so much.

Educación: I'm currently working on my TESOL

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo), portugués (Nativo), español (Capacidad para conversar)

Colin Hancock

Profesión: Entrepreneur

Experiencia en educación: I have countless hours of conversation with members of the public.

Intereses: Travel and get to know about different cultures.

Educación: Languages High School
120 Hours TESOL Certificate

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo), español (Con fluidez), italiano (Capacidad para conversar)

Bruce ST

Profesión: Business Consultant

Experiencia en educación: I taught as an Adjunct Professor at Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri. I taught in the Undergraduate and Graduate Business Programs for five years. My area of specialty is Human Resource Management, but I taught many other subjects. I taught both online and seated courses.

Intereses: Cooking
Outdoor Activities

Educación: I have a BS in Recreation Management and an MBA in International Business.

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo), español (Capacidad para conversar)

Joe Hall

Profesión: Mechanical Eng Self Employed retired Homeschool Martial arts TaeKwon Do Father

Experiencia en educación: I Homeschool (Very Successfully) my 2 children. My daughter has become somewhat of a prodigy. She has been reading since she was 2.5 years old in 2 languages ! I speak 3 languages, with English being my Native language. I also speak fairly fluent Spanish and used to speak good french having lived in Montreal for 12 years and now the Dominican republic for 14 years in total. Happy to help you with learning the basics, conversational with Interview coaching, Business English, Children welcome

Intereses: I follow F1 racing, Hockey, and Am Involved in tae Kwon Do , practicing and teaching. We are a very busy family !

Educación: Graduated High School In Sydney , Nova Scotia Canada

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo), español (Capacidad para conversar), francés (Básico)

Sebastian Carter

Profesión: English teacher

Experiencia en educación: English Tutor at the Central Oregon Community College. ESL teacher at the Rise Institute in Chengdu, China. Currently ESL Teacher at Global Teacher in Bucaramanga, Colombia

Intereses: Traveling, food, music, movies, sports, cultural differences, etc.

Educación: International Business Administration

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo), español (Con fluidez)

michael h1

Profesión: Teacher(TESOL Certified)

Experiencia en educación: Over eight years of teaching experience in multiple countries and online. I have mainly taught adults, along with a few years teaching children as well.

Intereses: Surfing, cooking, healthy eating, and travelling(over 15 countries).

Educación: TESOL Certification

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo), español (Capacidad para conversar)

George Dev

Profesión: ESL Teacher/ IELTS Examiner

Experiencia en educación: Online teaching experience, ESL Headteacher in a major ESL school in China and at Universities. IELTS Examiner.

Intereses: Mainly travelling between Europe and Asia.

Educación: Chartered Accountancy with KPMG, Forensic Auditing at University of South Africa

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo), español (Nativo), italiano (Nativo), francés (Con fluidez), portugués (Capacidad para conversar), chino (Básico)

Douglas Preston

Profesión: English Teacher

Experiencia en educación: Since 1999, working with all levels, mostly adolescents to adults, doing General and Business English, as well as proficiency exam preparation

Intereses: Travelling, cooking and working out

Educación: BA degree in English Literature from the University of South Africa
Celta Teaching certificate (A pass)

Idiomas que hablas: inglés (Nativo), afrikaans (Nativo), portugués (Con fluidez), español (Capacidad para conversar)